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Mem2DayUnauthorized billing

I went to my back statements on line and notice that there was a charged for something I didn't send or asked for our bank on 3-4-09 this company was trying to charge my cedit card account for $79.95. Upon research, I noticed $3.95 was taken out of my account also with the name MEM2Day and phone # [protected]. I had went to there web page to get more info but came blank.They did charge the $79.95 was shown as a pre-authorization on our account and didn't process until 3-05-09. It was shown with the name MEM2DAY and phone # [protected]

I was charged on my credit card $79.95. I called them told them what they had did without my consent. They told me write a letter stating what happened so I can get my refund so I did send in a letter. This was about a week in half ago here we r 3-24-09 no response. So when I called on 3-24-09 twice about the letter I had sent to them they couldn't help me at all. I talked to one lady Gladies for about 30 minutes or so and she didn't have a supervisor available of course and she couldn't help me. So I called again and spoke to lady name may She told me the same theres no supervisor for me to speak to and kept telling me I was out of the cancellation window. Even though I never signed up for anything.


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    QueenaDina Mar 31, 2009

    We were also charged $79.95 on 3/2/2009 - we've never ordered anything and have no idea who this company is. How do they keep getting our credit card number? This isn't the first time we've had to dispute a charge, forgot the name of the other bogus company, but we were charged the same amount (79.95).

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  • Mo
    montrices Apr 01, 2009

    Hi, My name is Montrice and this have also happen to me.I just spoke to a lady name Carla and she ensured me that my money will be back on my card in 7-10 days.We will see

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