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San Diego attorney Scott McMillan, The_McMillan_Law_Firm at 4670 Nebo Drive, La Mesa, lost two major lawsuits he appealed to the Ninth Circuit. During oral argument a Ninth Circuit judge called his lawsuit "silly", resulting in Scott McMillan pursuing a case that was lost when it was filed. A 1 minute clip of the judge ridiculing Scott McMillan can be seen at In this same case, Scott McMillan filed a declaration alleging federal agents stole property, intimidated him, and harassed him, however Scott McMillan did not have any actual evidence such conduct occurred. In fact, the federal agents were not charged with any crime inferring that Scott McMillan's allegations of theft and vandalism were false.

Years earlier Scott McMillan San Diego attorney made more meritless allegations against federal agents. The first incident involved an inspector's detention of McMillan's wallet at the Customs Service's San Diego office. The inspector confiscated McMillan's wallet during a routine pat-down search because the wallet appeared to be made from crocodile skin and, therefore, was subject to exclusion from the United States as the product of an endangered species. Two days later, after conducting tests on the wallet, the Customs Service notified McMillan that the wallet was not subject to exclusion and was available for pick up.

It is no wonder Scott McMillan was labeled a vexatious litigant in a federal case he of course lost. See, McMillan v. Weathersby (9th Cir. 2002) 31 F.App'x 371, 374.

In 2018, Scott McMillan, La Mesa, California. Scott McMillan found himself in federal court for allegations of fraud, along with his former associate, San Diego attorney Michelle Volk . In Brightwell v. The McMillan Law Firm, Scott McMillan, Michelle Volk, Southern District of California Case 16-CV-1696 W (NLS).

McMillan Law Firm San Diego
McMillan Law Firm San Diego
McMillan Law Firm San Diego
McMillan Law Firm San Diego

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    Scott McMillan San Diego attorney filed a RICO lawsuit for defamation and he demanded numerous blog posts are removed from search engines. Many of the blog posts about The_McMillan_Law_Firm_La_Mesa deal with Scott McMillan losing virtually all of his 100+ appeals and writs, to settling a lawsuit for $20, and of course his involvement with child molestation as stated in a report that is in San Diego Superior Court Case No. [protected].

    The federal judge literally laughed at the lawsuit when he dismissed it, see order see order,

    While the federal RICO lawsuit was pending it was determined Scott McMillan La Mesa attorney made false statement to the Clerk of the Court where he tried to get the case heard before a specific judge who is openly hostile to bloggers. A motion for sanction was filed. See motion filed in court, Scott McMillan's lawsuit was found to be meritless and ordered dismissed. Unable to oppose the motion concerning his false statements, Scott McMillan conceded to the motion by failing to oppose it. Since Scott McMillan appealed the dismissal of the RICO lawsuit, the court has not ruled on the motion.

    During appeal to the Ninth Circuit, San Diego attorney Scott McMillan thought he would try to have the appellate court order defendant to not post material online. Scott McMillan attempted to achieve silencing the blogger by indoctrinating the court with every feasible negative allegation he could put before the court. Recently the court decided the motion. The first part of the order granted Scott McMillan's motion to seal records which were already sealed in the trial court. The second part of the order clearly DENIED Scott McMillan's request for a gag order. Scott McMillan's failed appellate record and child molestation report about Scott McMillan in San Diego Superior Court Case No. [protected] will continue to be distributed.
    In short, San Diego attorney Scott McMillan was unable to achieve his objective and continues to pay a high price for his past conduct with a reduction in clients.

    Specifically, the law school, McMillan_Academy_of_Law, has been around for 12 years, but does not have a single graduate. Further, the law school that exists only on paper also only had three students. Very concerning the run-down building does not even have a sign that says "Law School" or anything like. It is unfortunate some people can have a shell business for tax scams and hope the recent state bar report gets the attention of the IRS.

    Part of the state bar report states,

    "Since opening, only three students have ever completed MAOL's first-year curriculum and were able to take the First Year Law Students' Examination; two of the students eventually passed the examination but each then left MAOL and transferred to other law schools. Since MAOL has had no students nor has held any classes in almost five years, its program of legal education has now been dormant for more than four years. As a result, and as confirmed by the inspection, MAOL is noncompliant as to three material requirements: Its law library is noncompliant since its hardcopy legal authorities have not been updated since 2013; without any tuition income, the law school's current and future financial viability appears questionable; and its website and written materials offer outdated and misleading information to both the general public and potential applicants."

    See full report here,

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