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Complaints & Reviews

poor service, rude behaviour, discourtesous

Our family of 4 went for breakfast on Saturday October 18, 2008 to this McDonald's location. There wa...

bad service... bad food... bad everything!

I sent this letter to corporate McDonalds several months ago. Several days later, I did get a call from the manager or owner at this particular McDonalds (despite saying in my letter that I had no interest in talking over the phone about it). He said he was concerned and wanted to make sure these things don't happen again, but as far as I can see, nothing has changed (granted, I now go there very very really after all the problems I've had, but still).

This is in regards specifically to the McDonalds at Harry & Webb, in Wichita, Kansas. The original letter follows.

--- (#1) ---

This isn't just a complaint about one visit. This has been ongoing for months, and I've finally just decided something should be said about it.

The above-mentioned McDonalds has serious problems. When you contrast this to a GREAT store, such as the one over by where I work (Douglas and Seneca), the difference is striking. But even on its own, the Harry & Webb McDonalds (over by where I live) is the worst in Wichita - the worst I've seen *anywhere* in fact. And I used to work for McDonalds, many years ago. I can't imagine what kind of situation is going on there that allows such bad service to continue for so long.

I wish I had documented every problem I've encountered at this particular McDonalds, but here's a few.

1) Slow drive-thru. It's not just slow, it's *unbearably* slow. This was the problem at my most recent visit. I had gone to grab lunch for my wife before taking my daughter to a movie, and should have had plenty of time. I was in the drive-thru with seven cars in front of me (three of which LEFT the line before even ordering, presumably due to the long wait) for fifteen minutes. FIFTEEN minutes in the drive-thru line. Why??? No apology at the window, either (and often, they DO apologize, because the wait is ALWAYS long).

2) No receipts. They almost never give a receipt. I usually remember to ask (especially after it has happened so many times), but sometimes I forget. I shouldn't have to ask for a receipt when I pay by debit card.

3) Inaccuracies. It's rare they get an order right unless it's a VERY small order (say, maybe a cheeseburger and a sprite). But they sometimes get even the small ones wrong. It's guaranteed that if I order for myself, my wife, and my daughter, they will mess something up. They will give the wrong sauce for the mcnuggets. They will forget an item (such as my wife's yogurt parfait). They'll forget to give us straws. They've even given me the wrong order entirely. A time or two, I'd understand. I wasn't perfect when I worked for McDonalds.

--- (#2) ---

(The form didn't let me finish, so I'm submitting more to continue my first message):

...They've even given me the wrong order entirely. A time or two, I'd understand. I wasn't perfect when I worked for McDonalds. But the folks at THIS McDonalds get orders wrong the MAJORITY of the time.

4) Attitude. Some of the window workers have actually seemed ANNOYED to be assisting customers. I can't be polite ENOUGH to avoid it, especially when I ask for the correct sauces after checking the bag, or a receipt, or a missing item. One girl, months ago, actually huffed as though I was asking for something completely unreasonable just by trying to get my order corrected!

5) Bad food. I remember one time, when Chicken Selects were fairly new (at least I think they were - I had only just started ordering them, although maybe they'd been around a while). The five pieces were over-cooked, small, and shriveled. At Seneca & Douglas they add an EXTRA piece if one is a little small, and they NEVER serve dried-up pieces. This order was all but inedible. And I've had undone french fries, sloppily-made burgers, and other problems.

I would say I'd begin to keep track of it, but my wife and I will no longer patronize that McDonalds, at least unless absolutely necessary. I thought about calling the owner, Roy McCalla, whose number is on a sign by the window, but don't feel like having a long telephone conversation about this.

  • Mc
    McDonalds Customer Service Oct 16, 2008

    Thank you for your comments.

    Since you are so happy with our McDonalds at Harry & Webb, in Wichita, Kansas, we will be sending you $200 in McDonalds' giftcards exclusively for spending at that location.

    We appreciate your patronage and customer loyalty.

    McDonald's Customer Service

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  • Ma
    Matt316 Jun 19, 2010

    I AGREE WITH YOU SIR! because this morning I tried ordering 22 burrito and they say NO we can't make it and started laughing at us! Then we ask how much can he make and he goes 10. So we wanted 10 burrito and 10 Mcmuffin, when we order that He just ignored us for 20 minute because we tried to get the total amount. So we went up to the drive thru window and he goes, What do you guys want in a RUDE ATTITUDE like he doesn't want to work or something. I am feeding 10-15 people. This isn't just the first time either. This is like over 10 times already. He is a old dude who is kind of bald at the top and got hair on the side like BOZO the clown And he is the manager too.So we was like screw it and went to the mcdonalds on rock and harry and they got it done in 5 minutes! So why wouldn't he want to make order for us on Harry and Webb? I will be Contacting Roy Mccalla OR EVEN THE CORPORATE OFFICE soon!

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bad quality

When I first visted this fast food restaurant, 20 years ago in the Principality of Andorra, I enjoyed it!
For the past years, 4 perhaps, the quality of the food they serve is...plain rubbish. The burgers, no matter which one it is, are horrible, the meat tastes like it has been frozen for years. The service aint that great either, they are very unprofessional, always forgetting something in an order they prepare, be it in the drive through or in the restaurant.
Does not matter, there are other bars and restaurants to go to, ... McDonalds for me is dead.


If you go to mcdonalds in goldsboro north carolina on wayne memorial drive you can get breakfast hashbrowns 2...

wrong order and still cold

i ordered 6 meals through the drive through in huddersfield i recieved all the wrong food which was also cold, and when rung up they refused to help and put the telephone down on me.

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monopoly prizes

I been up since 5 am and had not eaten all day. I just finished troubleshooting some electrical problems for...

poor service/no english spoken

I visted McDonalds off of I-95 South in Benson, NC today, 10-7-08. I felt like I was in a foreign country. No...

they just plain suck

Yet another example of why not to bother to eat at McDonlds, especially the Nashwaaksis location in...

food handling

I ordered an Egg McMuffin from the McDonald Restaurant in the WalMart store in Moncton and the man, who took my order, handled my bills and change, as well as 3 other customers money and debit cards. He then went and got out the bacon and put it on the grill, opened the cheese for the other man who was supposed to be doing the cooking. My comlaint is that the man never washed his hands or wore gloves before handling the food. I would like to know why employees of McDonalds, who handle food, do not have access to disposable gloves - they should have them on and change them frequently if handling the till and money

  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Sep 29, 2008

    Don't worry, I'm sure he washed his hands after using the washroom.

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  • Li
    Linnay Oct 29, 2008

    You see, what a lot of people don't realize...is we have Hand Sanitizer EVERYWHERE in the stores. There's hand sanitizer in the grill area, front counter area, hand washing area, and drive-thru area. He probably used hand sanitizer and you just didn't see it.
    And we DO have access to disposible gloves, some people just don't like to use them. They also get dirty really easily. And they may melt when used near the grill.

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  • Ag
    AG111 May 29, 2009

    i also was at a macdonalds today and ordered a chicken wrap i seen the waitor guy touch his face money from other people and buttons on the machine for odering then go and touch burger pattis as well as frozen chicken patis so i googled macdonalds food handiling to see why this is allowed i then came across this web site im going to be contacting health canada about this to get an awnswer also he did NOT use hand sanitizer he literally went from rubbing his face to the till to the grill and i did NOT see any hand sanitizer anyware this is disgusting and not the first time ive seen something like this

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  • Je
    Jessica2010 Jul 19, 2009

    McDonald's are untouchable! They have their HACCP books all filled in regardless of if the actual requirement of cleaning legislation. even if it has not been followed or practiced ! A family member use to work as an all night cleaner and they would not supply us with hot water and it was always minimum cleaning products supplied. ( the cleaning manager got a yearly bonus if she kept to a £50 a month cleaning budget! )

    Also, because they're top rank on the FTSE 100, the big bad boys will always win any court case when it comes to due diligence, suing etc

    I would like to point out that my store did not have handwash readily available at optimum points within the cooking areas.

    The white shirts are the only ones who get yearly bonuses and the poor monekys doing a hard graft get nothing.

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  • Jc
    jcollie Aug 13, 2009

    I also witnessed a supervisor no less, making burgers using her bare hands to handle the lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, etc and then go to the freezer and put meat patties on the grill. When I questioned her, she said all Macdonald across Canada use their bare hands to make food. She claimed she would wash her hands before going back to making burgers, but I saw her go back to the counter without washing anything. I also have seen people using their bare hands to reach into fruit to make toppings. There is definitely no washing or saniting going on. I have contacted the health department and want to know why they are getting away with it. I'm also going to contact the news media and their competition. I thing if Tim Hortuns, Burger King, etc. get together they can devleop ad campaigns to bring this to the publics attention. If anyone has contacts, please let them know. This could be a world wide story.

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hair found in food

I recently went to McDonalds and bought a mini snack wrap, I got it home and I found a long black hair in it. I am not very impressed.

  • Bu
    bultch Oct 23, 2008

    i like my black hair thank you very much

    0 Votes

raw hamburger

My son ordered hamburgers for supper last night Sept 27/08 as I was in a hurry to get to work. The burger he...

purchase two gift cards that were not activated

9/28 I purchased two McDonald's gift cards for $5 on each. The employee who activated them did it...

poor service, messy resturant and poor food

Just a warning to those who live in the Bay City Saginaw Area of Michigan, the McDonald's along i-75 also know as the Frankenlust Mcdonalds has some of the worst managers I've ever seen, I stopped in around dinner time (5-6 ish) and they were so busy it was ridiculous, but aside from that I observed some of the managers treating they're employee's as peons. One girl was standing at the register trying to take orders as this female manager (didn't catch her name) would say something to her completely taking her attention away from customer not only to turn around a minute later and tell her to stop taking orders and help out there AND then change her mind again and yell to take more orders, the place was so busy they got my order wrong, the manager that was in the grill area was not even paying attention to any sandwiches that were special made, I had to go back to the woman manager twice for the same sandwich how hard is it to get something right. I understand it was busy but I pay my hard earned money for this food. As I also noticed the place was so messy there were smooshed fries on the floor and coffee spilled everywhere, bathrooms... Don't even want to start on those there was a guy out in the parking lot smoking who looked like a maintenance guy but couldn't tell. Honestly it was one of the worst visits I've ever had and don't get me wrong I like McDonalds but this visit is making me think twice of where I spend my money.

  • An
    anne Oct 19, 2008

    they were busy, get your selfish mind off of your self for one second

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terrible everything

First before you judge me. Let me tell you one thing. I used to work for Mcdonalds.

Here is my story. I at a hospital as a registered nurse. Your restaurant is five miles from my work place. During my lunch break I found out that I forgot to take my fork along. I went across the street to ask for a fork. I have forgotten to pack my fork a few times and there was no problem. This time however I was told that they charge 3 cents for a fork. I asked them why there was a charge they said that they were told that they were no longer allowed to give out forks for free. I told them this is ridiculous. I asked them if they would charge 3 cents extra if I ordered a salad. They said that the forks were for customers only and that they come with salads and if I ordered food from them that they would give me a fork if it comes with the food. At the most they would give me a fork to eat fries. Why should I waste money on them when I already have my own food at work. I want to know why I am being discriminated against. Why should only salad eaters get forks. I kept telling them how wrong and ridiculous they were being. I used to work at Mcdonalds and they make billions a year why should the charge me for a fork. They would not give in to me until I argued with them. Finally I asked to speak to a manager. He too was being ridiculous and refused to give me a fork. Because of your ridiculous employees I had to rush to finish my food and could not enjoy my meal. I had heated it in the microwave and it got cold by the time I reached my work place. My food was cold and rushed. This incident happened last Wednesday.

Today again I forgot my fork and drove over to their restaurant. Not wanting to deal with low paid idiots again and having to rush my lunch I paid the three cents they asked for.

Here is what you should do to make me satisfied. First of all at $4 a gallon for gas I feel that I should get a gift card for the gas I wasted going to and from your restaurant (two trips back and forth, Wednesday September 10th and Tuedsay September 16th. I would also like the three cents for the fork back because it is ridiculous for them to charge for forks. Finally it would not hurt you to give me free coupons to tempt me to go back to your restaurant.

I am a registered nurse and I feel that I am being discriminated against because of my job because these minimum waged employees are jealous of my successful life.

  • Ji
    Jimmy jackson Sep 18, 2008

    Think highly of yourself much?

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  • Wo
    WOW Sep 18, 2008

    Wow, that is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. If you are so high up on the career totem pole, 3 cents shouldnt bother you. I agree with McDonalds. Why should they be your personal provider of utensils when you do not buy anything? If you owned a business and many people each day asked for something that YOU as the owneer paid for, and they arent a paying customer, Id like to hear your reaction. Weren't you getting them from that restaurant before? Are they all of a sudden jealous of you? or is it because too many people were asking for free stuff? For someone who claims to be so high and mighty you sure are ignorant

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  • Le
    leb Sep 18, 2008

    Everybody at McDonalds is against you because you're a nurse and they flip burgers. Since you're so much better than the people at McDonalds, why dont you purchase a box of disposable forks and leave them in your locker, car, purse, etc?

    I'd discriminate against you just for being stupid.

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  • Jo
    joe Sep 18, 2008

    I am a general practioner (MD) and certainly make a lot more than you. That being said you sound like at most a nurse practioner. I wouldn't even allow you to blow me. Who do you think you are, picking on people?

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  • Sc
    scotty Sep 28, 2008

    why should they have to give you a fork every time you forget to bring one to work??
    why do you say they should have to pay for the petrol you used to get there, they didnt force you to drive there.
    "these minimum waged employees are jealous of my successful life." sounds successful if your complaining about 3 cents

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  • Valerie Oct 21, 2008

    I waited in line for over 30 minutes at the Miramichi NB McDonalds, and still never got my order taken, and when I finally gave up, over 20 people walked out before me, and after I left many followed. Needless to say my 3 children were very upset, because they wanted McDonalds, but luckily there was a Burger King near by. For any business to look negatively upon any comments would be ashame, because this establishment has over 30 to 40 people walking out within 5 minutes because of bad service. Do not know whether it was because of bad training, or bad management control, or the inability to multitask, but it is definitely the problem of management and the ownership of the franchise. It shouldn't take longer than 10 to 15 minutes to take someones order, over 30 and the staff standing there laughing about problems is not an excuse.

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  • Ma
    Maria Mckune Oct 24, 2008

    Dear McDonalds.
    I would like to complain because I ordered a Sausage Muffin and the man who cooked it and gave it to me burned it, and last week I ordered the same sandwhich with egg well done and no cheese they put double check and when I came home my sandwhich was not what I ordered. Everytime I order they always mess up my sandwhich, so what I would suggest is that you hire people or tell the people that is working there to pay more attention on the job and of the customers.
    Thank you for your cooperation
    Maria Mckune from Ridgecrest, CA.

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  • Dy
    DYNASTY Dec 15, 2008


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  • Cc
    CCGal Feb 07, 2009

    LOL. You have no right to the utensils there unless you're a paying customer. In fact, you really have no right to be there, use the facilities, etc. I work at a community college - really low profit margin on our food services - they do the same thing. I have no problem paying if required - but I make a real effort to not throw my disposable utensils away until they break. I usually get a couple months out of em. And my plastic bento box I often take to work with lunch in it comes with a little fork and spoon stored in the lid.

    Nothing's free. Well, maybe in a welfare mentality OR on overblow sense of self worth where you think by your position, physical appearance, or station in life you deserve free perks...

    I'm college educated, make a good wage, and I don't expect 'something for nothing'. I'm far from a 'granola girl', but I cart my own coffee cup to the local cafe, keep utensils in my desk, and remind myself that low paying jobs suck and be thankful for what I have.

    Complaining is a right... but anymore, people lessen the value and power of speaking up by nitpicking on useless unnecessary crap like this. If you can't be mildly enviromentally aware and reuse, go to Costco (surely you can afford it) and by a gross of forks and leave them in your car or at your work station... Geez...

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  • Oh
    OhForeverMore Jan 25, 2011

    So you cant find a fork within the hospital you say you work at and will drive 5 miles down the road to the McDonals for a plastic fork. You deserve to be charged twice the a mount for that fork. What an idiot.

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awful company

Ordered a dollar soda from dollar menu and was charged $1.29 + tax. Yes the girl repeated a dollar drink...

service and orders

i have been 2 mcdonalds in abergele once a week for the past 5 weeks and everytime they heve screwed my order. the one time I was a burger short but I hadnt realised untill I got home. I am very dissappointed as I look forward 2 my mc chicken burger or lengends and I wouldnt mind if it was now and then but if it aint the burgers wrong its the drinks.. I keep going back just in case it gets better but it isnt happening. yours sincerly a gutted customer miss susan brown [protected]@googlemail.com

  • Cm
    C. M. Sep 26, 2008

    I went through the Mesa, AZ McDonald's locted at 358 E. University Drive about 9 a.m. and ordered two Value Meals - a #1 meal with a small decaf coffee and a #2 meal with a small coke. Not realizing the breakfast Value Meal does include a soda beverage, I was surprised when the cashier charged more than the Value Meal pricing (Total: $9.31).

    At the second window, I asked the server about the menu prices and was informed that coke is not included in the meal. (BTW, a different McD's HAD included the coke in the #2 VM price the previous day.) Before receiving the food, I asked the server to exchange the coke for a small coffee, which she did, but then she would not adjust the bill for the exchange (80 cents). The total should have been $8.51 ($4.19, #1 with small coffee, and $3.69 for #2 with small coffee. Add tax of .63, the total comes to $8.51, NOT $9.31.) Andy, the shift manager, also refused to return the 80 cents.

    Not only was the shift manager stubborn and unpleasant, but I left wondering if other customers were being overcharged as well.

    This incident isn't about a mere 80 cents. It's about honesty, fairness, and value; it's about charging the prices posted on the menu and about dealing honestly with customers.

    I'm reminded of an old adage, "If someone makes a fool of you the first time, it's his fault; if he makes a fool of you a second time, it's your fault." Maybe it's time to stop patronizing McDonald's...

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  • Cm
    C. M. Sep 26, 2008

    Oops, I meant to write that the Value Meal does NOT include a soda beverage; therefore, the extra cost added to the meal.

    0 Votes
  • Jy
    JYN Mar 24, 2009

    I totaly agree, I now make them wait while I open the bag and check my order is all there and there is normally something missing. I dont understand how they can keep getting it wrong, they have a big screen that tells them what to put in the bag.
    I will also order an item and it will have been missed off the bill, so it makes me look stupid like I havent ordered it when I know I definately did. It would help if they read back your order to you as 99% of the time they dont issue you with a receipt.

    0 Votes

terrible attitude from manager

I was visiting the McDonalds off of 35 in desoto texas. The manager there was very rude I was trying to place...

horrible serivce

I went to the McDonalds Drive-Thru for my family and another family. Arrived at the other family's house...

hair in brkfst sandwich/other

Every time we go to mcd's - the order is always messed up. We get the wrong order or something we ordered i...

online site lies

I recently applied to join McDonalds as I had moved back to London from living down on the coast and...

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