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Complaints & Reviews

poor service

I grew up in the moncton region all my life and frequent mcdonalds numeras times. I found that all mcdonald...


I was a customer at the McDonalds on 29th on the south hill of Spokane, Washingtion on Sept 17th at 4 pm I went into the restroom and observed an employee come out of a bathroom stall adjust her pants and hat look in the mirror at herself and walk right out of the restroom without washing her hands. Now that is just what I want someone serving me food when they didn't wash their hands after wiping their ### or peri area. Are you so busy timing how fast those employee's get orders out you have forgotten to teach them to wash there hands. Shame on you McDonalds. This makes me so sick you have lost my business for good. Miriam Piccard Spokane Washington

  • Am
    Amy Rackley Jun 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lots of restaurants have hand washing sinks and sanitizers back behind the c

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the way employees are treated

My name is James Outley, i was an employee at McDonald's on Forest Drive in Columbia, SC. The 19th of...


nearly every time i order mcdonald i get presented with less food than i ordered.
all my friends say the same thing happens to them.
its not a case of uninterested stupid teenagers serving my food.
its obvious there is an unstated policy to give people less food than they ordered and hope they won't notice.

This is an outrage

Mcdonalds make profit from this frauduent behaviour and im going to the press

I'll bet i get masses of support from others who have been likewise ripped off.
This rip off is over, although i tried their website and they are "busy"

you are gone maccas

  • Ch
    christy55w Mar 15, 2009

    They have big sign says "Free Coffee with any purchanse between 6am~8am"
    I asked if I'm getting free coffee with two orders of apple pie and a hash brown..
    The response was "Nop, No coffee!!(already annoyed being asked million times)" with looking down on me like I was begging for something..
    I replied "then You should take the sign off the window..!"
    again annoyed "No coffee"

    I often go there and I know they don't have the nicest service but this is fraud..~ !!!
    They 4x2(ft) big sign on window (freecoffee) and mocking me for asking if that's available?

    I looked at the sign on the way out.. Didn't find any fine prints like
    'available on participated location only...'

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  • Zo
    zookeeper13 Jul 31, 2009

    The owner of any Mac's can decide or not to participate in any national promotion. For instance, right outside of Fort Polk on Entrance Road there is a Mac's and the owner never participates in the "Two Big Macs for Two Bucks". Never. He sucks. However, he'll advertise.

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  • Be
    bealert4ever Apr 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I included the whole incident in the following video uploaded to youtube:


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  • Go
    GoldOpals Opals Apr 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow. For those with little patience or time, the original complainer ordered items at McDonalds, and the total shown on the receipt was greater than the sum of the individual parts.

    I have one question, could the problem be caused by tax that is not shown on the register? I do not understand French so I cannot read the receipt.

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  • Mo
    Mountainmover Mar 06, 2013

    How do you know exactly hw much food theyre supposed to give you?

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rudeness & poor service

I ordered a large ice coffee with cream only - no liquid sugar or any sugar. This black employee brought me the large ice coffee filled to about 1-1/2 from top of plastic container. I asked her to please add more coffee (in other words fill it up at least) and what she did was add more ice while laughing as she handed it to me. I must say the rudeness and disrespect has travelled over into the business world. This McDonalds is not the only McDonalds that offer rudeness and very poor service in the Jackson area. I find that the McDonalds on Beasley in Jackson is even worse. I have been taking my coffee (no sugar) this way for at least 40 years and I'm not about to start taking it any other way. I'm from Chicago, who just recently moved to Madison, MS. I had not problems there ordering what I want, but coming to the Jackson area is another thing. The employees will argue with you when you order ice coffee with cream only and they add the liquid favor. The employee will tell you "that's the way we make" or "nobody told me you wanted this way." I know the customers can be very difficult at times, but this does not give the employee the right to tell you want was given to them. My understanding is to tell the customer, "I'm sorry, we will make it right" - end of story.

Beasley McDonalds is the worse (Just off of I-55). The employees are rude, argumentative and best of all they roll their eyes a lot. When you check your order before leaving the window and finding that its the wrong order - the employee will roll their eyes and say "its what you order." So this leads me to "no receipt" which you don't get, because its not working. The lines are long, especially around noon. There is a long line - the majority of the time it takes up to 30 minutes to get a meal. Fast Food, it not.

Hwy 51 in Ridgeland is not as bad, but its getting there. In Chicago there were problems that you can live with. But here in Mississippi is another story. I generally just order ice coffee while taking my husband to dialysis. I am a retired Chicago Police Officer and if I serviced the public like the employees at McDonalds, I would be called on the carpet because of the Complaint Registered Numbers (CR#s) acquired by the citizens I serviced. After this incident this morning, I will seek other avenues and establishments to get what I want. I would go to Dunkin Donut, but its only one in the Jackson area and its to far to travel on a daily basis.

Email address: [protected]@gmail.com

  • Am
    Amy Rackley Jun 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why did you feel the need to mention the rude worker was black. And maybe that they are only supposed to fill it up to a certain amount. Quit being racist and get off your high horse.

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shocking service and product

I took my two boys aged 4 & 7 to McDonalds at Townsville Lakes franchise around 12 noon on Sunday, 29 August 2010. They were busy, yet only 2 of their 4 point of sales were staffed so I ended up in a line. Took little over 10 minutes to get to the front and place my order...2 kids happy meals, a Seared medium sweet chilli chiken VM and 2 Malteser Sundaes for the kids.

Got pushed to the side and asked to waite...first the maltesers arrived, then the kids meals came out without the burger and nuggets...15 minutes laterthe nuggets and burger arrives, still no seared sweet chilli chicken...by now the sundaes have molten and the milkshakes have gone flat...another 5 minutes on, the chicken roll arrives...no appology no nothing. When we finally get to the table and sit down, they gave me the wrong roll.

At no point, even after making the staff aware of my problems and issue, did the shift manager step forward. The Shift Manager "Krystal Jones" only came forward when the noise from my corner became to obvious for her to ignore. Her responce to the matter..."Just calm down, I'll change it for you", which took another 10 minutes.

Here's a wakeup call for the Franchisee, Mr Justin Leadbetter. "Your shop is going down the toilet mate !! Better quality staff and a bit of training in customer care and communication will go a very long way"!!! You've lost my business and future support.

  • Ja
    Jan Cason Oct 29, 2013

    I am not writing with a complaint - far from it. My husband and I go to McDonalds every day of the week, for coffee and something to eat from the McCafe. We moved to Townsville about 4 months ago; so checked out a few McDonalds, because as we come every day we wanted to make sure we went to one that was well run. Well, I have to say your Lakes McDonalds in Townsville was by far, the best of them - in fact probably the best McDonalds we have ever been to. One of the main reasons for its appeal, to us, is having great staff there, and in particular a lady called Roseanna, who is working there when we come in. She is always so happy, smiling and obliging; and I have never, ever seen her stand still! She works hard all the time, and never just stands around doing nothing. She is constantly cleaning, and every table, chair and floor is quickly and efficiently cleaned by her right after each use. As I come from the old school of work ethic ie: ''if you can lean, you can clean'', her work practices really impress us, and she is never too busy to give us a happy 'hello how are you' every day. So as I said, it is not a complaint, but I could not find anywhere else to write to in your organisation for a compliment! I really hope that this reaches the manager of her branch, and also the manager of the Qld Head Office, because she is a jewel employee, and I write so you can realise this, let her know how good we think she is, and hang on to her - because employees like her are hard to find. Could someone perhaps email me a reply when you can, letting me know this has reached someone, and the message has been handed on to management, and to Roseanna herself. Many thanks, Jan Cason.

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rude to workers and customers

I was at mcdonalds in rolesville nc 27571 on the morning of september 5, 2010. The managers there are so rude to the employees and customers, i asked a question about exchanging a large drink to an ex large drink and she just looked back at me and said its not possible and rolled eyes as if she didnt want to deal with it. I found out by an cashier that it was possible and they nicely charged me a couple of cents for it. There are alot of spanish workers there that do not know how to speak english well they talk to you and shake their heads nd agree to everything they are very inpatient with the customers. I would like for something to be done about the managers or i will take my money some where else if i have to deal with them again.

  • La
    Lazypages Jan 10, 2012

    well it depends you have too file a complaint too the MaxFood's building; MaxFood is the mcdonalds big cheese btw; and ask for the manager by name (which is easy she has a name tag) and have one of the employees for a back-up statement inwhich Maxfood will either force the manager too act more mature or she's fired.

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I am not a racist person by any means. I realize Mcdonald's is changing to meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

But, by God, the employees should speak English. I am getting fed up with going into McDonald's and listening to employees hollar back and forth to each other in Spanish. This is not Mexico.

I ordered in English, so I know darn well at least the cashier can speak English. If the cook or someone else can't speak English, they have no business working in this country

  • Jo
    joe_e Sep 02, 2010

    About all the things you can complain about in this world, this definitely marks you as a person of intolerance. Does it matter if they can take your order in english? yes, and they did, so no complaint there. Does it matter how they speak to each other in the back as long as your order comes out correct? no, it does not matter. Start concentrating on real issues that affect you instead of forcibly propagating your flawed world view.
    Remember, this is a nation of free speech and you should be willing to fight for that freedom.

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  • Te
    tereesada Nov 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ummm if you don't like it find another one

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wrongful termination

i got a friend that i see everyday that works at this mcdonalds location in Newton MS. i been there many times and saw that this young lady is been harrassed by the daytime manager saying he is going to fire her over a woman that calls and makes fake stories about this young woman to get her fired. its all because this woman has been phone harrassing her at her home. the young lady has brought proof to show that she has won the case over the woman for harrasment, , but this woman keeps calling the young ladies work even when she isn't working those days and still telling fake stories to get the young one fired. one day the woman called and said her name and told that the young lady had put charges on her for this and had her arrested and wanted McDonalds to fire her now. the thing is that McDONALDS CAN'T fire over fake stories, they can be sued for this. but the day manager keeps harrassing the young lady and is going to fire her anyways. i was there during the trial and saw that the woman was convicted of phone harrassment. the day manager claims to like the woman and is a friend of the woman. McDonalds is the worse place too have employment at. when this young lady takes McDonalds to court for this, i will definitly be there to help the young lady out as a witness to these actions of this day manager. also the day manager is doing sexual harrassment on another employee. i am definitly going to McDONALDS site and give a complaint about this also. its time we all teach this company how to treat their employees.

  • Ba
    BAYCITY1999 Dec 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are a horrible company to work for--glad I got out when I did.

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smoothie coupons

I had received a coupon from the McDonald's website stating thatI could get $1 off ANY SIZE smoothie or Mccafe product. I orderd a large wild berry smoothie only to be told by the rude cashier that the coupon could only be used on small size products when the coupon clearly stated ANY SIZE. I told her to cancel the order and I left. That is the worst McDonald's ever, they never get any order correct and they are always rude.

crew not wearing gloves in grill area and sandwich area

Member of the crew at store # 29900 was not wearing gloves while preparing cooked food this consisted of...

nasty customer service

I thought I had been through all of the scenarios, going through drive throughs and being "shorted"...

wrong order

I have been a loyal McDonalds customer for many years. I have been to many different locations, usually I get...

saving food cost is costly

I don't know why the McDonald's chain has decided massively that people should pay extra for a packet of dipping sauce, but it's really on my last nerve. I understand that alot of people (including me) like dipping their fries in the sauces and it gets costly. I worked as an assistant manager for the company for 3 years and a crew member for 2 years. I guess that is what really ticks me off, I was trained to give a set amount of sauces or ketchup packets or napkins per items ordered, and if the customer requested extra, you give it to them with "how many would you like?" not "I'll have to charge you for those." What really irritates me is they have changed the "default" amount of sauces one receives with a nugget order. Did you know they want you to only use one sauce packet per 5 nuggets? That is impossible for my children. It's more like one nugget per sauce.
As a member of the McDonald's family, we were taught that you get 2 sauces for a 6 pc, 3 for a 9 piece, and 5 for a 20 piece... now you get one sauce.. one per every 5 nuggets you order. rediculous.
I went through the drive-thru at our local McDonald's the other day and practically had to threaten to call corporate on their ### if I didn't get my sauces. I ordered 2 10 pc. nuggets for my kids and I to share, let's see? hmmm? 3 people sharing nuggets, you only want to give me 2 sauce packets? I don't think so. I told the woman who took my order that I wanted honey and BBQ sauce with my nuggets and when she rang in the order she put in 1 of each. common sense would tell the drive-thru presenter that even though the screen says 1 of each, it should be at least 2 of each sauce, since there were TWO 10 piece nuggets, right? Well, apparently not so. You see, when I pulled up to get my food and they handed me my bag, I sat in the drive thru before I left (as I always have problems in the summer going through McDonald's drive thru) and I dbl checked my order. There they were.. one honey packet (btw 2 honeys are commonly given out as 1 because of their smaller size) and one BBQ. When the guy in the drive thru saw that I still hadn't left, he opened the window and asked what else I needed. I politely told him I had been shorted the correct number of sauces and would he mind to get a me some more. ---- All of a sudden he switched to ### mode and preceeded to argue with me. "It says one of each on the screen and I put one of each in there" I told him that I was sorry, but I need 2 of each. He then says, " I will have to charge you for extra" At this point I was hungry and tired of the nit-pickyness of the "food-cost cutting tactics" and I stopped being nice. I told him I didn't care what the screen said, grabbed out my 2 sauce packets and held them in my hand and demanded at least 2 more sauces... he then shut the window trying to ignore me. Did I move? heck no... let him run up those precious drive thru times over a couple of sauces, do I care? NOPE! Finally, another woman came to see what was up and I explained to her the problem, she tried then to give me schpeel about how you only get 1 sauce for every 5... and then in my smart-assest pitch.. I said "GREAT!! then give me my other 2 sauces or give me my money back so I can go to Burger King!!" she handed me the sauces and I drove off!!
Seriously, was that worth everyones time? I really don't think so. "the customer is always right" has gone straight down the septic tank. Do they really think that trying to charge people 25 cents for a packet that costs them 10 cents is making customers happy? Is arguing over sauces or arguing period with a customer going to bring in the customers? I learned in management school that a bad experience at a restaraunt hurts more than a good experience helps. you see? when someone has a bad experience they go tell 20 people or so how horrible it was, if its a good one.. you're lucky if they tell anyone that they even went. It's assumed that all experiences should be good ones so it's not even worth telling. It just keeps getting worse and worse.

  • Pr
    princessaccfb3 Aug 20, 2010

    To make mattters worse, I just got home. I found out my son forgot to make his bed. I was already so angry that I punched him in the face and started kicking him all because of Mcdonalds and their cheap practices. Now because of Mcdonalds he has broken ribs from me kicking him. He is only 6 years old. Thanks Mcdonalds for making me abuse my child.

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today I bought a filet o fish and was shocked when I opened the box to see a sandwich smaller than a White castle, I'm a 250 lbs man and to pay for something that not even a child would get full with, its an insult. a 3 year old would have to eat at least 4 of these things to get full, and this is supposed to be an adult meal. well I'm very angry at this franchise because they are robbing me and all the people that attend these restaurants, and I havent even mentioned the countless times I whent through the drive through and was given the order incomplete. but guess what? always in their favor, I'm always missing an applepie, the fries, the sauces mac nuggets are not complete etc. I have never got an extra anything, so what does that tell me? They do it on pourpose. I've decided not to buy from them ever again.

  • Jo
    joey0923 Dec 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    at 250 lbs, do you really need to be eating this kind of food? i was 300lbs. i lost the weight by staying away from this kind of food. i am now a more modest 200lbs at 6'1".

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worst service and the girl was on something

I went through the drive through about 2:30 pm today, Tues. August 17, 2010. The girl at the first window made me sit there, trying to pay her for at least 5 minutes. I eventually just put it in park and turned off the car. Finally another girl came and took my money, but before that, another girl at the 2nd window was looking out wondering where the next car was. Then, when I finally got to the 2nd window for my sons plain cheeseburger happy meal, which by the way was fixed wrong, the girl at the window was TOTALLY blown away!!! Her eyes looked almost closed and extremely blood shot and then she tried to talk. Her tongue was so thick that she couldn't hardly speak. This was the worse service I have ever experienced!!!

very poor service`

Upon traveling 2 weekends in a row we stopped at both of these McDonald Restaurants locations and experienced...


For the attention of the HR department – subject grievance Employee no. [protected] Dear Sirs I am making...

rude employee

Today I went to McDonald's to get my whole family dinner and no one else wanted to go with me.I work at a fast food restaurant and I know how frustrating it is when people have huge orders in drive throughs so I went inside to order.I ordered two #3's all with Coke, a #1 with a Dr. Pepper, two McDouble's, two McChickens, two large fries, 2 XL Coke's and two large Oreo McFlurry's.

I expected it to take a while to receive since it was a big order.I got the order sooner than I thought I would but there were no McChickens and only one large fry.I went up to the employee and kindly told her the situation and she said "Ha yeah right, just go home!"I told her again the situation and she just stared at me like I was crazy.I asked to speak to the manager and she got the manager for me.

It took a while for the manager to come out because the employee I guess told her that I called her a ### and that she should go to hell.The manager said "Hello ma'am please don't talk to our employees that way!"I explained to her what happened and how I had missing items and she goes "Well still please don't talk to an employee like that!"I told her I didn't say anything to her except that I had items missing.

The employee started yelling at me from behind the counter and calling me names.The manager is just standing there giving me a dirty look and letting her employee talk to a customer like that.I got really mad and raised my voice saying "I want the items that I am missing and I want them now!I have been nothing but polite here."

The employee took someone else's order and the manager didn't do anything about it.I just walked off and went to another McDonald's to get another large fry and two McChickens and I told the cashier who was the manager what happened at the last one and she said "Yes ma'am that McDonald's is really messed up."Then she gave me all of it for free including the other stuff I ordered from the previous one because it was getting cold.

I won't be going back to that McDonald's ever again and stick to the one I went to afterwards!

  • Ta
    Tania07 Dec 22, 2010

    even if you wanted to, you had a right to order it at the drive thru. There are plenty of people with huge orders...its not that big of a deal. Yes call corporate, though they probably won't do anything about it since no one does but at least get a refund. Mcdonalds always employs classless idiots and jerks...

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My wife and I went to mcdonalds this morning to purchase a strawberry and banana smoothie. The clerk behind...