Meijerstanley - manager - south haven, mi meijer

A Jul 23, 2018

Stanley the manager at the South Haven Meijer has made my wife and I so uncomfortable and dissatisfied, we will no longer be shopping at Meijer.

We spend thousands of dollars a year at this Meijer buying groceries and any other items we need. Every once in a while we have a return. Every time we return something we end up having a huge hassle with Stanley. His attitude is always rude and unprofessional. We have no idea why, but he has it out for us. Today we were returning a toy that our daughter received from a family member. We had a duplicate toy so we wanted to get something else.

Stanley gave us a huge hassle and held hostage my id for 15 minutes while he figured out how to disatisfy us the most. He said that there is a record on my id that would prevent us from returning any items without a reciept.

Look I get it. I'm not trying to scam Meijer somehow by returning items without a reciept. I am just an average consumer who needs to return an item here and there if necessary.

All and all in the past 3 years, there have been 4 instances were Stanley has treated us this way. This was the last time for us. We will be discontinuing shopping at Meijer going forward.

We want someone to know about our dissatisfaction to help provent this happening to others.

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