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On 11/27/2019, I ordered a large mocha frappacino and paid for a large one, yet I got a medium. I didn't have time to go back through drive thru so I kept the receipt and the cup (with ticket attached). On 11/29, I brought it to the attention of the manager. I told her I should get a large frappe and only be charged for a medium. They took the receipt and the cup. They gave me a large frappe but still charged me for the large so it made no difference to the manager. In fact, they didn't even give me a receipt, but when I checked my bank account, they had charged me for a large. Yesterday, 12/2, I went to the same McDonald's and the girl shorted me a dime. I know that's not much, but it's the principle. POOR customer service. I go to McDonald's several times EVERY week so I am a regular customer. You don't treat your regular customers like that. I won't go to this particular McDonald's again. I doubt very seriously if anything will be done anyway.


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      Dec 03, 2019

    Funny how you returned to the medium cup for two day. It is obvious what you are trying to do. You are just upset that you got caught. Also I am sure being shorted a dime was a mistake. Everyone makes them. Even you. For example you are referring to her as girl when she is over 18.

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