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I recnetly saw on the websiter for the grant express, where I can get a free cd rom about free governt money all I had to do was pay Shiping n Handling. The S&H was only $1.98 it seemed like a good deal so I decided to go ahead and order it. I wasvery very shocked hoever when a little over a week later $74.98 was deducted from my account by the grant exspress for a subscription to their web-site which I did not knowingly agree to. I will admit that I ordered the cd-rom but I was not aware at the time that, by doing this I was automatically agreeing to subscribe to the websites newsletter. A subscription that is free for 7days and after which you are automatically billed 74.98 if you do not unsubscribe. Like I stated earlier I was not aware that I was subscribing to anything so I did not call to unsubscribe. I' am disgusted by this companies practices becuase they mislead people by making thiem think they're recieving a free cd-rom for only the price of S&H. The way their site is constructed you only see the information area on what to do to recieve your cd-rom. After inputting your billing information you are then shown a page confirming your order. Only on the first page if you scroll down thru several promotins and andvertisements wil you see fine print. Then you have to scroll down through several rules to then see that you'll be automatically billed in seven days. No where in plain site do they show these terms and conditions or inform you that by ordering the cd-rom your also signing up for a subscription that cost 74.98. I am further more disgusted by the fact that the number they have posted for customer service is not their number. The number is for a different company that has recieved several of complaints about them but could do nothing for the complaintant becuase they didn't know what the company was. After obtaining the number thru my finacial institution I finally contacted the company and after expsressing my unhappiness they agreed to refund my money in 3-5 business days. However after that time period I still had not recived my refund upon contacting them again they then imformed me it would take another 10-15 business days for their billing dept. to aprrove the refund, which they had not previously stated. I think this business practices sneaky and underhanded business practices and should be ashamed of how they scam people into subscribing to their website.

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