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McDonald'sordered 2 filet o fish meals at mcdonalds#4152 and both

Ordered two Filet o Fish meals at Mcdonalds#4152, when I realized both sandwiches did not have a full slice of cheese on the sandwich.When I went to the counter to inform the manager on duty, she informed me that they slice the cheese in half now.I informed her why if at all the other locations give u the full slice and the picture on the order screen, shows the full slice of cheese on the sandwich as well.She stated she couldnt help me with the issue, I left very disappointed in the service and lack of customer satisfaction.

ordered 2 filet o fish meals at mcdonalds#4152 and both

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    McDonald's — customer service and timeliness

    I waited in a 2 lane drive through for twenty minutes with only 5 cars total in front of me. When it wa...

    McDonald'smcdonalds 1608 west airline laplace louisiana 70068

    On 7/20/18 I entered the restaurant about 6:35, 3 people ahead of me had given there orders after about 15 minutes they received there order at this time know still hadn't taken my order. Being a regular customer I've notice this same manager is never in control of the crew and always talking down to them like its a show. Being a manager myself this person should not be managing anything. Two people in behind me after standing there alittle while longer I walked out and know one never asked me what I wanted

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      McDonald'sunfairly fired

      I admit that I was wrong, and even apologized for what I did, but here it goes. Me and this male coworker got into an argument. I was so angry that I told the management team that he was touching me inappropriately. But they wanted to get the police involved. I then made a confession based on two reasons. I felt bad for making false claims against him. Two I was afraid that the police would find out they were lies. I even apologized to him after the confession, but I was fired anyway even though I admitted that I lied about him because I was angry at him. I think since I was brave enough to confessing to the right thing that I should not have been fired. Please be understanding, as this is the first job I had. I am a single mother of three and need the job and the money. If i don't get the job and a steady paycheck my ex husband will have full custody of the children . I hate his guts and do not want that to happen.

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        McDonald'schicken salad

        I purchased a chicken salad last year the made me sick to the stomach. I had a crippling stomach ache for 2 days. I purchased chicken salad from another mc donald's and the same thing happened, so I quit ordering this product. I just read an article that exposes the fact that your business was serving salad leaves that were tainted with feces. I am disgusted to learn that I was ill because of ingesting feces. I am so upset with this company because on the McDonald's boasts to use quality ingredients.

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          • Cy
            CyndiB Jul 21, 2018

            Yes, you can be sued for the false allegations against the restaurant. You can also be sued by the person who you lied about.

            You have also given a full confession of everything onto this website so you would lose the case and probably the 3 kids you posted about.

            Besides being so immature yourself, what are you teaching you kids?

            0 Votes
          • La
            Latasha WilIiams Jul 21, 2018

            I have a confession to make actually and now I am scared. I don't know if Mcdonald's can sue me for this or not, but I made all of this up. I was fired from Mcdonald's yesterday because I got into an argument with a male employee and said that he was touching me inappropriately. I later confessed to them that I made it up to get him into trouble. They fired me anyway. I posted several false articles about Mcdonald's lettuce being tainted with feces to get the restaurant in trouble because they had no right to fire me because I did the right thing an confessed the truth. I still think that I was unfairly fired.

            -1 Votes

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          McDonald'scoca cola

          We stopped in at McDonald's at 19700 Highway 41 North for lunch on July 21st. They were totally out of Coca Cola. How does this happen? We ended up going next door to Arby's because we had been working all morning & were really wanting a cold Coca Cola. Ended up costing us twice what we would have spent at McDonalds & the food wasn't nearly as good. But they had Coca Cola!!!

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            McDonald's — mcdonald's application

            I downloaded the McDonald's application and found it very useful to be able to order ahead of time and just...


            McDonald's — cost vs product

            Your organization has forgotten the meaning of value. Today I purchased a medium coffe frappe. 4.00. I don't...

            McDonald'smcdonalds hwy 71 south

            Performance to wait on customers..it is 11pm at night on a friday it took 45minutes to get a small brew coffee and a coke. Why we were sitting there 6 customers leave the drive threw line. You need to get more help at night and better managers.anything that went through that line people shouldnt have been charged for. It is suppose to be a fast food and its not anymore. Thank you alice tharp

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              McDonald'smanagers and customer service was horrible

              My name is ronda young my baby birthday party was today didnt have a customer service person to play games with kids we had buy our own decorations nobody on one accord they threw us any kinda cake had ask five times for ice cream managers had attitude i would really like my money back simply cause my son didnt have a great experience at place i thought he would it seems like we only paid for play pen which we had pay 45 we didnt have nobody inner act with kids or anything of that nature my number is [protected] please give me a call

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                McDonald'slarge regular french vanilla iced cold coffee

                June 20th I visited the mcd near my place to get a regular large french vanilla iced coffee. The lady who was atking the orders was so endorsed in her chi chatting with her colleagues behind the counter that she girst took my order wrong as medium fries, but when i cleared explained to her that i was asking for a large regular french vanilla iced coffee and not fries, she again billed that wrong as medium french vanilla iced coffee. But when i again told my order she told that alright she will get me the large. But then she got me medium size of my order and was arguing thats the large cup. But when she realised that there were even other customers who were noticing her drama, she quickly went in was telling her colleagues that i was asking for a extra large cup. And when finally my order came after my never ending wait and embarrassment, my coffee was sugar less. A million times did i tell her that i wanted a regular and now i was given a sugarless. What should i do? How dare she think that it was ok to fool me with a medium cup saying that it was a large one . Hope some justice would be done to the situation that i had to go through.

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                  McDonald'sthe amount of time it took to make three plain cheeseburgers and a large fry

                  This particular location is in Youngsville North Carolina they always have a drive-through line that takes forever so I decided to go inside I made my order and stood there for about 15 minutes listening to the lady who was backing up the orders say about six or seven times that they needed three plain cheeseburgers and they were not making them I waited and waited and waited and then when they brought it to me I told them it was ridiculous that they were skipping over my order and making other people's orders first and the lady rolled her eyes at me their customer service sucks they move at a snail's pace and they cannot handle the amount of business as they receive also I noticed people on the line making food without hair nets or hats on I work in the food industry and I know that you have to wear a hairnet or a hat when you are making food so I hope I don't find a hair in my food if this was not my kids favorite food to eat I would not go back to this location I only go back because of the convenience

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                    We ordered 2 happy meals, a 6 piece chicken nuggett, small fry, and double cheeseburger today. They forgot to give us the 6 piece chicken nugget, but luckily I checked the bag and told them before we left. We got home and found that the kids were both missing the juice boxes from their happy meals and they were supposed to have one apple slices and one fry in each and one had two fries instead of one of each. I never complain, but something is wrong every time we go there and it's super annoying and I don't think it's that much to ask for our order to be correct.

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                      McDonald’s talking sticks AZdrive thru no mayo

                      I ordered my food and drink and asked for a coffee of packets of mayo the the drive thru last window had me a wait while he went and get the packets then a minute later my food was handed to me by the manager and told me that he was getting the mayo so I waited a few min and I can hear them asked g where did the drive they guy I can tell the timing was getting crucial and finally he came and said o sorry we don't have any packets so I asked can I get a side of mayo he said yes so then he asked for it but I belief he was too to tell me that they don't have any mayo and heard him say well what do I tell her I was amazed that the manager I believe just wanted to hurry me away because by the. There was a line in the drive thru mother drive thru guy was a a little I'm used by there talks among themselves because when he saw d O where out of mayo I am you are ???? Anyways I was not happy being lied to and sent away I know they have a quota on time but next time please don't give me the runaround it will save us both time

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                        I hope that this complaint is taken very, very seriously. I have reached out to management in West Milton several times, nothing has been done. I have called the 844 number, and received only ONE free breakfast or lunch coupon for the issues that I brought to their attention. The people of West Milton have had it was terrible service and terrible food!

                        Where do I start??

                        My husband was working overtime and requested that I go through the drive thru to get him dinner. I ordered two double cheeseburgers plain and a large fry. When I dropped his meal off to him, he sent me a picture of two buns. I asked him why he would send me that and he said "because that's what I got, no meat, just buns" I called and told them and they just acted like it was a joke and didn't take my complaint to heart, and said they were sorry and that they would train their new cook some more.

                        I was taking my daughter to Bradford for softball practice. She was hungry so I went through the drive thru and ordered her a chicken nugget happy meal. Headed down the road we realized that there was only apples, one chicken nugget, and her drink with the meal. I called and spoke with someone I believe by the name of Shai, she said turn around and I will fix it. I told her that I needed to get to Bradford and I couldn't turn around. She said that she wouldn't be there after her practice was over so there wasn't anything she could do for me.

                        I come home on my lunch breaks, I really love McDonalds coke, so every once in a while I would stop on my way back to work for a large coke. I won't do that anymore! I went through two weeks ago, with only 3 cars in front of me, and I waited 27 minutes to get to the window where I pick up my order. I get to the window, and the rude girl asked what I had. I told her just a large coke. She then proceeded to roll her eyes and walk away. It look her another 5 minutes to get my drink. I was 2 minutes late back from lunch.

                        At this time my family swore that we wouldn't return to MCDONALDS.

                        Week of the 4th of July my kids' wanted ice cream. I said I wasn't going, but my husband took my two youngest in. The place was full of flies, and full of preteens/teenagers who look at this place as their local hangout. My husband said that they were throwing yogurt and ketchup all over the walls and each other. The workers just walk around them and say nothing. My kids came home like "mommy, these kids were throwing stuff all over each other, and didn't get in trouble"

                        LAST TRY...

                        Friday night after my son's baseball game in Hollandsburg, my kids' were starving. They begged to go to Mcdonalds because we never go there. I thought maybe, just maybe, things will be better. NOPE still waited in excess for my food that still wasn't right. My kids were starving, I know I mentioned this. We get home their Happy Meals had NO FRIES. Their drinks had NO ICE. My drink had ICE. I had two double cheeseburgers, and the cheese wasn't even melted to the hamburger. I literally could pick it up off the hamburger. Meaning A. my hamburger was cold, B. they don't care about their customers. I called and spoke with Shai, and I told her my issues. She literally just sat there when I mentioned what was wrong with our order. I said "Hello" and she replyed with "I'm sorry babe" "I know you are frustrated hun. " I am not her babe or hun. She makes your establishment look like trash. Where is the professionalism?

                        A friends son worked there for about a month. He was great! Always smiling, and did his job. He left. You know why? Because the managers, and other workers go outside on their break to get high. what a great first impression of the workforce life he received!!!

                        I really hope that you, as the corporate office, take in to consideration all of these issues that just continue to transpire. People are starting to ban your establishment. I know you probably do not care, considering you are the only fast food establishment in West Milton, and are probably making great money. But, this has got to stop. I am embarrassed for you!

                        I look forward to see how you move forward with my concerns and complaints.


                        Lindsay Fulton

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                          McDonald'smy service

                          July 20 when I got off work at 4:30am I headed to McDonald's by my house the location of the store is 7426 3rd street road Louisville ky I ran into this lady who I'm 99% is the manager black lady around her 30 mid 40 years of age I I asked for two sausage egg McMuffin with cheese when she put the order in and it pop up on the screen it said no cheese so I corrected her and told her with cheese she replied back with a nasty attitude she said that she rung up how I said it so she corrected it after she got a attitude with me . I get home and my sandwich only had sausage this is the second time she has done this I went back to the store I asked my girlfriend to go in because I was upset and I didn't want to make things worse so my girlfriend goes in the store and she had a attitude with my girlfriend also she rolled her eyes and she didn't even fix me a new sandwich she put two slices of egg in a chicken nuggets box I'm writing y'all this message because this isn't the first time this lady has a really bad attitude she has treated me bad to many times I work in customer service and she has no business working in this Feilds I'm at a point I'm losing hope in McDonald's I'm not returning to that McDonald's until she gone

                          my service
                          my service

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                            This morning around 1:20 to 1:30 am I went to the drive in. I ordered two mcchicken sandwiches one with mayo and one without. I also ordered a big mac meal. The total came out to $10.55. I pulled up to the first window and no one was there. I waited for a while and no one showed. So I pulled up to the second window and they took my $11 and don't give me change which I wasn't worried about. After I arrived at home. There was no Big Mac in my bag.

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                              • Ca
                                Call the Waaaambulance! Jul 20, 2018

                                This is why you check your order when they give you the bag. You only had 3 things! One. Two. Three. As fast as you read my post, you could have checked your order...

                                -1 Votes

                              McDonald's — app order

                              Wait time was 24 minutes after parking. First time food was brought the drink was forgotten. Checked the bag...

                              McDonald'sdrive thru order

                              On july 19th 2018 around 4:45pm I went to McDonalds in Catalina, Az. I went through the drive thru and ordered 1 double cheeseburger plain only cheese, 2 mcdoubles plain only cheese, 1 hamburger plain, 1 large fry, and 2 apple pies. Upon arriving home all of the cheeseburgers had no cheese, the fries were cold and rubbery and tasted as if they were microwaved to attempt to warm them up. Both of the apple pies were cold hard and dry. I tried calling the store and received no answer. It's not convenient for me to drive all the way back right away to fix this. This location is constantly messing things up, and this just happens to be the last incident that makes me reach out here. I'm upset I spent money on food to now still be out of edible food and wasted money.

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                                McDonald'smcdonalds ubereats mcdelivery day

                                I was so excited about this when I heard about it on the news this morning. I went online and saw all the possible swag that I could get if i took advantage of this service. I placed my order and just received my order and got a piece of [censored] pin that says "Mobile Order Pay expert" What the hell is that?! I am aware that your website does state that you could receive pins but the ones they show are at least cool and are related to this promotion. The pin I received is a generic pin and in no way is what I was expecting. All the media promotions show socks, shirts, bandannas, and other cool swag. This is a total bait and switch scam executed by both you and Uber.

                                If you do not rectify this immediately and restore my faith in your company I will gladly post this on social media and tag both you and Uber. Please reply to this ASAP!

                                mcdonalds ubereats mcdelivery day
                                mcdonalds ubereats mcdelivery day

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