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Medco Health Solution of Irving, TX, my employer’s prescription benefit provider of choice, has over the past year sent multiple notices that I have leisurely tossed in the trash. As the notices have increased in number, and annoyance, I opened them to find that the company would be doubling my co-payment if I continued to fill my long term prescription through my local pharmacy. I was being bullied into utilizing their mail-order service, but to their credit the co-pay would be substantially less. Reluctantly I contacted my doctor to request my prescription be faxed to MEDCO, and his assistant with a large sigh (as to make clear her disapproval) complied.

I received a notification by e-mail that my prescription had been sent, and patiently waited for its arrival. I was becoming increasingly more satisfied because of the savings and convenience. I dreaded the monthly trip to the local pharmacy to pick up my medication, it was just inconvenient. Within days, my prescription and bill came bundled together as one. I opened the package to find the ‘brand’ name prescription and a bill for $52.00 for one month, instead of the generic at $20.00 for 3 months I had been expecting. I contacted MEDCO immediately, sure this would be easy to remedy. I was wrong.

I was politely advised on 3 separate phone calls by 3 separate MEDCO representatives, and in a letter declining my appeal:

“Your mail-order pharmacy filled your prescription as written by the doctor. You are required to pay the full co-payment for each prescription dispensed.”

I found humor in the fact that they continued to say, “your mail-order pharmacy” and “your prescription” considering these where only two pieces of this tangled mess I had no contact or control over. According to MEDCO my doctor apparently signed the 'fill as prescribed' instead of allowing for a generic substitution. Since I have been going to the same facility for these same medications, I know this was an inadvertent mistake.

My issue with MEDCO is their complete lack of accountability, and their obvious lack of checks and balances. To continue reporting this more an impressive quarterly earnings, they have to bully and take advantage of their clients. We are not their clients by choice, but by lack of options. I have since contacted my doctor to receive repeated apology, but he and his office have no control over MEDCO crediting the mistake. MEDCO needs to implement a system that allows consumers to accept or decline the medication (with full knowledge of the brand and cost) prior to dispensing. The mail-order service has a NO RETURN policy, obviously when dealing with medication, and this leaves absolutely no recourse for consumers.

I have since thrown the medication in the trash, and been forced to pay the bill. They made it very clear they refuse to fill prescriptions with past due balances, and send the bill to collections if refusal to pay is continued. As I explained to three MEDCO representatives and in two separate appeal letters:

“I understand mistakes are made, and service is not determined by lack of issues/problems but in how they are resolved.”

This company gets an F- in my grade book, and are in desperate need of a process overhaul. MEDCO is the school yard bully of prescription drug benefits, and if I had ANY other option I would take it.


  • Ju
    judy lee Jan 19, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently mailed in an prescription order to Medco and a check, which I waited 2 weeks and nothing in the mail was sent, I called Medco to find out the reason why, they said I had sent in an old prescription that had no refills, On file they said I still had one refill left to fill, out of the two weeks, they did not call or send me anything in the mail stating this, now, Im almost out of pills, i had to call my doctor to get a 14 day supply until I receive my medicence, all they had to do was refill the one I had on file, they almost let me run out of medicence that i need each day, that would have took care of the problem, I don't understand why they couldn't have done this, or at least call me and ask me if that was ok to refill it from the one one on file, and now Monday is a holiday, no mail makes it longer in getting here. A unhappy customer.

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  • Li
    Lisa9653 Jul 09, 2011

    I can recommend a reputable pharmacy I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
    P.S. 5% discount coupon code: 9sh73h

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  • Ki
    Kimbee1022 Jun 29, 2011

    MEDCO did not contact me and went ahead witht he prescription order. They Charged me $120.00 would not take the order back ...though I called to cancel before they mailed. Just took money off my card. What ever you do -dont let them hold your card information. They will bill no matter what. I HATE MEDCO

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  • Li
    lilarry May 16, 2011

    Wow - it's 2011 and I have the same problem as first reported in 2008. You'd think they'd try to find a way to fix this. Medco just sent the wrong prescription. They blamed it on my doctor ... but they are holding me responsible for paying even though they sent me the wrong medicine. Unbelievable. And when you try to talk to them they are nasty. These folks truly are bullies. The fact is, these mail order prescription schemes need a fail-safe in the event of errors - without holding innocent patients responsible. They obviously don't care though since Medco's patient robbery scheme continues on as it has for years. Shame on them - and shame on me for trying to save a buck by going around my local trusted pharmacy. Having to pay extra to cover for Medco's "errors" ends up costing more than any savings I might realize over my local pharmacist. At least my local pharmacist knows me ... and the medications I take. I'm going back to shelling out money I don't have and getting prescriptions from my local guy. Medco may seem cheaper, but their lies, scams, errors and bullying tactics just aren't worth the aggravation, or - more importantly - the health risks.

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  • Li
    Lilen Mar 02, 2011

    I have to take Abian CR for insomnia. Medco decides I only get 20 day supply a month. On top of that every three months I have to do without for two months and not sleep. Over the counter sleep aids don't work and my doctor is so frustrated so I think Medco needs to get it in gear. Just seven pills of the generic brand cost me $100 though the pharmacy. What the heck!

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  • De
    Dee333 Feb 09, 2011

    HR & Companies STAY AWAY FROM mEDCO
    Omg! I wish I could have read all of these complaints beforehand. Your employees will be very stressed and cheated out of there hard earned money. My husbands company just pick up medco(they dont deserve to be capitolized). I got information that said I could save alot with the mail in order through medco. My doctor just wrote up new perscriptions so I thought I would check them out. The medco representative gave me the price for 3 separate medications for 90 days and 1 that they do not carry so she couldn't give me a price for that one. Prices sounded good so I said what do I do next? I was told to fill out paper work and send in original script. It turn outs that I only got 1 script for 90 days and they charged me for that. HERE IS the kicker! The 2nd medication I got was for 45 days but I was charged for 90 days. Then LAST but not Least, the 3rd (they actually gave me a break LOL!) they charged me for 45 days (instead of 90) but only gave me 13 days(pills). When I called about the lack of meds they said that is what my policy says to do. We are sorry they didn't tell you that when you got the quote for 90 days. You can get the remainder of the meds if your doctor fills out an extra form but it will cost you another $200. Yee Haa! What a great money maker. Charge the customer 2 times for the 1 thing they ordered. Oh yeah, they said my only option is to write a Letter of aAppeal to United Healthcare.

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  • Gr
    grumpy603 Jan 03, 2011

    This is what I'm currently experiencing with Medco...exactly as you described!
    Apparently they look at and refill on the basis of your OLD prescriptions, completely ignoring new Rx that your doctor ordered. They've done this to me 3 times now and just sent another notice that yet another Rx was sent out in the SAME WRONG DOSAGE as the first 3. I keep having to get my doctor to place *new* orders in the correct dose but Medco keeps ignoring the new prescription. I'm baffled and don't really know how to solve this issue with them.

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  • Mo
    [email protected] May 13, 2010

    My wife's doctor sent in a RX for the wrong medication. MEDCO happily filled it and billed us for it. When we called them up to ask why they sent us something we didn’t order, we were told that her Doctor faxed the RX to them. After calling the Doctor, she admitted sending the wrong RX, but couldn’t refund our money because they didn’t take our money, MEDCO did.

    MEDCO refused to take the medication back (sealed packages of birth control) naturally, and the Doctors office refused to refund out money, so we are out $150 for medication we didn’t even request!

    Not only that, but now we are missing the CORRECT medication she needed!

    I cannot believe that MEDCO doesn’t have some system built into there practice to prevent this from happening!

    MEDCO will AUTOMATICLY fill ANY RX that your doctor sends them if it is 1) New. 2) Under $100, and you will be responsible for paying for it!! How can they do this??? No safeguards, no responsibility!!

    People are going to make mistakes, even Doctors offices, but MEDCO assumes they dont and they get paid for it too.

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  • Pa
    pasmi00 Feb 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Medco sent me someone else's HEART medication, which I am sure they needed instead!
    Medco decided when THEY thought I needed re-fills on my medication, and would fill then, send them, and
    bill me for them. I had to send them a letter stating not to fill medication unless I requested it.
    Now I am running low on my medication, Medco has acknowledged receiving my Rx, but 3 weeks later I do not
    have the med yet. When I called, the customer service rep Robert was very rude to me. He kept calling me
    the wrong name, and just said if I need the Rx sooner, I would have to go to my Dr and get an Rx for a short
    term supply. I am going to report Medco to the pharmacy board!

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  • Eg
    EGY Feb 04, 2010

    You aren't alone, my wifes doctor sent over a perscription specifically saying to send generic. So of course Medco sent the non-generic medicine saying there was no generic for this medicine... ok, ready for the kicker? Medco JUST SENT US A LETTER TELLING US OF 3 GENERICS THEY WERE GOING TO SEND US!!!

    As a perscription filling company they pretty much suck... but as far as organized crime goes, they are GREAT!

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  • Do
    dopeman Nov 24, 2009

    My doctor wrote out some prescripts for me, and medco decided to fill them without my approval or even knowledge. They of course filled the brand name ones so I get charged the maximum amount possible and they make the most money. I saw the invoice and called them before the drugs arrived to stop the order. The supervisor said there's nothing she can do, no refunds or returns, and apparently I don't need to approve an order or make an order even though I'm the one being billed. Does that make any sense? Maybe best buy should just start sending people tvs and billing them afterward. This is so ridiculous it's absurd. Now I can either let it go to collections and screw up my credit or pay for something I never wanted or ordered in the first place. Do not do business with these thieves, they care about money first and foremost, there are no customers just people to screw over and bilk.

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  • St
    Stephanie332 Oct 15, 2009

    Wow over a year since you posted this and I'm having the same issue even now! I, just today have had the same problem with Medco that you did. I sent in a Rx for a generic medication and they filled it for a generic but the wrong one! Apparently there are generics of generics and if your doctor doesn't check the fill as written/brand name only box Medco will fill for just any old substitute dispite the fact that the correct substitute is written as clear as day on the prescription!

    I'm highly irritated, because like you they won't accept any responsibility for correcting the error - stating that's it's "all legal". Without a phone call to me to even check to see if I'd like a substitute for my already substituted medication!

    They also won't reimburse the prescription/accept the return dispite the fact that the medication is still completely packaged and unopened. And to get the correct medication they would take another of my refills and double charge me! Can anyone say rip off! I'll never use mail order again and as I have in the past I will continue to support my local pharmacies and hope to God that mail order is abolished or that local pharmacies are given an equal opportunity to serve us, but nevermind as I still intend to pay the higher copay to my local phamacy from here on out just so I don't have to go through this experience again.

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  • Uh
    uhhino Sep 18, 2009

    and i don't get exactly why you are so mad
    medco filled your perscription just as your doctor stated
    you keep saying "it wasn't my fault" well it wasn't our fault either
    we did exactly what we were told to do
    why should we have to pay for your doctors mistake
    sounds like you need to contact your doctor about reimbursment

    why would a company write off a medication cost because when we sent exactly what was ordered?

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  • Uh
    uhhino Sep 18, 2009

    medco can't cancel a plan
    the only person that can cancel your plan is your employee benefits office
    we don't have that capabilities to cancel a plan without your benefits office telling us to
    most the time it's a false TR code from them which happens a lot
    but you would know that know everything.

    so complain all you want
    you're mad at the wrong people
    i hate when people like you call
    who think they know everything about the system
    but really have no idea how anything works

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  • Vi
    Vincent Jul 18, 2009

    I sent an email comment to Medco that it was dangerous for their order screen to show an expired script for the a medication, when a new script for the same medication had been filled at a different dose. The correct script was not shown Medco says because I could not refill it. I did not order the medication in any dose. Their response to my email was to request a new script from my doctor for the incorrect expired script. I was warning them about it because I was afraid someone would accidentally ask for a refill on this incorrect expired script. My doctor's office provided the new script at the requested incorrect dose. WHAT I HAD BEEN WARNING ABOUT HAPPENED TO ME AND I DID NOT EVEN ASK FOR A REFILL!

    I refused to take delivery. Took 6 - 8 weeks for Medco to acknowledge the return and to credit my account.

    Now they refuse to fill the correct script when I do need a refill. Have had countless calls each time they say it is corrected. Then I get another message that leads me to call and find out they don't know what dose I want.

    This week they requested another new script for the wrong dosage, received it and have already mailed me yet another supply at the wrong dosage.

    A customer with impairments could easily take an overdose. If I had taken when they sent, I could have taken as much as 3x what I was supposed to be taking.

    I have been without the medication for several days now.

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  • Pl
    plm Oct 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been googling and found other stories just like yours. I've used Medco for about 5 years and up until now, no complaints. Stuck with them because of my insurance plan. Someone at Medco accidently cancelled my new medicare prescription plan D and they haven't sent back my prescription, won't fill it. It will take weeks to resolve the issue. I'd really like to know who to talk to about this. There should be safeguards against them cancelling a person's plan. They said I did it but the person I talked to said I know you didn't. human relations at our company (retired) is not much help. I think, as Chevy Chase said in the movie, we're in deep!!

    Now I know just why my doctor doesn't like them.

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