MC LogisticsI hauled sunoco's crude oil for one of your carriers

J Sep 08, 2018

I am from nampa idaho I was flown to midland texas and I worked hauling crude oil from oil wells in and around snyder texas I took the oil to the sonoco pump station in wichita falls. I lived in the truck and work everyday for a month straight calling back and forth from snyder to wichita falls I was dedicated sunoco lp I picked up a lot of the apache wells. Over $7, 000 in a month into working for mc logistics I started questioning why I have not received a paycheck the hr lady for mc logistics did stuff that I never knew was possible for a company to do especially a company representing sunoco lp needless to say instead of getting paid I was terminated for absolutely no reason at all and stranded in abilene texas. I started working immediately for another company and earn enough money to fly back to idaho where I reside. I thought that I would beginning paid from the company 4 all the work I did that whole month I have copies of the sunoco lp bo l and all the proof to back my story. My last day was august 22 2018. I still have not received any money from mc logistics i've tried every avenue to get them to pay me. Because of this company I have lost everything I just moved out of my house today I am now homeless i've been on my own since 14 I don't have family too help me
I have a new job and trying to ketchup from not getting paid for a whole month. What this company did to me is unacceptable by any standards. I am all out of options the only thing I can do now is try to find an attorney that will take on my case. I also i'm going to put a lien on the oil well that I picked up the crude oil from. Before I do all of that I wanted to contact the human resources department of sunoco and let you know what is going on I should not have to go through all of this to get paid. And since it is going to affect sunoco lp before I do anything legally I wanted to inform sunoco lp of my problem and my intentions I don't think a company like sunoco lp would tolerate a company that is representing them and hauling their products to conduct themselves in this fashion I tried all I can to request my paycheck and I am getting nowhere. I am in such a mess because of this company I am living in my car and losing everything that i've worked so hard for my whole life I lost my home i'm trying to hold on to what I have left please somebody help me.[protected] jeremy robertson

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