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Mayan Palace Resorts review: Timeshare fraud

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12:00 am EST
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We were lied to by the salespeople throughout our presentation. Nothing they said was actually true. Do not go to their resort. The free breakfast was certainly not worth the misery we now are going through. At the presentation, we told the sales rep that we were not interested in the timeshare, that we were happy with our current timeshare, she then shifted gears and told us it was a great investment! That we would OWN a part of the Mayan Palace and that our current timeshare did not offer ownership. She also told us that we could make a profit if we allowed them to rent out our units. This is totally untrue. The sales rep told us that the Mayan Palace would BUY our current timeshare but it would mean that we could not cancel our contract with them even within the 5 day grace period. This is also untrue. You are always allowed a 5 day cancellation period by Mexican law.

Update by Brent Dangerfield
Dec 24, 2007 4:35 pm EST

My dispute with the Mayan Palace has been satisfactorily resolved. I have no further issues with the resort. Brent Dangerfield.

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Dec 14, 2011 11:16 pm EST

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