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Complaints & Reviews

bad service

On the 3/3/2010 Wednesday night i was in the McDonald's store in Malaga getting some dinner for myself.I order a chocolate sundae and a medium coke, when i received the chocolate sundae, the spoon that comes with the item was thrown on the filthy dirty counter in front of me.The spoon had no plastic seal wrap around it, any sort of disease could be picked up on it.People lean over the counter and any sort of disease could be left there.I am amazed that this practise is allowed in a store of this size.It happen to me a couple of days ago as well and this is why i am sending in this complaint about what i saw.If this is the way McDonald's likes to to present it's cutlery (which is so unhygienic) i will stop going there and avoid any McDonald's store until this problem has been address.In this day and age this should not be allowed.If this practise is still going on by the end of the month i will take further action to try and stop this from happening.It is a very discussing thing to have to pick up a spoon of a filthy dirty counter.I will be looking forward to some feedback on the problem and why this is allowed in a fast food outlet (especially a McDonalds store).Regards Glen Lark.My E-mail address is glen.[protected]@yahoo.com.

Resolved every time I go to mcdonalds, I don't get what I ordered

Every time I go to mcdonalds, I don't get what I ordered. But this time was the worst. I go through the...

Resolved charging for an extra sauce

I decided today that I would try eating some lunch from one of our local mcdonalds (The one on the georgia...

Resolved service poor

During this visit, I was the first car pulling up to an empty drive thru. I ordered a bacon egg and cheese...

Resolved dirty store/ filthy toilets/ substandard service

The McDonalds food store (North of Sydney Highway heading to Newcastle).

On entering the store (it is large space), there were only about a handfull of people there when we got there (10pm ish), but all tables had debrie on them as did the floor(chips/ paper/ spillages/ dead flies on window sill:lots!).

Toilets filthy! The ladies toilets of about 6 cubicles had no paper and floors had debrie on them and the sanitary cubicles were over flowing in a few. I would expect this type of outcome in a poverished run down establishment: not McDonalds food chain store.

The floor in the food section looked like it had not been cleaned for a while. The tiles looked grey black in areas and i don't think they are actually that colour. The floors sticky, as were many tables.

This would have to be one of the worst eating experiences i have ever had!

I really feel like reporting this to the Health Department!

You definitely should keep a closer arm of control on the quality of your products in this area.

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Resolved food quality

My husband and I went to McDonalds for lunch today and to our surprise was very unhappy with the food we received. My husband ordered a s double quarter Pounder with cheese, the burger patties must have been left over from last night as they were hard and dry, and the burger was cold. My big mac was tasty with the exception that the bun was cold. We took this take out and drove 2 minutes from the Restaurant to a nearby park to enjoy our lunch, well the fries and shakes were great the burgers were just nasty. Have you gotten that big that customer care and quality dosen't matter any more...Come on I think a bit more care in the product cooking and preparations would be recommended on your part.

Next time I should look into another fast food chain if this continues.

Thanks for your time


  • Ar
    Art Sauer Apr 23, 2010

    When my wife and I decided we'd like to have a fish sandwich we went to Mc Donalds in Indianapolis. We ordered 4 fish filets, totaling $12.36 or $3.09 each. For what? A piece of fish about the size of a postage stamp? NEVER AGAIN!!!

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goal setting

I'd just like to say to all those out there that ever want to complain about McDonalds drive thru's again a few words of advice:

When ordering a burger, if you want it to be in a meal, say the size of the meal first - then the burger - and then (if you must) state what you would like changed on the burger.

When ordering a Happy Meal, say what type (cheeseburger, hamburger, 3 or 6 nuggets, snack wraps) because saying "I'd like a Happy Meal" does not help us serve you faster. Then tell us what drink you would like, and any sauces, if with nuggets.

Make sure that you speak CLEARLY into the order box, as sometimes, outside or inside noises and your loud car, can affect our hearing ability. You do not have to shout, but if you speak up, chances are we will hear you properly. ALSO, do not assume we can understand what you are saying when you order "abigmacmeallargefrozencokeforthedrinkandasoftservecone". That doesn't make sense to you when you first look at it, so OBVIOUSLY it doesn't make sense to us when you say it.

Please also note that at this current point in time, it seems that our head office has taken it upon themselves to "improve" our drive thru's. This means that most stores in Australia have a time limit on how fast we have to serve you. From the second you get to the speaker box (and sometimes earlier) we are being timed on how long it takes to serve you, and some stores are given as little as 2 minutes and 30 seconds to get you your order on time.

This means that the next time you are ordering for a family, you have to understand, that while we do make "fast food", 3 Happy Meals, 2 Large Big Mac meals and dessert to boot, won't always be ready in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You have to account for the how busy we are in store, how many cars are in front of you, and how many are behind you.

Sometimes people get annoyed that they have to wait for fresh meat or fries when all they're ordering is a small Cheeseburger meal. Well, honestly, next time you come through for the same thing, and your burger and fries aren't completely fresh, maybe think about not complaining next time when you have to wait.

Another thing that customers have to realise, is that 80% of the time, when there is only one crew member in the window where you pay for your meal, it most likely means that they are also the person taking the orders. This means that we are dividing our attention to get orders placed and paid for as quick as possible. If we are a bit "rude" or "###" then, we ARE sorry for that, but given the pressure from our managers to get the order to their top window before our 2 minutes and 30 seconds are up, we can't stand around chatting about the weather.

Personally, I DO NOT agree with the new targets for McDonald's Drive Thru's that have been put in place, because not only are us crew members stressed from all the pressure our managers put on us, but they are being pressured by their bosses and so on. I am also sick of taking customer complaints from people about having to be parked all the time - I agree with you (the parked customer). You shouldn't have to be parked for a meal that is probably sitting there ready for you to have, but because you won't drive off fast enough after we have given it to you, you have to be parked, and wait a little while longer.

I plea that people who read this and frequent ANY McDonald's store will take into account what I have said. I suppose I'm more angry at the fact that we've been given restrictions on how long we have for a car to go through drive thru, but there are some valid points for customers when ordering their meal. I'd also like to add that while many of your items may be missing, or wrong in your bag, you have to understand that working at McDonald's is NOT the easiest job in the world, and while it may happen more than once in a week, PLEASE try to be understanding towards our situation as well.

I encourage for customers to complain to the head office, I really do, because if more people speak up about this, then either our 2 minutes and 30 seconds will get raised to a more realistic goal, or the times will stop altogether.

Thanks for reading. (let the flaming begin ><)

  • Sp
    Sparklers87 Feb 19, 2010

    Well said Sam ;)

    As a fellow manager, I just TONIGHT have read a complain that was sent to our store from Head Office. The lady complained that her (admittantly) old debit card was not working on our e.f.t.p.o.s machines...herself and her husband had to pay via credit card and was upset that the crew person was unable to accept her first card. Ummm, what? WHAT?

    It is my job to contact this person monday to close this complaint. Sssseeerriiiooouusssllllyyyy. What does she want me to say? I'm sorry that our up-to-date technology could not accept your debit card because it's too old or whatnot, however we gladly accepted your credit card as credit transactions seem to take FOOOORRREVER at the cashier window. Thanks for being a ###wit, can't wait to hear from you again for your next bogan complaint, possibly receiving the eye of the potato in your french fry. Yours sincerly, I don't give a ###!

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untrained / unsupervised staff

Hello to all my fellow fustrated customers,

I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old at home that just love McDonalds Chicken Nuggets.
At approx 12:00pm, on Thursday February 18, 2010. I experienced my worst encounter at a nyc McDonalds.
I had just made my $17.82 purchase at this McDonald Drive Through, when I noticed that the cashier had not
given me all of my change. When I asked for all of my change the cashier began to us profanity and call me names, all because I asked for the rest of my change which was $.18. I told this cashier that it did not matter the amount but the fact that it belonged to me rightfully and that I wanted it. The cashier then at this point went into his pants pocket and threw a case quarter at me through the window of my vehicle.Words were exchanged and that point I was told by this cashier to exit my vehicle so that he could "cut my Face". I then went into the McDonalds and asked for the manager and that all of my money to be refunded to me at once. I was told by another employee that this cashier was related to the manager which I found out is also the owner of this establishment.After all of what just happened the only thing that the manager/owner said was here is your change.

I had frequented this establishment for the past two years and never had any issues or complaints until today.
I would not enter this establishment ever again, and would not recommend that anyone else do the same.

  • Jh
    jhuffine Mar 27, 2011

    As a restaurant manager at a McDonalds myself, I am with you 100%! This was just completely unacceptable. I am so sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience. It sounds to me like a supervisor needs to do some serious stepping in. Make sure that next time you have an experience like that, you report it to the 800 number on the side of your cup/bag. It is a customer complaint number. Believe it or not, it does actually make it back to the store within 24 hours of your report. The restaurant manager is then required to call the person that made the complaint to make things right with you. At my store we are very good with follow up. I am sure there are stores out there that don't even look at them. I suppose it all depends on the district manager and how strict they are on making people follow the policies of the store.

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Resolved rude service

First my Wife, Son, and Me pulled up to the speaker and my wife began to order for my son. She said I need a...

gift card

i was given two mcdonalds gift cards. one was ok the second one i used i had purchased 2 coffee and muffins coming up to less then $3.00 before i left the restaraunt i ordered a big mac combo to take home to my son they told me the cost would be $5.00 on top of the remaining gift card when i got home i realized i should have only had to pay around $1. to 2. extra i do like mcdonalds and my sister in law and i go there every week for a coffe and muffin but i will not purchase a gift card i am not the only one to have this happen to them it is a small amount but if you get several of these you are making more money thank you for taking the time to listen to my comlaint sincerle pat lutz penetanuishene ont L9M1A4

Resolved fake snack wrap

When you see a big mac snack it shows two pieces of meat that are the same size. When you buy one you get a snack wrap with one piece of meat. I sent one back and they cut the piece of meat into two pieces and handed it back to me and said they do not do two pieces of meat anymore. This has happened at more than one location and I will never get back there again. I asked for and received a refund.

Resolved bad service and old fries

I like to think that I'm an easy going person, but it's disheartening to get such bad service from...

Resolved awful service

On the 14th JAn 09 I place an order with one of yr employees at Mcdonald Eastgate...He got the order wrong by giving me a milkshake instead of the coke with the Mac Meal...I then explained to him that he got the order incorrect as I had ordered a Mac Meal and to milkshake and I did not ask him to swap the coke for a milkshake...he became rude, irate and disrespectful..."saying that I should have opened my mouth and so"... he continued being ruse so I asked to speak to his Manager/Supervisor. Carmaine ( Supervisor) came out and I explained the entire situation to her. He continued being rude and disrespectful in front of her, she could stop him. Customer service lacks in your Eastgate branch and please try to change it.

  • Uh
    uhhh Apr 22, 2016

    been getting terrible service with no concern from managers or employees who all have an uncaring attitude toward customers, seems all they want to do is socialize amongst themselves or pretend nobody is in front of them to be waited on. WE WILL NOT RETURN TO THIS STORE!!!

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Resolved cups for water

I went to McDonalds for breakfast and I ordered a value meal with coffee. I asked the cashier for a cup for...

Resolved avoid them

On my last visit to one of your stores in Johnson City Tn I was charged $.025 for a glass of water. Is this now a company wide charge or just this unit? As the largest restaurant company in the world its a shame to charge for a glass of water. Did the cup really cost you that much? Next time I will bring my own cup or maybe I'll just go to another restaurant and no longer be a McDonald's customer. By the way I have been a customer since 1958 in DesPlaines Il where Ray Kroc opened the 1st franchise unit.

  • LilMissCrewMember Dec 13, 2010

    No, not all McDonald's charge for water. My store only charges for a large glass of water but the medium and small glasses are still free. If that McDonald's was charging for water it is because a lot of customers ask for water and then get soda, which in the long run will be costing the store and then to make up for that they have to start charging everyone for water. It's the same concept as when there is too much shoplifting in a department store and so to make up for lost money the store is forced to raise all its prices. There are also ways to get your food faster at a McDonald's, if you're interested check out this link:


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Resolved germs, service

Here is a 2 part complaint about McDonald's service and how nasty the place is.

1.Germs -
There are always flys in the building.The tables are never cleaned and you gotta get a manager just to have 30 seconds of work done.The bathrooms are filthy and there is always stuff no the floor.

2.Service -
They are always in a rush and never stop to take my full order, This happend many times.They always forget to add something which makes us go back and wait in line for another 5 minutes just to get 1 - 2 items.They always forget to remove things like when we want no onions, they always keep the onions.

I dont see what the rush is.Its suppose to be Service for a reason.Take your time and make sure its perfect before you send it off.

Resolved unacceptable attitude/service

Ok now this is the worst service I have ever received through my entire life, on Sunday we went to Mcdonalds for ice cream, as soon as we entered the drive though we waited for the woman to speak through the speaker box that says 'order here' we waited and nothing happend, so we assumed it was faulty or no one was around and drove on, as we reached the window the young girl with no manners and respect for others told us she's not taking our order and we should drive around again and place the order to the speaker box, she told us we were lying about the speaker box, she rolled her eyes contiously and was extremely rude!]<br />
<br />
I couldn't believe she called us liars, we told her she needed an attitude adjustment but she seemed to dissagree, I will never put my foot in your place again!<br />
<br />
and that's not all, we got the wrong ice cream and when we mentioned it to the lady at the next window, she went on and on and told us no, it is the correct order! and after much struggle we finally got the correct ice cream which Im sorry to say wasn't worth all that effort, <br />
<br />

  • Ch
    Chepannie Jan 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    At almost every mcdonalds, they have two lanes. Sometimes there is only one person taking orders on both lanes so maybe she was taking the other person's order first when you arrived. I guess it would have been nice if she said "I'll be with you in just a moment." But yeah idk

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  • Hu
    Hugo Smuts Aug 17, 2014

    What is the point of McDonalds being a 24 hour service when it is closed every time I get there around midnight. Surely this is false advertising, as 24 hour implies that it never closes? The staff are all sitting inside, but the security has blocked the drive-through with bricks and an orange cone. It is impossible to get hold of anyone and the security just says : "they have problems with the system and it will take 10 minutes or so, depending on the speed of the system". Can someone please explain to me whether this is standard practice, in which case McDonalds must look at their false marketing signage. Bellville (Tyger Manor) McDonalds colses each night at midnight for "system upgrades".

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Resolved very slow service

Stood in line inside for ten minutes (only two people in front of me). My wife went to save a table while I...

Resolved accident

i have wrote to mcdonalds with the complaint of accident i had and never heard from them i am descusted i had accident where plastic sheeting was unsucure in female toilets swansea took my nephew 4 yr old to the toilet and the plastic sheeting fell i put my nephew to the side and had to catch the plastic sheeting before it caught my nephew my arm was cut all by the sheting and i sufferd bad for a while with pain and sorness my nephew is terrified to go or even look at mcdonalds and also has night mares i am descusted by the way i been treated left all scars to my arms and never ever have anyone even left me email of complaint i am not leaving this matter go if no reply i will be seeking legal advice today thank you


  • Nu
    NutsForHempSeed Jan 21, 2010

    McDonald's is not your friend. You are eating about the worst product you could possibly consume and if your subjecting a child to this garbage you have greater problems than a boo boo on your arm. You have a large injury to your brain.

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Resolved bad all round

Over the past 8 years I have seen one of the busiest McDonald's stores in the country gradually decline from a stellar success into a dirty embarassment. I will list a few of the things I have experienced here:

1) Yesterday I was given re-heated Mcnuggets again. They were dark brown, dried out and tough. Generally I have found about a 25% chance of being given re-heated or cold McNuggets, last night's were super bad.
2) The staff are SLOW. You must just see it for yourself to believe it.
3) Last week I ordered 2 McFlurries. Staff saw nothing wrong with simply dumping the Oreo cookie powder on top of the ice-cream as the mixer was broken...!
4) Drive Thru - The slow service here is unbelievable. And every drive-thru customer gets greeted by a host of beggars. Charming . Staff are often missing from the "Order" and "Pay" counters despite a queue around the block. Bad planning and chaos in the kitchen makes things worse.
5) Bad Hygiene and dilapidated appearance. That kitchen is a mess.
6) No Menus with calorie info. Even the serving tray liner with the summary info printed on the back is a rare find.
7) Permanent queues. Irate customers. Seems there are NEVER enough cashiers.

  • Il
    Ilze Jul 20, 2014

    For sure there are always long queues and beggars intimidating paying customers. I went through the drive thru a few Sunday's now and the guy (trainee) at the cash-point laughs himself silly about everything, even-though there was no joke at all. Was he laughing at customers or because he is stupid. The lady that was training him taking the orders at the drive thru wasn't laughing either? Then where you go to collect your meal, the guy would look at all the woman inside the vehicle, making jokes with some of the employees inside and see if he can't pick up a date. I would like professional service like at KFC please, friendly people (not people giggling in your face for nothing), you take your food and go. Friendly, FAST service, no strings attached. Nobody tries to pick up anybody inside the vehicle. People go thru drive-thruhs to pick up food not idiots.

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