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Complaints & Reviews

no service 8.15pm

I arrived at this Mc Donalds Kallangur store at 8.15pm on a saturday night to be told the cafe' was closed!!! The shift manager didnt even have the descency to come and speak to me, just shouted out across the diner. I then rang the store at 10am the next morning to sort this out as I know the Cafe' is supposed to be open until late at night, the shift manager seemed to be very understanding and apologetic and advised me to ring a superviser, not the stores superviser as he didnt have her number but a superviser named Steven on [protected], of which I rang and explained my disgust and made it quite clear I would not shop in McDonalds until I knew something had been done about this problem. The girl who stated the cafe' was closed is called Rhiannon and apparently has resigned and is causing all sorts of grief, yet she remains working there!!! unbelievable. I am also an employer of many workers and I beleive there should be a system in place to at least return a call and assure a customer this has been attended to!!!

  • Ch
    Christina D. Oct 31, 2014

    When I arrived at Mc Donalds Kallangur on the 31st October 2014 at 12 noon there were 2 staff serving but they were very busy serving the drive thru customers. I stood there for 10 mins. No one said anything to me that they were sorry or anything like that. Another customer walked in and one of the girls told him that she was sorry and it wont take long. And I am thinking why are you saying it to him when she should be saying it to me. As soon as the drive thru customers were over, this girl who is called "Clare" turned around to the other customer and served. I was so angry. Didn't want to make a scene as there were so many people in the lineup. Anyway I did tell her that I was here so long before the other customer. She didn't care and was not apologetic. I ordered for a big mac and didnt even bother to ask me if I would like a meal with that or anything else. I was feeling really upset that this Clare person was so ignorant and had no respect !!

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I am a 15 year old who has worked at this resturant for 11 months now at first evrything was good but now my...

bad big mac

The worst over priced Big Mac I've ever had. No pickle, no onion, salad dressing, one piece of cheese, NO TOMATO, yet you show a nice big slice in your picture. French fries to go with out ketchup or salt All of this for two ordrs, $9.16. Ate inside once and workers spent most of their time talking with friends who were not buying. Do I need to say more. Bob Martin
Next thing you know, you'll be asking the government for a bailout!

  • Jo
    John McBurger Nov 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You idiot there is tomato in a big mac. And just ask for ketchup and salt if you want them, jeez.

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  • Ha
    Hates Bigsmellyman Apr 01, 2009

    Yeah.. sir, uh... I've NEVER seen a tomato on a Big Mac. Hell, your burger sounds nice... I once got a Big Mac with only HALF a burger patty. Instead of 2 patties, only got 1/2. Try and swallow that!

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talking loud to the crew members

I hope this confidential between us. Im complaining about my job. I alwsys feel that i keep getting pick on...

unsanitary & terrible service

Every time i have visited Mcdonalds in WestHills Calgary Alberta, when i have gone in to order, the employee...

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misstreat customer

the manager was so rude and act out the unprofessional maner. I went there last night which is Tuesday night...


I am making a desperate plea to anyone who is willing to take time to help. I just found out that The Corporate McDonald's locations in the Columbus Ohio area are forcing their employees to work on Christmas to boost sales due to the lag in the economy. I have chosen to stop spending any money at McDonald's and am encouraging everyone at work, everyone in my family and all my friends to do the same. Hopefully McDonald's will realize that one day (Christmas) of extra sales will not compensate for all the lost money over the rest of the year.
Christmas is a time for people to spend with their families and their children. It would be OK if they were taking volunteers who wanted to work that day. I assure you, that is not the case. The employees are being forced to work or loose their jobs. Even worse, the announcement was made only a few days ago. I know my Christmas plans are already set in stone and I imagine that is the case with the employees at McDonald's who now have to call their familes and cancel or worse explain to their children why they can not be there on Christmas. Consider those who have family out of town who will miss the opportunity to visit and enjoy their loved ones company.
Please join me in writing a letter to the Columbus Ohio Corporate Office at...
Two Easton Oval Suite 200
Columbus, Ohio 43081
or call [protected].
Hopefully there is still time to influence them to "change" their minds and realize this will end up hurting their sales nationwide a lot more than it will help!
Thank You to all who are willing to help!

  • Le
    leb Nov 19, 2008

    Many, many companies are open on Christmas, McDonalds isn't the only one. They have been open on Christmas for years and years so there's nothing new here. If you work for minimum wage or you're in the service industry and thats just how things are, you'll have to work holidays. Whether that be a courtesy clerk in a super market, a cashier for a store, whatever the position may be. I dont think this fair to people who are not Christian. If workers get Christmas off, they should also get Passover, Kwanzaa, and other December holidays off. Workers dont want to work on Christmas? Get a better job. People, leave McDonalds alone. Let it go, don't write letters and enjoy a Big Mac on the 25th.

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  • Ri
    rickie Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i work for one of there stores and to tell you the truth they suck. I mean the owner want the employees to wash disheswithout soap.

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wrong order

I went to the McDonald's in Phoebus the other day (one right off 64). There were no people in line, yet...

Young girl work till midnight

I wish to complain about the managers at bluewater in kent at mcdonalds.Who in their right mind would make a young girl work till gone midnight.

Its not very nice when a young girl has to walk home in the dark, then again get a lift from a manager whom they dont know and dont live near them just to give them a lift home every night, something aint right there.
please get it sorted, cause they could end up in court over silly little things like this.

  • Tr
    treeever Dec 23, 2011

    The manager that drives girls home is called Tariq Zaied. He is a player

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milkshake machine

Milk shake machine is always broken Was told it would be fixed was for one week now broken again a big company like mc donalds should buy new equipment.

  • timduncan86 Jul 09, 2009

    It's not that it's broken, they just either don't feel like cleaning it or don't feel like making the shake.

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fly in drink & hard thing in burger

My sister and I ordered a double cheeseburger, a mcchicken, and two small fries. We only recieved ONE fry. The mcChicken's bread was hard, and the meat was a little cold, and just... obviously not fresh! She couldn't finish her burger because she bit down into something hard. She pulled it out of her mouth and it was a small, white, hard IDK WHAT. She says it resembled a tooth, but it WAS NOT hers.. IDK WTF it was! I will not be eating there ever again.. I am rarely happy with the food. This was the last straw.

Also, my bf went to a mcdonalds and there was a FLY in his sweet tea! NO LIEEEEEEE !!! EW

monopoly and petty general manager danielle

The McDonald's on 42nd & Noland in Independence, Missouri.

Its the last week of the Monopoly game and I've been eating there for lunch just about everyday. The only reason I go there and not somewhere else is the Monopoly game. I play online as well.

Today, I got my food, but my drink didnt have the game pieces. My big mac and fries did. This is Not unusual. Every other day one of the items didnt have the game pieces. I simply pointed it out and they gave me another empty container that had the pieces. No big deal.

Today, Danielle the General Manager decided she wanted to have an attitude problem and said "We can't swap out containers." She said "can't". As though they hadn't done it every other day. I pointed this out, but she was very full of her own self-importance and measly power of being a manager, that she refused.

I was getting upset and she just smirked and chuckled at me. Danielle. The General Manager of the store. Laughing and smirking at a PAYING customer.

Independence, Missouri. Danielle the General Manager. She needs to know who pays her salary.

I still didnt get my Monopoly pieces.

  • Ma
    magicman Feb 21, 2009

    Jes, as someone in the know, the Monopoly games are fixed. No one ever wins the big money. They hire models to pose for the pictures and say they won money from it. In the future, don't waste your money and time going to McDonald's just for the monopoly game. You or anyone else won't win any money from it. I can garantee that.
    You illustrate just how gullable people can be to advertising hype about that Monopoly game. Hope I helped you in some way.

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  • john7777 Feb 21, 2009

    Like the other guy said it's fixed. Every store across the U.S has different game pieces. the McDonald's I go to here in Louisville Kentucky always gave me they same pieces. I could get boardwalk here and but the other winning piece could be up in Maine.

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  • In
    IndEpthfemale Apr 28, 2009

    This complaint was very petty.

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monoply online game

I am playing the McDonalds online game. When you roll the dice to get on a spot, the spot and the number on the dice are consistently wrong. The game is a cheat. We purchase food every day to get a chance to play the game. Example- Say you roll a 9(which I did) The ninth spot I would have landed on was Boardwalk. The dice and game only moved me 7 spots instead of nine. It is consistent on any square that you would have landed on and won a major prize. If the game cannot be played with honesty then they should not even have it. McDonalds has done this with many of my friends who have witnessed the wrong numbers being used. They are in effect ripping people off and wasting our time. I'm sure many other people have had the same thing happen.

Resolved harassment

Like many ppl in the area im sure i go to this mcdonalds a lot--mostly to get a drink. Nothing big u think. You go thru a drive-thru, order a drink and leave. Not at this hell of a mcdonald's with the kind of psychos working there. i've had this problem there numerous times and have complained. First off, the person taking the order--is a jerk and in some cases I've been yelled at by the crazy teen or college animals that work there... mostly the females of course-- the males seem to be normal. The females that work there are literally loud obnoxious and just flat out crazy. Once I drove thru there ordered a dollar menu item, and I went to the window. The female began arguing and fighting with me with regards to what I ordered. I said I ordered a coffee, and she differed and began saying I ordered something else. She was being belligerent and crazy, rude, and just screaming at me, harassing, for no reason. I pulled forward to pay at the other window hoping to avoid the yelling psychopath.

As I was driving to the 2nd window the psycho began yelling at me 'YOU NEDE TO PAY'!! and freaking out literally in that manner as if i was trying to steal a dollar menu item. the low class wench literally chased me to the 2nd window in a loud attempt to explain to her co-workers that I didn't pay for my dollar menu item and needed to be monitored in some form. She ran to the window to continue harassing me and I told her I didn't think so and to get a manager... I explained to the manager that his psycho of a whacko employee was yelling at me for no reason and flipping out and acting nuts... he just said 'oh i am sorry' was giggling and didn't care to reprimand the deranged animal for her behavior and harassing customers in this way... everytime I went most of the time the 'female' employee taking your money is nasty in some form...or just rude or mean in various ways-- the guys have yelled before but only saying 'BYEEEE' and once even said my name... I have no clue why.

At one point, then handing me a drink began to become some kind of an ordeal. For some reason the uneducated cretins working there for some reason decided that they wanted to hold the drink back far away from me, in some form or seemingly want to make it a difficult ordeal for me to even get my drink from them. I began to notice this and get annoyed... it seemed intentional and happened numerous times-- I mean how hard is it to hand a customer an item? You reach forward, hand it to them... etc... these classless freaks decided to make it some kind of bizarre scenario where they were holding it further back... or holding it high up to where it's almost difficult for you to get. For me it's even more difficult with a painful arm, so I have to tell them... can you pull it forward some-- they don't care for some reason it's some kind of strange joke to them... and then it became almost a recurring game... until I complained.

Now, there is only one employee who literally just hands me my items normally-- the rest do these strange bizarre things...with regards to just giving me something and it becomes a very irritating and draining exchange. I went to the restaurant again.. and an african american employee (of course immature young witch) was trying to do the same-- hand me a drink... of course.. she couldn't just 'hand it to me'... there is a 'crazy' game involved where... they can't hand it to my hand-- they have to sit there and hold it and do God knows what-- it is so crazy to me that people are this sick and low... that they do this to people just to make things difficult for them... she then 'intentionally' almost threw the drink--ie she couldn't place it in my hand... after 1-2 seconds of just sitting there contemplating how she was going to give it to me-- no..she had to purposely just 'drop' it and i literally just caught it before it fell-- I'd love to say.. oh it was accidental---it surely wasn't... you don't just spill a drink in that manner--sometimes things accidentally fall or people don't grab them-- she purposely was just dropping it--so it could fall, i luckily caught it... then she said 'oh --the lid is coming off' as if she wanted me to hand it back to her-- so I could repeat the entire nightmarish process of just trying to receive a simple item from a drive thru.

This to me, is something so messed up i can't even begin to explain... but this is what these low class heathens at these kinds of places do--especially mcdonald's. I figure that u have to have to be some kind of severely twisted and sick in the head person to pull this kind of garbage on a customer...and for what reason? The people or sickos that work here... should definitely not be working here, or anywhere.

What kind of complaint is it that u have to call corporate to say that their deranged employees aren't handing you a drink properly and are doing things to make it difficult for you just to receive a simple item from a drive thru? This is just crazy to me. but for now I've had it. I have to file this complaint and of course call the store, but of course. It seems like they will take it ias a joke and keep pulling the same thing on you... because handing a customer who they are picking on int his manner, an item is such a difficult draining and challenging ordeal that now numerous complaints have to be filed with regards to it? What kind of sick people are these that they are doing this to a customer, or any customer, I've never heard anything like this, but in this day and age-- the way these types of sick people are-- this not only petty but bizarrely petty types of situations occur and the mentality of these kind of stupid people is so warped and low. it is shocking, but not even shocking. they are capable of anything that is just so strange and off the wall. I hope mcdonald's does something about these classless uneducated no character creeps but i doubt they will. They'll probably pat them on the back and give them more ways and ideas to screw with customers.

  • Li
    lilroxybabe Jun 22, 2009

    i would like to say not all Mcdonalds are like this. I happen to live in australia and the mcdonalds resturants i worked in were great. Most of us weren't stupid enough to muck around and we respected the customers and treated them how we would be treated. I think that the Mcdonalds you went to should be ashamed and if i were you i would look into giving the main mcdonalds chain a call and complaining and mentioning this story. This surely will change the attitude of those rude people. Heck they may even get fired. Not the best idea to call for a manager considering most of them there sound irresponsible like some places i know and will just laugh it off and forget about it. As i said give them a call name the store and the people mainly manager on and that they were mocking you. considering you live in the united states i had a look and here is what i found.

    There are three ways to share a comment, question, complaint or praise with McDonald’s.

    Call us. Within the U.S., you can call us on our toll-free telephone number at 1-800-244-6227.

    Write us. Our U.S. corporate mailing address is:
    McDonald’s Corporation
    2111 McDonald's Dr
    Oak Brook, IL 60523


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poor service, rude behaviour, discourtesous

Our family of 4 went for breakfast on Saturday October 18, 2008 to this McDonald's location. There wa...

bad service... bad food... bad everything!

I sent this letter to corporate McDonalds several months ago. Several days later, I did get a call from the manager or owner at this particular McDonalds (despite saying in my letter that I had no interest in talking over the phone about it). He said he was concerned and wanted to make sure these things don't happen again, but as far as I can see, nothing has changed (granted, I now go there very very really after all the problems I've had, but still).

This is in regards specifically to the McDonalds at Harry & Webb, in Wichita, Kansas. The original letter follows.

--- (#1) ---

This isn't just a complaint about one visit. This has been ongoing for months, and I've finally just decided something should be said about it.

The above-mentioned McDonalds has serious problems. When you contrast this to a GREAT store, such as the one over by where I work (Douglas and Seneca), the difference is striking. But even on its own, the Harry & Webb McDonalds (over by where I live) is the worst in Wichita - the worst I've seen *anywhere* in fact. And I used to work for McDonalds, many years ago. I can't imagine what kind of situation is going on there that allows such bad service to continue for so long.

I wish I had documented every problem I've encountered at this particular McDonalds, but here's a few.

1) Slow drive-thru. It's not just slow, it's *unbearably* slow. This was the problem at my most recent visit. I had gone to grab lunch for my wife before taking my daughter to a movie, and should have had plenty of time. I was in the drive-thru with seven cars in front of me (three of which LEFT the line before even ordering, presumably due to the long wait) for fifteen minutes. FIFTEEN minutes in the drive-thru line. Why??? No apology at the window, either (and often, they DO apologize, because the wait is ALWAYS long).

2) No receipts. They almost never give a receipt. I usually remember to ask (especially after it has happened so many times), but sometimes I forget. I shouldn't have to ask for a receipt when I pay by debit card.

3) Inaccuracies. It's rare they get an order right unless it's a VERY small order (say, maybe a cheeseburger and a sprite). But they sometimes get even the small ones wrong. It's guaranteed that if I order for myself, my wife, and my daughter, they will mess something up. They will give the wrong sauce for the mcnuggets. They will forget an item (such as my wife's yogurt parfait). They'll forget to give us straws. They've even given me the wrong order entirely. A time or two, I'd understand. I wasn't perfect when I worked for McDonalds.

--- (#2) ---

(The form didn't let me finish, so I'm submitting more to continue my first message):

...They've even given me the wrong order entirely. A time or two, I'd understand. I wasn't perfect when I worked for McDonalds. But the folks at THIS McDonalds get orders wrong the MAJORITY of the time.

4) Attitude. Some of the window workers have actually seemed ANNOYED to be assisting customers. I can't be polite ENOUGH to avoid it, especially when I ask for the correct sauces after checking the bag, or a receipt, or a missing item. One girl, months ago, actually huffed as though I was asking for something completely unreasonable just by trying to get my order corrected!

5) Bad food. I remember one time, when Chicken Selects were fairly new (at least I think they were - I had only just started ordering them, although maybe they'd been around a while). The five pieces were over-cooked, small, and shriveled. At Seneca & Douglas they add an EXTRA piece if one is a little small, and they NEVER serve dried-up pieces. This order was all but inedible. And I've had undone french fries, sloppily-made burgers, and other problems.

I would say I'd begin to keep track of it, but my wife and I will no longer patronize that McDonalds, at least unless absolutely necessary. I thought about calling the owner, Roy McCalla, whose number is on a sign by the window, but don't feel like having a long telephone conversation about this.

  • Mc
    McDonalds Customer Service Oct 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for your comments.

    Since you are so happy with our McDonalds at Harry & Webb, in Wichita, Kansas, we will be sending you $200 in McDonalds' giftcards exclusively for spending at that location.

    We appreciate your patronage and customer loyalty.

    McDonald's Customer Service

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  • Ma
    Matt316 Jun 19, 2010

    I AGREE WITH YOU SIR! because this morning I tried ordering 22 burrito and they say NO we can't make it and started laughing at us! Then we ask how much can he make and he goes 10. So we wanted 10 burrito and 10 Mcmuffin, when we order that He just ignored us for 20 minute because we tried to get the total amount. So we went up to the drive thru window and he goes, What do you guys want in a RUDE ATTITUDE like he doesn't want to work or something. I am feeding 10-15 people. This isn't just the first time either. This is like over 10 times already. He is a old dude who is kind of bald at the top and got hair on the side like BOZO the clown And he is the manager too.So we was like screw it and went to the mcdonalds on rock and harry and they got it done in 5 minutes! So why wouldn't he want to make order for us on Harry and Webb? I will be Contacting Roy Mccalla OR EVEN THE CORPORATE OFFICE soon!

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bad quality

When I first visted this fast food restaurant, 20 years ago in the Principality of Andorra, I enjoyed it!
For the past years, 4 perhaps, the quality of the food they serve is...plain rubbish. The burgers, no matter which one it is, are horrible, the meat tastes like it has been frozen for years. The service aint that great either, they are very unprofessional, always forgetting something in an order they prepare, be it in the drive through or in the restaurant.
Does not matter, there are other bars and restaurants to go to, ... McDonalds for me is dead.


If you go to mcdonalds in goldsboro north carolina on wayne memorial drive you can get breakfast hashbrowns 2...

Resolved wrong order and still cold

i ordered 6 meals through the drive through in huddersfield i recieved all the wrong food which was also cold, and when rung up they refused to help and put the telephone down on me.

  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Oct 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Only lazy people use the drive thru.

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monopoly prizes

I been up since 5 am and had not eaten all day. I just finished troubleshooting some electrical problems for...