Megabusracism and scam artist


Waiting for the 315 bus Pittsburgh to my first of all is was late didn't leave til after 4 and I had my young child with me.then while boarding the bus 2 white men that was boarding the luggage was being racist saying derogatory words to black woman and to an Indian man saying that he had too much luggage the bus was empty no more than 20 people on board but when a white woman who also had too much luggage they didn't tell her that she had to purchase additional tickets. The 2 white men who works for u megabus yelled at him racist slurs it was completely wrong they were so loud and scary it frighten my daughter.I am going to make sure that everyone knows that your company is racist and that u hired racist in your company that u will lose business what u failed to realize the majority of your customers are people of color I am going to contact the media and anyone who will listen that u guys are scam artist by taking people money and not letting them get on and the most important thing u guys and your employees are racist.

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