[Resolved] Meijerapple watch series 2 deal on thanksgiving

H Nov 23, 2017

I went to get an Apple Watch series 2 this morning for the 100 dollars off next purchase at the Traverse City store and was there before 6 o'clock. I get there and they didn't have any series 2 left because the cashier was giving out multiple coupons to one person and doing it before 6 o'clock!! There was only 4 people in line and I didn't even get a chance. I believe this is absolutely ridiculously! The ad stated that the sale started at 6 o'clock and I believe the coupons should not have been given out before then. I appreciate the consideration of following what your ad said.
-Hannah Townsend
850 peach blossom drive,
Traverse city, mi 49685

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