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Complaints & Reviews

product & service

They forgot a sandwhich then it took me 5 minutes to get their attention at the drive through after I had...

customer services

Sunday December 23, 2018 at 1:30pm I was in the drive thru and I forgot to ask in my order 2 frappe, as soon...


I am very disturbed by the manager Terry to our local McDonald's in North Topeka kansas.. This store has an...


I have never seen anything as upsetting to me as did on Sunday Dec 23rd at 9:40 pm at the McDonalds in Greenfield In.
My sister and I were ordering thru the drive thru.
We were waiting on our food and could see the employees inside the restaurant.
On employee had just fixed an item with whipped cream on it and then licked the top of the whip cream lid.
I was appalled.
When they opened the window to serve our food I suggested to the employee that they might want to throw that can of whip topping away.
Her asked why, I said because the other employee licked it.
The employee that had done it stepped around the corner and said I used my finger!
WRONG we saw what happened.
I was in food service for 25 yrs. I would have fired the person on the spot.
Had I not been so hungry I would have demanded my money back and gone elsewhere.
I had a fish sandwich and large ice tea, My sister had a sausage cheese biscuit and large dr pepper.
I did not get the employees name but could easily describe the person I am speaking of.
I definitely will not eat at this store again.

Patricia Nawa
2090 George Bush Lane
Jefferson Ga 30549

drive thru service

Very rude customer service. Told me I need to check my order before I pull to the window and I asked her name...

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locked doors

After a wonderful night out with my family at a Christmas cantata, my children along with my mother in law suggested dining in at Mcdonalds. We went to the McDonalds at 5600 Riverdale in Memphis Tn. The time was 10:47 which allowed us plenty of time to dine-in especially since dine in closes at 12:00 .a.m.

I suggested that we go to the drive thru however, mother-in-law was not in the mood and we all went home without eating. That was very disappointing and I would like coupons for my family of five to have a nice dine-in dinner at McDonald. (Make Up Meal)

drive thru

Come on the 3rd window ok now there's parking spots for those who are order got it But it's no good!!! After...

mcchicken burger

Half way through eating my burger I've discovered something sickening in the actual chicken burger itself to...

buttermilk chicken sandwich

Ordered buttermilk chicken sandwich. Was cooked too long and was not battered. Was just a hard piece of meat...

vulgar tv station playing during a visit for supper cnn news I could 12/15/18

My grand children and I stopped for supper on 12:15 2018 at about 10 in the evening CNN news was playing and the news anchor began to repeat vulgar words penis vagina pussy I couldn't believe my ears I was astounded that my grandchildren came to McDonald's and had to listen to something like that I talk to the person in charge and they said there's nothing they can do about it that they always play CNN on the TV you just lost a McDonald's customer and I will put this on social media this is disgusting I will also contact the BBB and see if there's anything they can do and yes I know you don't control what is set on CNN but you can't control what is played on the TVs in McDonald's this was on the McDonald's in Port St Lucie Florida Prima Vista and US1

burger and service

Post Road - CummingGa store. 1. Kid doing fries - no gloves and eating fries at station. 2. My quarter...

management/drive thru

The management at the Lightfoot restaurant in Williamsburg, VA is horrible. They are not very friendly and...

cheese burger

Ok, where to start. First off never go inside this place. Its a very dirty place. Trash everywhere all the...

your restaurant in el paso, ar

I reported a case of food poisoning to McDonald's when my wife and I returned from a trip from our home in...

quarter pounders with cheese

It seems like all the McDonalds restaurants in the Joliet/Plainfield, IL area serve undercooked quarter pounders. Have complained numerous times by filling out the receipts but nobody seems to care. Eventually someone is going to become very ill by eating what is basically raw beef. i tried a different location today at lunch and same thing... inside of the burger is raw...yuck. Considering they raised their prices, the least they could do is cook the food completely.

Also, fries are dark brown, hard and cold.

poor and unprofessional service.

On 12/11/2018 we went to the McDonald's. After ordering our food the server was absolutely unprofessional...

dry stale buns and a dry big mac sandwich.

Every trip to Littleton Walmart mc Donald's the service is poor. They are either out of stuff or grill isn't...

bad customer service, incorrect orders, rude staff and bad cold food falling apart.

There have been many occasions where McDonald's Sydenham make you think that they either don't care about their jobs or don't care about the service you get. You constantly don't get the correct order even though you are sometimes made to wait 15min in waiting bay. Food is pretty much always cold the burgers are falling apart and you never get the extra sauce or they leave the onions in when you say no onions. Today we received the wrong ice creams, the Mc Spider had no ice cream in it first, the second time the lid wasn't put on properly and as worker was giving it to me through car window it fell all over the inside of my car, third time syrup was still all over the outside of the cup and had to tell worker to please wipe it or give me some tissues which she replied with a sigh and walked off, fourth time came back with the exact same problem just not as bad as the third time but still had syrup, by then I was over it told the worker it's the same and asked about the tissues which she ignored and walked back into the store without a reply. This is the first time I have made a complaint like this before but honestly that store is the worst store I have ever been to in my life. Workers need to be trained properly or sacked and then given to people who actually care, please do something about this store so that they can actually realise how bad their service is with both food and customer service.

getting our order correct and in a timely manner

Several times we have ordered quarter pounder with no ketchup. When we get home and go to eat we find ketchup...

shift manager

I'm complaining about nikki she is very disrespectful to the workers and customers she talk as if she has kids in there she need to b removed this is not the only time I came in there n seen her acting this way. I come in almost everyday I been coming here for years I don't like her ways my experience there when she's the is not satisfied at all...