Megamartpoints redeem

L May 28, 2018

I received SMS to redeem my Bonus points 500 in megamart store.

I went to Megamart store, i bought a kurtha and i said to redeem the points and i will pay the balance amount.

In bill counter, the person who was billing said, its not applicable mam, Please take a pair of socks to redeem your points, because for the redemption of points only "socks" is applicable.

why the hell then i receive SMS from Megamart daily. Why the hell you people are giving false statement to attract customers.

As of i know redemption points is applicable to all things which i purchase in store, how can you say i can buy only that bloody socks. Then you should mention in SMS that i can redeem my points only to buy socks and not any other items.

Customers are fools to you . so that you people can buff anything and attract.

Bull [censored] it was. worst approach you can use to attract customers.

Points are given for the usage of my purchase. if you are not willing to give benefit to customer . dont cheat customer by sending bonus points, this and that. dont lose your brand identity by doing all these things.

Worst Approach.

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