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lack of customer service!

It has been going on for too long and must be rectified ASAP as far as I'm concerned and I believe many...

dirty bathroom in mcdonalds!

I decided to eat at a McDonald restaurant located at 2848 Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn, New York. Before I...

made my 15 year old daughter afraid of work

My 15 year old daughter had got her first job at mcdonalds. They say they work around the kids schedule. That...

making food with no gloves!

I went into a mcdonalds on 16th avenue, n. w.in Calgary, to order a take away breakfast. Whilst I was hanging...

uncooked food, unclean restaurant

My family and I went to the McDonalds restaurant located at 10-250 Shawville Blvd. S.E. Calgary to have...

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Resolved horrible taste!

I wanted something different for lunch... but I wanted McDonalds. I see a picture on the menu at the drive...

Resolved misleading marketing!

My stepfather goes to the same McDonald's every morning to get breakfast for him and my mother and so we got him a gift card for Christmas. We bought it at the store in Hermitage and he goes to the one by I-440 and Nolensville Road. These gift cards have been advertised on TV and we assumed that he could use it at any location. They would not accept it. This is unacceptable because they were begging for people to buy them. My mother is a shut in and they are up in age and this upset them. I also go by McDonalds every morning on my way to work for coffee and breakfast.

I am being taxed to death!

Checked my receipt from the drive thru window at McDonald's, it listed a tax of 17 cents for carry out. Never heard of a carry out tax sounds like someone has created a new form of taxing.I guess that lazy people are being singled out for discrimination. You mean that if I went inside that I would not have been charged carry out tax on my order. This is serious business the next tax may be a tax for using the restrooms.Please have someone answer in plain English or Spanish. I have reached my wits end when it comes to donating my money to the Federal Government.

  • Ri
    Rick Sep 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why are you complaining about McDonalds? They have nothing to do with the taxes. Complain to your elected officials. They can (in theory) do something about the tax. McD's cannot.

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  • Ch
    Chris Jan 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Take out tax has nothing to do with dining in or driving through. It's a tax to "punish" people for eating fast food. Same thing goes for a "gas guzzler" tax on gas guzzling vehicles.

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Resolved mcdonalds runs out of high chairs!

First of all let me tell you I am not one to complain, but when I get bad service I have to speak up. Me my...

Resolved one of the most disgusting things I had seen in my life!

I used to go to the McDonald's near the museum district in ft worth at 3601 camp bowie, but no more.
besides the fact that they frequently gave me the wrong items, overcharged me, etc and usually blamed it on the fact that, although not in a predominantly hispanic area, the staff doesn't understand enough English to do their job.......besides THAT- this was the last straw.

After making a breakfast sandwich incorrectly FOUR times, the girl making the sandwiches was observed absent-mindedly picking at her pimples as she prepared the food. she did this as though she does it all the time, and could not understand why i did not want her to attempt another egg mcmuffin for me.
the manager, area managers, supervisors, etc also seemed to be less than bothered by this bit of unhygienic behavior, but as a nurse, i knew there was NO WAY i could safely eat there.

Bad service is one thing, but this was one of the most disgusting things i had seen in my life!

  • St
    Steph Dec 06, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As an employee of McDonalds I must say that is totally disgusting! That woman should have been fired immediately. Especially since management was aware of the problem. Management also needs to be replaced with more competent people that are capable of making sure the customers health comes first.

    One thing I have discovered concerning McDonalds is the management is they are lazy and unwilling to do their jobs. They yell for the cash register workers to do everything. While there are a few of us that work our ### off to do what we are being paid to do. There are many that refuse to do anything. God forbid they should lift the heavy broom or mop. They may break a nail. They will stand there and watch others work. As a cashier we are expected to fill our stations, make coffee, keep fries down and wait on the customer as well as fill orders. Even during the busiest of times. If we have time between costumers coming in the store we are expected to clean the lobby and playland. This we are aware of when we hired on for the job. So "some of us" make sure these things are done.
    Another problem in the store is the cashiers that DO NOT want to do anything. Leaving all the work for us to do. They want to stand there and look pretty or talk to all their friends. Management never says a word to these cashiers. In many cases the management is the problem. Our store has many video cameras. I just wish the corporation would gather up a few of those cameras and watch the goings-on in their establishment. Many so-called managers would be fired immediately!
    There are times the managers will have favorites and target other workers. I've seen this happen first hand. It is very difficult to work in the same station with a manager that loathes you and gives you every chit job they have. Meanwhile, there stands one of her "butt kissers" doing nothing, and she/he gets away with it. If you complain, you just get more chit jobs. Seen this happen as well. While I have never been targeted myself, it all trickles down to the customers. The mood turns sour and the customers get the backlash.
    On the other hand, I have to say that there are times that the customers come in and think they can walk all over you and say what they want and get away with it. Courtesy and manners work two ways. Being a cashier does not make you a way for a customer to let off steam. Cashiers have feelings, too. It goes the same for the customer. Things should not be taken out on them either. Customers have the right to complain if they feel they have been treated unfairly or not treated with respect. Just as cashiers have the right to walk away and let a manager take the rude customers order. That is the way we do it at our store. Rude customers are immediately given over to the manager to wait on. This serves two purposes. You are not returning rude for rude and if there is a problem, the manager can fix it. That is what they get paid for.

    Thanks for letting me vent,

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  • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

    I got fed up with all these fast food places that treat you like sh*t, get your order wrong ALL the time, their dirty, etc...

    the list goes on and on.

    I know that there are so many other people out there that are just as sick of it as I am and think that they can't do anything about it.

    Well, guess what? I just found a website where I get paid to pick McDonalds to pieces:) I'm Lovin' It!!!!

    The website is http://www.shopnchekshopper.com/ and I didn't have to pay anything, which was great, too. Any food that you buy gets reimbursed to you up to 14.00 AND you get your commission on top of that!

    I did my first one today and man, did I have some fodder:) Everyone was grumpy, rude, the place was dirty, the food was old. And I got paid to b**ch about it:)

    Like I said: I'm Lovin' It

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  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Jan 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The only thing that is more disgusting is looking at the fat people that eat there.

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  • Da
    Dave967 Sep 30, 2019

    I was left on my own after a very short time and this remained for ninety percent of my time with delivery and was not a problem except.
    The stores are serious production feeds so must be respected and accessible allowing easy speed of control, stocking and, very important - the production side kitchen locating what they need when they need it. None of which is of importance or crosses the mind of a manager.
    In the first year...
    Boxes unbroken blocking the hall for delivery and stores access, also to the fire escapes and back yard floor every time the delivery was arriving; those boxes flattened in the recycle cadges still with plastic bags inside plus unbroken boxes under broken ones and general rubbish. Every time...
    Complaints came from the recycle company despite my efforts to clear the three cages of the flattened boxes with plastic in, this as the delivery was arriving.
    Bread pallets thrown about blocking the back yard with the boxes inclusive.
    All store rooms were in a state (miss treated) every time!
    The freezer, chiller, internal and external dry stores a thrown/pulled about mess every time.
    Internal dry store, when I arrive, almost every time included a path way of apple pie cardboard wrappers from the back to the door way.
    Despite this and now on my own, frequently pulled off to other areas/jobs.

    Apparently there being two to three managers plus one older in charge, they had to much to do, to many people to control; the real reason only told to me later at its end...

    There was time for two young male managers separately to rearrange the internal dry store when they felt like it: it was better for me all of the six times; I was told so. The last time everything had to be put back in its place by me again to take the delivery.
    Only ever competent/interested, who had the respect to listen, non grown manager arrived for a time, and I requested that the two be stopped from playing with that store. Pointed out that it is half empty when they play and alter; I have to have it set for the delivery.
    Also noticed me struggling with the mistreated cardboard recycle cages and sorted that out by the next delivery.
    All of the above other problems also evaporated for his time.

    The two week shut down for refurbishment/franchise.
    The external metal dry store had to be removed and I lost one third space. The manager brought in for this only then was informed that, putting any of the dry store upstairs breaks the agreement so cannot be used any longer as a production operated storage space, this was conveyed to me.

    I informed that the input needs to be properly controlled, the delivery was too high. Also another delivery was required to control the loss of space plus the freezer was over full during holidays and all struggled to get to products or even get inside after a delivery.
    These requests took months to implement despite the immediate changes required, but finally told that the ordering was being done now by site. Months later the extra delivery day, and it took even longer to get the freezer and chiller that should of been included; included.
    The dry store delivery in general: Medium delivery 4, large delivery 8 cages
    With boxes, mostly one of each, all open and accessible and their positions known by the staff, kept and set by me.
    There was no stacking of the boxes, the items need to be directly accessed.
    Stock can also then be directly, daily, counted for on site ordering.
    The shelving was of good quality and (spacings with width an important factor) its wider because it is free standing despite the very tight space.

    A month or so after a new manager the dry store shelves were suddenly replaced.

    Before the delivery...
    Now every shelf is packed FULL and more importantly, now stacked with boxes on top of boxes on top of boxes that people have to get into/find items.
    Now the box of the item required had to be located, the boxes on top taken off, put on the floor (not allowed), then re-stacked.
    A packed pallet on the floor stacked with various boxes. So no room for delivery before the delivery.
    The upper floor, more boxes from the dry store.(during the shut down it was made clear to the manager by his managers and then to me that the upper floor can not be used as a storage space for the dry store as it is breaking the agreement by turning it into a production area)

    A small delivery. Four dry cages, three had to be repacked with the fourth and left out in the hall by me.

    The second time on delivery...
    I was called over to the delivery door, for delivery, by two of your managers who have been with MD at least as long as I had.
    I pointed to the still FULL dry store where I indicated and asked the serious question, ‘where do I put it, I’ve got no where to put it?’
    Only to find one of them bent over through gritted teeth bobbing around and waving his fists saying ‘you will put it away...you will put it away’.
    At that point I vacated the premises.

    Ice rink, four years in...
    Freezer streaming water internally at every one of its at least five daily defrosts.
    Due to previous experience of this being left till dangerous; informed the then main manager of the serious nature of water running down through the food boxes to the floor and the serious affect of this ice build up.
    I expected the managers be coordinated, pick up a phone to have the simple job done by an engineer.
    Over a month no one gave a flying: then the problem was attended.
    After the repair told by ‘that’ manager with surprise that the ice covered the whole floor whilst indicating it was two inches thick, something already conveyed to me as newsworthy by another worker. The safety carpet is half inch. A trained engineer had to come in, see and walk on it to fix a minor blockage.
    Then to be cleaned-out by two workers. Safety glasses, shoes, gloves and a pick, at -18 degrees, should of been the minimum supplied.
    The people in and out for you, using this, during their normal work attendance at that neglect... don’t have correct footwear. There is serous metal shelving located in a very tight area.

    From the day I started was warned of the collapsing shelf in the chiller; four years on despite requests for that simple job; onion with water and produce boxes over the floor.

    Delivery time change.
    Despite warning for four years that the delivery was at a bad time. On a return from time off a lads informed that the manager had hit a car when helping.
    Not long after- changed to the requested 7.00am.
    I feel sorry for the kitchen.

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workers couldn't understand english

This goes even beyond McDonalds, but I am tired of going to all of these fast food places and no one can...