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To Whom it may concern:
My masssge session was cancelled not by me but staff at the front desk. Last week there was a problem processing my payment, little did I know that my account had been compromised, so the bank cancelled my cards. When someone from ME called me to notify me about not being able to process the payment, I told the person I would call back when the problem was resolved or that I would take care of payment when I came in. The part of me taking care of payment when I came in was not part of the notes. This morning I received a text message saying my session had been cancelled. For the record, I did have a full hour session available to use that had accumulated over the months. I could've very easily taken care of the payment upon arrival. If I was a new client I would totally understand, but I am not. I've been coming to this location for approximately three years and they have not had any problems with me as a client.
After having my first day off in two weeks I was really looking forward to my session. I came very close to just cancelling my membership but I decided to give it a last try. I did have to rebook my appointment which is an inconvenience. I acknowledge the fact test I did not get a chance to call the office back due to lack of time. What upsets me the most about the situation is that other people get to make decisions on my behalf without me having a say in it.
My experience at ME with the Therspists and front desk staff up until this point has been good.
So my question is, what can be done to avoid this all over again?
Thank you
Dennis Berganza

Jun 10, 2019

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