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Complaints & Reviews

bad service, rude and errible food

Me and a friend went through the drive-thru of the Mcdonalds resturant at Hallett Cove. We were not...

Hallett Cove Fast Food Restaurants

their ice cream machine is always broken

If you want to make me smile, then its time to get me a ice cream from McDonalds ... But the one on the corner of Conway Rd. and Hoffner Rd., their ice cream machine is always broken... The past 2-4 times we have been there its always like this-

Me-"Vanilla ice cream cone, please"
Person-" Sorry its broken"

Walk out of there mad as a bull when it see's red...

  • Dr
    dracona85 Jul 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So what? There are places other than McDonalds that sell ice cream...buy some from Wally World. It's about 2.50 for a gallon

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    Chepannie Jan 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just [censor]ing go somewhere else. At a certain time of the day, the ice cream/milk shake machine goes into this thing called "heat" mode, i don't know what it is exactly, but it does it every day around a certain time, depending on which one you go to. The one where I work it turns off at 11pm to 12am ish.

    0 Votes

false advertising

I was a loyal customer of McDonalds until your recent policy change in the pricing of breakfast extra value meals (breakfast sandwich, hash browns, coffee or small drink at a better price when purchased as a meal rather than purchased separately). I have often enjoyed your sausage & egg biscuit "Extra Value Meal for breakfast.

I understand now that your Extra Value Meals are no longer "extra Value" but just a means for your corporation to push it's profits up while further endangering the consumer. I say this because you no longer serve small drinks with your extra value meals but force the consumer to buy a medium drink, thereby making the posted price for a value meal nothing but a lie because the medium drink adds 88 cents to the posted price of these meals (at least at my local McDonalds); disregarding the health aspects of enticing consumers to increase their intake of soft drinks (I will be spreading this word across the world wide web for everybody to see), the fact that your corporation feels that it is unnecessary to post the real price of your meals on your menu boards is unsatisfactory, especially in todays economy where the consumer cannot catch a break from corporate greed and disrespect of its customer base (you must think we are all stupid and would not care if you force us to pay more than your advertised price for a product).

I grew up with McDonalds being seen as a family restaurant offering a good meal at a fair price and can remember times when I couldn't afford to take my family out to dinner but could always count on McDonalds to bring a smile to my childrens faces. It is sad that this is no longer the case.

  • Sa
    Sarah Feb 09, 2009

    I was thirsty after a hard day of work. I went to McDonalds to order sprite. I asked for a small cup. After I was finished I asked for a refill. The employee told me that those were only for medium and large cups. I told her that this was ridiculous as no where does it say this. They were so stubborn that after arguing they refused to refill my cup. They said a refill was five cents for small cups. I am a registered nurse I make 90k a year I can afford five cents but it is a matter of principle. When I worked at McDonalds they gave free refills.

    Then a few days later I went back. I obeyed their stupid rule, paid extra for a medium and asked for a refill. I shared this with my ten year old daughter. We wanted one more refill. They said that we are only allowed one refill. I argued that this was false advertising. They did not give me a refill. They are so stingy.

    I had to go to Kmart across the street to get my drinks. They could have gotton me arrested because I was banned from the Kmart because they falsely accused me of shoplifting. Luckily no one saw me that knew about my false accusation. I was out quick. I bought some coke, cups and ice for my daughter.

    I think to make up for this bad experience I should be given free meal coupons and have the unnecessary cost of the coke, ice and cups reimbursed. You are lucky I was not charged with trespassing because than you would owe me more. I'm a registered nurse and do not need to be treated like a second class citizen.

    0 Votes
  • Sc
    scisco Feb 18, 2009

    Grow up - no one forced you to go some place in which you were banned. You made that decision. If you had gotten caught it would have been your fault and yours alone. Next time don't go to McDonald's... Or K-Mart. Dumbass.

    2 Votes
  • Tr
    Trevor is now a proud father a baby boy Feb 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    This woman is a nutcase. She regulary posts on pissedconsumer.com She is a white registered nurse and makes 90k. She thinks being white and a registered nurse makes her better than others. She physically and verbally abused her children. She make nasty posts towards other users and says someone else got into her account. There have been times when she slipped up and it was proven that the nasty posts were made by no other than her. She is racist against blacks, hispanics, Indians and Jews and physically abuses her children if they don't believe in her steryotypes against these people. She always asks for some sort of gift card. She is a miser. Makes money but wants freebies. You are right she needs to grow up, when she does not get her way she acts like a child. She is divorced and calls her husband a deadbeat father because he did not feed the kids the food they wanted. She is the one starving them. She thinks the world owes her. She thinks she has a right to cut in line because she is white and makes so much money and because she has children. She teaches her children to hate as much as she does, punishes them if they have black, hispanic, Indian or Jewish friends. She even punishes them for giving her ex husband Christmas gifts. I believe her boyfriend broke up with her because she stole money from him.

    2 Votes
  • Yu
    YuccaRic Apr 02, 2010

    Hey - I live in a city with no McDonalds - and live a fine life.

    Maybe you should consider changing your life if McDonalds and the Fatty, No nutritional value foods they serve are such an important part of your life.

    0 Votes
  • An
    Anoid Again Apr 08, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Breakfast value meals are a lie...you are charged extra for small drink, even though that is advertised as included in the total price...at a minimum, when complaining about the extra drink charge, you are then "up charged" for a small drink, although that is the smallest drink available on the menu, and then charged again for cream and artificial sweetener in the coffee...one $4.99 value meal ends up costing more than $7.00, at least...come on down and visit us here in Fountain CO or Colorado Springs CO for an early morning surprise!

    0 Votes

I got a food poisoning eating their food

On or about June 21, I stopped and got my daughter a Happy Meal from Mcdonald on Skibo/Morganton in...

letting boyfriend in before opening store

tuesday 3/30/10 @4:35 am pulled in the lot which lights were all on a young man entered the restaurnt by the manager on duty name tag loren tried to enter and was told they did not open until 5:00 am whats going on at this restaurant letting people in before hours the gentleman was not an employee no uniform on and kissing the manager on duty by the front counter this is the second time managers are letting non employees in after hours thought someone should know how their business is being run will not spend my money at this reataurant

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glass in cookies

i purchased chooalate chip cookies from mcdonalds. when iwas eating the cookie it felt real hard and sharp. ithought it was the burnt part othe cookie i swallowed a little and i notice it got real hard to chew. it felt sharp, when i spit the rest of the cookie out on the tissue. i couldn't believe it was glass. i called mcdonalds and reported the incident.

  • Si
    sikha123 Apr 26, 2011

    This is horrible situation, my closed friend is faced same kind of situation and he is registered his complaint almost every where, but no one replied or helped for solve the problem because the become powerfull in market and don't care of customer.At last he register his complaint ww.nationalconsumerhelpline.in
    Their telephone no: 1800 11 4000. and find solution of my problem. you can register your problem here, I am sure the will help you and find solution of my problem.
    you can register your problem here, I am sure the will help you

    0 Votes

poor attitude

Me and my schoolmates were just going on break march 24, 2010 around 8:00 at night and when we pulled up to the drive thru window the person taking oue order was very rude to us, we asked if we could have a minute and then she said sure like I have all night. Then when we were waiting for our food she did not give us our order right she was laughing about it. I tryed to get a hold of a supervisor but I was not able to and we just feel that that is very unprofessional and poor attitude for her to have when working in this kind of business.

  • As
    asthrade Sep 13, 2010

    Good day, as for now!?, I am one of a customer patrionizing McDonald's. I really love the food and the good service of your employees given to their customers. As an employee myself and as a mother, I see to it that I find time for my family and good way to do this is to treat them. Unitl yesterday, an incident shocked me which lead me to question on how professional your empoyees are specially managers.

    As we were eating at McDonald's Tabunok Branch around 5:30 in the afternoon. I saw one of your manager a certain VINCE yelling at one of the crews who were wearing McDelivery Shirt. his voice was heard from four corners of the store insulting the crew and telling him "AGENCY KA LANG, KLIYENTE KO, WA NA KO MANGINAHANGLAN SA IMONG SERBISYO, PWEDE TIKA PALAYASON RON." This statement insulting the crew and terminating his service without proper forum is one example of abuse of power from a high ranking individuals. Is this the way you train your managers? I never expected to witness a manager at a place where many people eating and watching him to subvert employee under him. well in fact they were the same they were both paid.

    Because of this untoward incident I decided to send you this requesting for your good company to investigate and give attention to this matter. I pity on every crew who can just keep thier silence. Let's face it he may have a mistake but how he was treated by MR> VINCE was very inappropriate to the extent it would take customer attention.

    I hope you take action on this matter and hear both sides!

    0 Votes

waiting time and missing product

my family and i live local, visit fast food restaurants often, but i always seem to have to go back to get...

incorrect orders & service

The McDonald's in Tustin, CA at the corner of Bryan and Tustin Ranch Road has the worst customer service. It's become a joke in our family to see if they can get our order correct. Today we ordered two items. Even though I asked for ketchup on the burger, the screen in the drive through did not have it listed. The woman said she would make sure she told them to add it. I also ordered a Diet Coke. When I got to the window to pay the woman shorted me a nickel in my change. (She gave me back $14.95 instead of the $15.00 that I was due.) When I said my change was wrong she argued with me that I had not given her a nickel. She wouldn't budge even though she had already put the $21.07 I had given her into the cash drawer prior to giving me my change back. I complained about her to the manager. After I drove away I discovered that the drink was a regular Coke instead of Diet Coke, and there wasn't ketchup on the cheeseburger. I don't know how this McDonald's stays in business during in this economy. I won't be back. I rather drive a little further next time we go for fast food.

  • Bi
    biz nitch Mar 24, 2010

    yeaaa...### you guy

    working there must be hard, having to deal with asshold customers like you...we (people who work on the other side of the counter) hate people like you

    and they dont go out of business cause EVERYONE eats mcdonalds jackass
    you can go somewhere else for all we care, in fact go eat shiit!

    1 Votes

order was wrong and bad service

On Sunday March/07/2010 at 18:15 p.m. My family and I went to the mcDonald's on Broadway in Boise...

customer service

Was going through Drive thru this afternoon, March 7, 2010 waiting for my food at the pickup window. The...

cold food

On the 6th march we went to McDonald's for tea. We ordered 2 big mack meals+2 happy meals with nuggets+1 chicken mayo. We received our food and went home which is just around the corner. Upon opening our food we found to our dismay that all our food was cold apart from the chicken nuggets. So as you can imagine we were not very pleased, we use the store on a regular basis and have never had any problems. I would be most grateful if you could investigate this matter further at this branch. At least making sure that this does not happen to us again and other paying customers. Thank you and would hope to hear from you soon to resolve this issue...

mcdonalds harpurhey

I want to make a complaint about McDonalds Harpurhey on Rochdale Road. I worked for McDonalds Harpurhey...

bad service

On the 3/3/2010 Wednesday night i was in the McDonald's store in Malaga getting some dinner for myself.I order a chocolate sundae and a medium coke, when i received the chocolate sundae, the spoon that comes with the item was thrown on the filthy dirty counter in front of me.The spoon had no plastic seal wrap around it, any sort of disease could be picked up on it.People lean over the counter and any sort of disease could be left there.I am amazed that this practise is allowed in a store of this size.It happen to me a couple of days ago as well and this is why i am sending in this complaint about what i saw.If this is the way McDonald's likes to to present it's cutlery (which is so unhygienic) i will stop going there and avoid any McDonald's store until this problem has been address.In this day and age this should not be allowed.If this practise is still going on by the end of the month i will take further action to try and stop this from happening.It is a very discussing thing to have to pick up a spoon of a filthy dirty counter.I will be looking forward to some feedback on the problem and why this is allowed in a fast food outlet (especially a McDonalds store).Regards Glen Lark.My E-mail address is glen.[protected]@yahoo.com.

every time I go to mcdonalds, I don't get what I ordered

Every time I go to mcdonalds, I don't get what I ordered. But this time was the worst. I go through the...

charging for an extra sauce

I decided today that I would try eating some lunch from one of our local mcdonalds (The one on the georgia...

service poor

During this visit, I was the first car pulling up to an empty drive thru. I ordered a bacon egg and cheese...

dirty store/ filthy toilets/ substandard service

The McDonalds food store (North of Sydney Highway heading to Newcastle).

On entering the store (it is large space), there were only about a handfull of people there when we got there (10pm ish), but all tables had debrie on them as did the floor(chips/ paper/ spillages/ dead flies on window sill:lots!).

Toilets filthy! The ladies toilets of about 6 cubicles had no paper and floors had debrie on them and the sanitary cubicles were over flowing in a few. I would expect this type of outcome in a poverished run down establishment: not McDonalds food chain store.

The floor in the food section looked like it had not been cleaned for a while. The tiles looked grey black in areas and i don't think they are actually that colour. The floors sticky, as were many tables.

This would have to be one of the worst eating experiences i have ever had!

I really feel like reporting this to the Health Department!

You definitely should keep a closer arm of control on the quality of your products in this area.

food quality

My husband and I went to McDonalds for lunch today and to our surprise was very unhappy with the food we received. My husband ordered a s double quarter Pounder with cheese, the burger patties must have been left over from last night as they were hard and dry, and the burger was cold. My big mac was tasty with the exception that the bun was cold. We took this take out and drove 2 minutes from the Restaurant to a nearby park to enjoy our lunch, well the fries and shakes were great the burgers were just nasty. Have you gotten that big that customer care and quality dosen't matter any more...Come on I think a bit more care in the product cooking and preparations would be recommended on your part.

Next time I should look into another fast food chain if this continues.

Thanks for your time


  • Ar
    Art Sauer Apr 23, 2010

    When my wife and I decided we'd like to have a fish sandwich we went to Mc Donalds in Indianapolis. We ordered 4 fish filets, totaling $12.36 or $3.09 each. For what? A piece of fish about the size of a postage stamp? NEVER AGAIN!!!

    0 Votes

goal setting

I'd just like to say to all those out there that ever want to complain about McDonalds drive thru's again a few words of advice:

When ordering a burger, if you want it to be in a meal, say the size of the meal first - then the burger - and then (if you must) state what you would like changed on the burger.

When ordering a Happy Meal, say what type (cheeseburger, hamburger, 3 or 6 nuggets, snack wraps) because saying "I'd like a Happy Meal" does not help us serve you faster. Then tell us what drink you would like, and any sauces, if with nuggets.

Make sure that you speak CLEARLY into the order box, as sometimes, outside or inside noises and your loud car, can affect our hearing ability. You do not have to shout, but if you speak up, chances are we will hear you properly. ALSO, do not assume we can understand what you are saying when you order "abigmacmeallargefrozencokeforthedrinkandasoftservecone". That doesn't make sense to you when you first look at it, so OBVIOUSLY it doesn't make sense to us when you say it.

Please also note that at this current point in time, it seems that our head office has taken it upon themselves to "improve" our drive thru's. This means that most stores in Australia have a time limit on how fast we have to serve you. From the second you get to the speaker box (and sometimes earlier) we are being timed on how long it takes to serve you, and some stores are given as little as 2 minutes and 30 seconds to get you your order on time.

This means that the next time you are ordering for a family, you have to understand, that while we do make "fast food", 3 Happy Meals, 2 Large Big Mac meals and dessert to boot, won't always be ready in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You have to account for the how busy we are in store, how many cars are in front of you, and how many are behind you.

Sometimes people get annoyed that they have to wait for fresh meat or fries when all they're ordering is a small Cheeseburger meal. Well, honestly, next time you come through for the same thing, and your burger and fries aren't completely fresh, maybe think about not complaining next time when you have to wait.

Another thing that customers have to realise, is that 80% of the time, when there is only one crew member in the window where you pay for your meal, it most likely means that they are also the person taking the orders. This means that we are dividing our attention to get orders placed and paid for as quick as possible. If we are a bit "rude" or "###" then, we ARE sorry for that, but given the pressure from our managers to get the order to their top window before our 2 minutes and 30 seconds are up, we can't stand around chatting about the weather.

Personally, I DO NOT agree with the new targets for McDonald's Drive Thru's that have been put in place, because not only are us crew members stressed from all the pressure our managers put on us, but they are being pressured by their bosses and so on. I am also sick of taking customer complaints from people about having to be parked all the time - I agree with you (the parked customer). You shouldn't have to be parked for a meal that is probably sitting there ready for you to have, but because you won't drive off fast enough after we have given it to you, you have to be parked, and wait a little while longer.

I plea that people who read this and frequent ANY McDonald's store will take into account what I have said. I suppose I'm more angry at the fact that we've been given restrictions on how long we have for a car to go through drive thru, but there are some valid points for customers when ordering their meal. I'd also like to add that while many of your items may be missing, or wrong in your bag, you have to understand that working at McDonald's is NOT the easiest job in the world, and while it may happen more than once in a week, PLEASE try to be understanding towards our situation as well.

I encourage for customers to complain to the head office, I really do, because if more people speak up about this, then either our 2 minutes and 30 seconds will get raised to a more realistic goal, or the times will stop altogether.

Thanks for reading. (let the flaming begin ><)

  • Sp
    Sparklers87 Feb 19, 2010

    Well said Sam ;)

    As a fellow manager, I just TONIGHT have read a complain that was sent to our store from Head Office. The lady complained that her (admittantly) old debit card was not working on our e.f.t.p.o.s machines...herself and her husband had to pay via credit card and was upset that the crew person was unable to accept her first card. Ummm, what? WHAT?

    It is my job to contact this person monday to close this complaint. Sssseeerriiiooouusssllllyyyy. What does she want me to say? I'm sorry that our up-to-date technology could not accept your debit card because it's too old or whatnot, however we gladly accepted your credit card as credit transactions seem to take FOOOORRREVER at the cashier window. Thanks for being a ###wit, can't wait to hear from you again for your next bogan complaint, possibly receiving the eye of the potato in your french fry. Yours sincerly, I don't give a ###!

    0 Votes

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