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Complaints & Reviews

service response

Making a complaint to McDonalds - hit yourselve on the head it would be easier - I was promised by email I will be contacted - they just never said when, it has been a week already since the first phone call, and still nothing happens.

I see the store hygene and quality is not only lousy in South Africa - McDonalds - I'm Pukin it
I feel sorry for anybody eating at McDonalds - along with the old oil and stale burgers. Its a ripp off.

  • Le
    Lee-anne123 Jul 28, 2009

    I agree. I complained to the south African call center about the fact that you cannot get any Ice Age 3 toys with the happy meals that they are advertising at the movies and they come up with a sorry for you attitude, but we are not getting any more toys.

    Please explain this to my Kids...

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  • Ca
    Capey Oct 12, 2011

    I just bought a Cajun deluxe meal from the Cavendish branch here in Claremont... The chicken is worse than rubber.. I tried to eat it as I did not have the time to go out again and get other lunch, but could not get myself to eat even half...
    The chips were fried in old oil, as I can clearly taste it... This is so bad... They have permanently lost me as a customer... I know they wont feel the loss, but they should maintain some sort of standard if they wish to provide value for money. Failing that, they will lose more customers.

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  • Sh
    ShireenR Dec 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What has Mcdonalds become?! Always getting orders wrong, food not up to par, time consuming drive thru's, no ice cream at night, beggars next to pay point and food collection, bad service, the list could go on forever. Bout a month ago I purchased a m/coke at the greenpoint branch which I would expect to be up to par, luckily I tasted it before being inconvenienced.. It was gasless/flat coke, who drinks flat coke?? We're paying double than a normal vendor so is it too much to ask for fizzy coke?! Today at the Somerset branch the same thing happened, again luckily I noticed (my friends were stuck with flat coke and fanta) this is really not acceptable!! Most of the time there is something wrong with food but we just have to settle than end up with someone spitting in ur order, that's the kind of overworked unfriendly staff in most branches. I will never support McDee's again! Its enough that the food tastes like paper but how u screw up on fizzy drinks? Always a excuse for there being no ice cream. At this rate old faithful Mcdonalds will be losing much more customers

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  • Kh
    kholood el feki Sep 08, 2012

    concerning the delivery here in Egypt i faced a very strange situation, i was making an order thru the phone n they said they cant deliver my order because I'm living out of zone?? in the same tI'me a restaurant is very close to McDonald's is delivering food without this unbelievable wicked answer as if McDonald's is trying to differentiate between classes of society from middle to high class, ain't this called racism, keep continuing in loosing more n more costumers, and buy the way prices ain't differ from district to another, and as also if its a big deal u can ask for extra money for delivering the order instead of loosing, other wise take a c.v from customers to be sure if they deserve to eat your sandwich or no, I'm sorry that all this tI'me i was purchasing from McDonald's without knowing that you support racism

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  • Mr
    MrsTK Dec 21, 2015

    To: Whom it may concern.
    RE: Mc Donalds - Umtata/Mthatha
    Date: on 20 December 2015 around 14:00
    Pathetic Service:

    Attitude of the person serving me after waiting on the line for my turn for about an hour:
    1. Drive through was supper slow & I opted for the walk-in option.
    2 After waiting for my turn almost 30 minutes. They told me that they were out of stock and couldn't provide me with ice cream Mc Flurry. I then opted for caramel & chocolate source. I then waited for my order.
    3. Customers that arrived long after me received similar orders and left while I was still waiting.
    4. When I asked when I was going to receive my order, the lady preparing the order responded with an ATTITUDE informing me to wait for my turn (as if I hadn't waited enough or I was waiting for a free-bee/ as if she was doing me a favour.
    5 Supervisor was present and aware of the complaint and did absolutely nothing about it.
    5. I then requested that they cancel the order as I was not chuffed with the treatment and will never buy from any Mc Donald's franchise ever again! I have had enough of their bad service & the "we are out of stock excuse" used after you've waited on the long ques.

    0 Votes

poor hygiene

I am tired of poor service and attitude of staff at McDonalds in South Africa, FIrstly store Hygiene is very poor at most stores, secondly food quality is so bad that it makes you feel like going somewhere else - which I will do in the future. Our Family now refuses to eat at a McDonalds anywhere in South Africa.

I went into McDonalds in Waverley Pretoria to firstly wait a half hour in a queue to be served, then while placing the order I see the person putting the burger together licking his fingers while building them . His plastic gloves have the fingers missing so he just sucks the sauces etc off his fingers when he messes - while washing the floor it is no problem to to put in your hands and glab some ice - So when in South Africa - be very carefull about McDonalds, this is a regular complaint about the company throughout the country.

Always there is food still on the floor and rubbish on the tables. The burgers are dry and normally a bit on the old side, nothing is so "fresh" any more.

food standards

Quite possibly the worst mcdonalds in the uk. The staff are ignorant, cheeky, not suitable for a job as easy as mcdonalds is.
Food is always low quality and 9/10 times the wrong order is given. You can tell when the owner of the restraunt is down from ayrshire because the food standards slighty improve but they soon go back to minimal standards. Examples of these are wrong food being handed out, Wrong rolls for burgers, very very salty chips and wrong syrup to water ratio in the drinks.

I am personally on a mission to get the mcdonalds in dumfries to get a severe overhaul and get any staff member responsible for the rubbish service disciplined. If not that, the restraunt shut down.

Mr lindsay, get a grip of your staff.

  • Pa
    Pat Apr 26, 2009

    McDonald's is not an easy job. I work at one, and the people who actually work do not decide the quality. In reality, it's the mangers.

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serving cold food

For the last 2 weeks on my way to work at 11:00pm-1:ooam I `ve been ordering chicken mcnuggets asking fresh...


I was going to complain about the Mcdonalds in Fort Chiswell Va, its off I-81, right beside the Bp. Well I...

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none made

Tonight l felt like a strawberry pie as they are not long on the menu. I went in to the store 8813 in Barrie. l asked for 4 strawberry pie the employee turned and said there is none before she could finsh her sentence l said l will wait.. It took them almost 20 mins to make my order, when l inquired why it was taking so long they informed me they were busy and the pies just were put in the oven. NOw l am a little angry the manger, who looks no older than 21, maybe pregant at lease l hope she was because her shirt was not tuck in and it was very dirty, l asked her why as l was an employee of Mcdonalds years ago and l know the routeen of the business when you run out more is put in when l said this to the manger she said they were selling the pies very fast that evening and one other reason was the muffins were in the oven. Now l am not sure but muffins are a day time seller so that excuse has left me to make this complaint.
The staff, as l am sure are great workers they have no idea what busy is. Please this is not a franchise store so l think it should be run more so by the book. Thank you Kathy Linton

unsafe for children

3rd MARCH 2009 (5:PM) - This afternoon after school i took my kids (7yrs old & 5yrs old) to Mc Donalds SM CEBU City PHILIPPINES. My 5 yrs old son order a Happy Meal as I was preparing his food I asked him if he can go to the counter to get a gravy refill. So he went to the counter and ask, but then he came back to me and he was crying he said he hit his foot so I said its ok. So I diverted his attention playing with his new Happy Meal Toy. When we were about to leave he told me he could not walk because his foot hurts, I thought he was just making drama. When I look at his foot (the one his complaining that he got hurt) it was bleeding. So I called the Manager and told her what happened and showed her where my son get his cut. She did not react or say anything, I even asked her for a 1st aid kit she called her staff to get if and did not even said sorry. I was really pissed off my son was wearing flip flops that its hard for him to walk at the mall, specially our car was parked at the other side of the Mall Building. I had to carry my 5yrs old boy all the way to the car.
How lame was that! I just hope that the Mc Donalds will do something about it! You should make sure your structures are well placed and secure enough that you cannot hurt anybody specially children.

unsafe for children

  • Da
    Daddy Mar 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was in Cebu in January /09. Visited three different McD's on many occasions (my primary food source in Cebu!) I never saw any safety issues except for the security dudes toting shotguns.
    Step outside to see filthy, local 3 and 4 year olds sleeping on the sidewalks.
    And you're worried about your child stubbing his toe? Sheeesh! Put some shoes on him.
    Disclaimer: This is NOT an endorsement for Cebu. I hated it there. But I found McD's there to be as good as anywhere.
    Try the chicken nuggets and spaghetti combo. 124 pesos.

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bad language

I share a similar complaint with the woman above--- with regards to treatment of customers at the Mcdonald...

mcd in el monte sucks

So my dad went to buy some mcDs for the family in El Monte. The first time my dad did, he ordered 2 small...

photos stolen by mcdoanalds

Last month there was opening of Mcdoalds here in Sialkot Pakistan. I was surprised to see that the billboard...

taking money

i was handed back 20 dollars short after simply purchasing an orange juice i gave the lady a fifty dollar note and paid roughly 23 dollars for it, as soon as i realised i contacted the owner and he was extremely rude and hung up on me..
i then seeked advice from department of fair trading to ask them to look at the camera footage as i still had the reciept and correct time of service so i did.
i was then told to take the reciept into the store and i did to be told the owner would get back to me and suprise suprise the phone call never came i am a mother of 3 children and cant afford to have this happen i no longer eat there and advise to others not to either simply go to another maccas.

  • Sm
    smileeee Apr 22, 2009

    How could you not realise that you'd been that short changed? If you'd handed someone 50 dollars for something as small as an orange juice, surely you would have checked the money you were getting back before putting it into your purse? Then you could have bought it to the attention of the crew member who served you who probably would've been very apologetic for their mistake. I can assure you that you definitely weren't short changed on purpose, after all there would be no gain for the crew member in short-changing you.

    McDonalds also have polices and procedures in place for customers who dispute the change that they receive. If the cashier who served you had disagreed with the fact that you gave her a $50 note, the draw would have been counted to back up your claim. As you can understand however, you would have to do this relatively soon after you had realised you'd received the wrong change due to the fact that cash drawers are meant to be changed every couple of hours. Without doing either of these things, there's would be no way for the managers/owner of the maccas you visited to know whether or not you were telling the truth. Unfortunately, people come into maccas all the time claiming to have received the wrong change when they haven't. Understandably McDonalds can't just give out change to anyone who makes these claims! Having the receipt doesn't actually prove anything, except for the fact that you bought an orange juice from maccas. For all the management knows, you could be lying about receiving the wrong change in an effort to score an extra $20 for your wallet.

    Having said all that, the manager who answered your call (and it probably was just a manager, not the owner of the store) treated you wrongly. He should have written down your details and investigated your claim. Or got someone more suitably trained to deal with your problem to call you back. However, he may have mistaken your call for a prank, as a large number of people prank call Maccas stores everyday.

    If you really want to worry about your $20, go to the head office of McDonalds in your state. They'll contact the store you visited and they'll probably get into a lot of crap for poor public relations. Plus you'll most likely get vouchers and/or your money back. Make sure you use proper English in your complaint though, otherwise you'll probably never get a reply.

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unfair work schedule

im always eat at mcdonalds becasue I know that the food is delicious and served the way that it is presented. im now loosing my patience with mcdonalds not because of the food but of how the managers are handling their staff.

I have a friend who is working as a crew at a mcdonlad branch in quezon city. admittedly he was not a perfect employee, was even suspended from work for 1 month due to consecutive awol's.. after returning from suspension, he expects that he would be given a nice schedule because he came from a long suspension. even before coming back he was asked to renew all his requirements thinking that everything was ok already.. he was eager to come back to work only to found out that his schedule for the cutoff period was 3 days each day only with 4 hours of work... he just let it pass and thought that maybe by next cutoff his schedule wold be better.

the next cutoff came and still to his surprise his schedule was again 3 days with the same number of hours for the whole cutoff...

do you think its fair the way that the scheduling manager is using her staff?

is it fair that you applied to work at a fastfood company thinking that somehow it can help you in your expenses, only to find out that you will only earn 700 pesos during payday?

im really disgusted on how this things could happen to people who busts their # to work hard to serve people..

  • Ma
    Maxwells Feb 27, 2010

    So sorry for your friend. But remember this is also McD's slow season. He should also be thankful they gave him his job back. Here being awol means you quit... No second chance.

    2 Votes
  • St
    Steenetrick Feb 09, 2011

    your friend is a [censor] who is clearly unreliable and unfit for work.

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  • Ge
    geodude67 Oct 30, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My question is that if your scheduled 4 hours can you be sent home in 2 or 3 hrs? Does McD's have to keep you your scheduled shift? It seems like it's against the law to schedule you certain hours and send you home when they want!

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hair in sandwich

This 02/08/09 Sunday morning I went thru the drive thru to get 2 Mcgriddle, in 1 of my sandwiches there was a...

dirty playground area & equipment

The outdoor playground is disgustingly dirty, that it's fair to say it has never been cleaned. Botchy repairs on all slides and tunnels where plastic is connected looks like mud has been used to keep all connecting bits together. The rubber floor is black where original flooring is multicoloured in places where there's no thoroughfare. And thick piles of hair, dust and dirt are piled. This is unacceptable hygiene. In Alex Hills, Hungry Jacks a few times we've been there we've seen it being high pressure cleaned from top to bottom. Capalaba McDonalds professionally get your play area cleaned.

not professional

Doesnt Matter how much you try and communicate with certain Managers they always disregard many issues,

This behaviour from paticular Managers is not acceptable, The Store Manager has Issues, She really needs to pull her hand out her ###,

How she treats many co-workers is so sad too see, when a problem needs too be discussed she thinks she has it coverd, but her stabbing in the back and how she deals with certain Issues is desgusting,

This is not fair and very unprofessional,
She needs more PR Skills

Many are desgusted and believe she needs to step down,
She talks to people and the put downs is not fair

  • john7777 Mar 23, 2009

    and you need to work on keeping to only one profile DigitalCommando or zzrokk or biccey or what the hell ever.

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  • Hu
    Hungry Jack Mar 07, 2010

    This is the country's poorest run store. The service is slow, especially if ou have to go inside to the counter. The EFTPOS/ credit card machine is quite often offline or broken, and they run out of items all the time. And to top it all off, they are the most expensive store I've ever been to. Won't be back. Why isn't there a Hungry Jacks up at Murray Bridge. If there was, I think Mcd's would be closed within a month!!

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poor hygene and staff services

To whom it concerns,
As a family we have visited many Mc Donalda all over the world and have never had to make a complaint, While in Dublin yesterday we visited Mc Donalds on O Connel Street.

We ordered 3 meals and tucked in. On finishing his burger my son stated that he had found 2 hairs in it, the first he he had thrown on the floor, the second he returned to the box. I gave out to him for eating the burger as personally I find hair in food quite revolting. I asked him to confirm that they were in the burger and he pulled it out of the box to show me, it was a long hair so definatly didnt belong to him. I couldnt finish my meal as I felt ill on seeing this. I quietly asked a staff member weather or not the people preparing the food were wearing hair nets and explained what had happened, she looked shocked, apologized and took the box away. Some time later a man whom I presum was the manager approached our table and asked if we had a problem, I expained what had happened, He turned to my son and said to him, this is impossible you did not find that hair in ur burger, it does not belong to my staff. I couldnt believe he was accusing a chid of lying. I asked him to explain how the hair got there as the burger was delivered to the table and the only people near it were the person that prepared it and my son whom has short hair. He turned to me and said the staff al had their hair covered and it was not possible. He offered to replace the burger which wasnt much use to us then walked away with no apology. I couldnt believe it how rude and my son was upset because he felt he was accused of lying. The lady I first spoke to actually came over again to apologize and I thanked her for doing so she was very polite unlike the manager.
On leaving we looked into the kitchen to see that only one member of staff had a hair net on and this girl had all her hair up in a bun under a hat with the bun in a net, the rest were wearing hats but had hair sticking out on both sides over their ears so it was quite easy for the hair to get there.
I was disgusted and very dissappointed by the way we were treated

  • Ki
    KIRAN Apr 03, 2009

    we went to india, we stop at McDonalds on the way from Delhi to Punjab on the 1st of March 09 at about 19.03, we went in order the food, then went to the toilets, which were really bad, water everywere, paper and the smell was really bad as we have before they were all clean, but the time it was really bad, as i one of my friend was sick, so was i. please do something about, as McDonalds name is going down and i would like the feed back please.

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scam and stealing

I went to McDonalds drive-thru on my lunch break to buy 2 'dollar menu' double cheeseburgers and a large drink. After paying what I thought was correct at $3.33, I found that I only had one burger. I looked at the items on my receipt (not the item price yet) and found that I was only charged for one burger. I went inside and bought the second dollar item. The single dollar menu item cost me $1.40.

When I looked over both receipts I found I was charged $1.29 for each dollar menu burger plus a 'Take Out Tax' which was equal to California sales tax. Out the door I paid $4.73 for two dollar menu items and a drink.

I searched online for a take-out tax, both national and state I only found articles specifically on take out tax related to McDonalds. Other articles mentioned proposed 2% taxes on fast food. I can't find any information on an official take-out tax in California, so As a former die-hard Big Mac fan, I will not be eating at McDonalds any longer. People shouldn't have to spend their valuable time researching why a dollar item doesn't cost a dollar. I will be doing more research, In these economic times, I am watching every penny.

  • Sh
    ShelleyS Mar 18, 2009

    Now that the "McDouble" is featured on the Dollar Menu at McDonalds, it is being confused with the "Double Cheeseburger". If you, as a customer, ask for a Double Cheeseburger- you are going to be charged for a Double Cheeseburger. That is about $1.29 (give or take. depends on the franchise and the demographic)

    You can be in the drive-thru, staring at that delicious-looking picture of what appears to be a Double-Cheeseburger (2 patties of meat with a slice of cheese in between) advertised for $1...and you are looking at the "McDouble", but if you don't ask for the "McDouble" you are going to get the other one- and pay 29 cents more for another slice of cheese.
    As for the "Take Out Tax"-
    The registers at McDonalds have 2 different "Total" keys. The one that is used depends on whether the customers is going to eat there or go. It determines how your order is prepared. You will either get a tray or a bag. It is for that purpose only. If you order your meal to stay (or "eat in") you will see an "eat-in" tax on your reciept. The tax is the same either way.

    1 Votes
  • Jm
    Jmills87 Nov 01, 2009

    First of all, you mentioned you ordered a large soda, this is not a dollar menu item. If you wanted to eat on the dollar-menu item you should have ordered a small soda, otherwise you might as well get a value meal. Secondly, the "take out tax" is just the sales tax. "Take out tax" is just what they label the sales tax as on drive-thru receipts. Next time you dine in take a look at the receipt and you will see it is labeled as "Dine in tax."

    1 Votes

benoni mcdonald's shocking service!

The service at the Benoni branch of McDonald's is consistently shocking! They have now introduced a barricade around the drive-thru. Not only is this very unsafe in this area, as you cannot get away, but it also means you cannot simply exit the queue if it takes too long. I have waited up to 40 minutes in their "drive-thru" on numerous occasions!
I think that it is ridiculous that I have to drive 30minutes to get to another McDonald's simply to get a "fast" meal!
The orders are often incorrect. The coke has often been flat. The food is sometimes stale!
I live really close, this is why I feel the need to keep going to check if service has improved... but it does not!
I think they are a disgrace to the name McDonald's, and think they need new management!! Or at least someone to supervise and maintain quality!

  • Ma
    magicman Feb 21, 2009

    Lousy service and lousy food is the hallmark of McDonald's. I'm just amazed at the level of stupidity of the people who still give them their business. Don't like it ? Go somewhere else like BK. You'll at least get better food that does'nt taste like it came out of a dogs butt.

    1 Votes
  • john7777 Feb 21, 2009

    It's fast food what did you expect a 5 star meal.

    -1 Votes
  • Ep
    Eponymous Mar 05, 2010

    You still got an entire meal for 4 dollars and didn't even have to get your fat ### out of your car, right? Just making sure.

    -1 Votes
  • Su
    supergirl1969 May 26, 2010

    I agree that the service, food and management of Mc Donalds is atrocious! The personnel that you speak with at the main office is even worse. I had filed a complaint about a big, long, kinky hair in my burger as soon as I bit into it. I went to the manager and she asked, "who told you there was a hair in your burger?" So I picked it up and shoved it in her fat face and showed the pig my hairy burger. She then stated that she had no idea how that could have happened. So I pointed at the the tall black guy in the back cooking burgers with a fro the size of Texas. I said, "perhaps that's why I have a f*^&^ing hair in my burger. I am white with long, straight, blond hair. I am not black with black hair and an Afro. I don't see how I could have put that in my burger myself. Then I called the 800# on the stupid bag and complained and someone called me from that same McDonalds I was just at and asked, "who told you there was a hair in your burger?" Ok These people are trying to push the buck on someone other than the ignorant people who make the freakin burgers. Scandalous! I haven't eaten at MCD in about a year and a half. The last time I was there I got a sweet tea and then threw it away because there were grinds all through my cup. Never eat there! I won't. Another time, my double qp w/cheese was completely raw! I bit into it and blood ran down my face. I threw up immediately. Then because I already took it home they refused to do anything about it. This is the worst company on the face of the earth. It promotes death, filth, bad health, stupidity, and just all around ignorance.

    1 Votes

new assistant was cheeky + refused to give me head office number saying it was against there rules

i went to mcdonalds n ordered 3 happy meals for my kids n a big mac meal for myself without seeds (of which i always get no problem of any other staff at any other mcdonalds), the person dealing with me was a new assistant (as i knew everyone at this mcdonalds as i go about 2 or 3 times every week ). when i asked for the seedless bun she came out with "what do u want me to do stand there all day picking every god damm seed of it like" i explained that i normally get it in the happy meals bun n i asked if she had a problem with me so she said "we not going to do that do you want the big mac or what" so i said i didnt want the big mac but wanted the happy meals n she replied saying that im not getting anything now with a big grin on her face n i wasnt getting served n will i just get out of the que, so i asked for head office number but she also refused this as she said it wasnt customer pollicy to give it out. So it looked like she was having a bad day taking it out on me as you could tell she was buzzing with being able to refuse my kids the food i had promised them, she was also trying to make a big deal out of something minor even the staff were looking at her like she was in the wrong


My name is Kimberly Meissner and I have worked at McDonald’s since September 2007. Upon my date of hire...

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