Media Corp - As Seen On TVScammed


I was contacted by Media Corp about showcasing a product we manufacture and we eventually signed a contract for their As Seen On TV Test Infomercial program in October of 2010.

They collected a fee of $8500.00 in 2 installments: the first after they had filmed a quasi-professional 40 second test infomercial, and the second after it had supposedly been scheduled to air 60 times over Comcast. Soon after they received my 2nd payment, MediaCorp breached the terms of the contract, & abandoned our deal without completing it. They were unresponsive once they cashed my check.

After they received my complaint from the local BBB, they offered to re-do the infomercial so it would be more to my liking and re-air it but it was the same story all over again. Alleged air times could not be verified and the infomercial could not be viewed. They alternated between telling me a. that the run did not produce a single response to the infomercial/ergo no products were sold, and b. saying that they received several orders and had shipped them out using the props I had supplied for the infomercial taping. This was in direct breach of our contract. Above all, there is no verifiable documentation: not of calls, not of air times. They cannot prove the infomercials ever aired. In fact, they confessed that the first series of infomercials never aired at all, and that they were unaware of this until I insisted on confirmation from the cable company.

I believe that Media Corp is selling these spots to potential clients who would like to see their products advertised on TV. They construct a short infomercial but never actually air it on television, telling their clients instead that there were no responses to the tv spots.

There are now many complaints about this company, and I have been contacted by 5-10 others whose products were already successfully selling elsewhere, and were also taken for $8500.00 under the exact same circumstances. This company is one big scam and needs to be investigated for fraud. I want a full refund of the $8500 I paid them, plus whatever legal fees are incurred as a result of litigation.

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