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Mattress RIPP OFF by C&C MattressSEALY and C&C Mattress

C&C Mattress sold us what was supposed to be new Sealy Latex mattress. The day it arrived they delivery men refused to allow us to inspect mattress. After they left it we opened the box and discovered the split down the side of the mattress. We immediately called the merchant and
E-mailed pictures to Peter Cancelli, dba C&C Mattress whereupon he E-mailed his reply stating it was defective. We requested a replacement, but C&C Mattress has refused. Now we are out over $2100.00 and stuck with a mattress that has split down the side.
They charged my account for a defective mattress even though we phoned them and advised them of the defect on the day it was delivered.
I have contacted C&C Mattress by telephone and by e-mail in order to try to resolve the dispute. C&C Mattress told us to get it sewn. C&C Mattress told us our request for a replacement was not reasonable because replacing it would cut into his profit. Sealy told us they don't warranty defective stitching and directed us back to C&C Mattress. C&C mattress has continued to refuse to our requests and as recently as Tuesday, 2-10-09, advised us to make no further attempts to contact them.


  • Sw
    Swallow Mar 08, 2009


    As of 3/8/09, C&C Mattress has refused to provide a replacement. He took over $2100 of our money and sent us a mattress with a hole in the side. We had to dispute the charges because Cancelli said he would rather see us suffer than give up his profit.
    So beware charging anything with this company if you let him sucker you in with his low price. No credit card will protect you on out of state purchases. We had to find that out the hard way thanks to liars like "Pete" Cancelli.

    Finally, Cancelli claimed he would send a replacement when the dispute was finished. It's finished. Where is the replacement you promised to send us !

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  • Cc
    ccvic Mar 13, 2009

    Buyer beware! He's acted like that because he knows he can get your money before you get your mattress and once he gets your $, it's like meat in a wolf's stomach. This wolf blog expert has such heart-warming sheep's clothes on him, and lives merrily among the vulnerable consumer sheep in the sleepland.

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  • Ca
    C&C Mattress Apr 30, 2009

    My name is Peter Cancelli, the owner of C&C Mattress. Steve, from St Louis, received a mattress, which we had shipped to him. He signed for it as having received it in good condition. Later, her sent pictures of an open tape
    edge. I had no way of knowing if it happened while he was handling it, or if it had been incorrectly sewn at the factory. Just the same, for the sake of customer satisfaction, we offered to send out an upholsterer to sew it closed, but Steve wasn't happy with, we ordered him a new mattress. The mattress was made and sent to our shipper a week later...on the same day we received notice from Steve's credit card company of his intenet to stop payment. In the face of this, we stopped shipment. We told Steve that if he would reverse the chargeback, we would release the mattress for exchange.
    We are currently in the middle of the stand-off that Steve created.

    Furthermore, Steve has identified himself as a prosecutor and has threatened me, and I quote: 'I have no choice but to have this matter investigated by the New Jersey Secratary of State and Attorney General. I will pursue you both in State Court as well Federal Court for practicing in fraudulent interstate commerce.'

    If Steve is, in fact, a prosecutor, It is likely to be illegal for him to abuse his authority of personal reasons.

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  • Andrew Perring Mar 31, 2010

    I agree with C&C,
    the customers these days will do anything just to get a replacement or anything else for free. They feel that they have so many rights living in the USA that they comfortably screw a business over because they think that businesses make so much money that 1 or 2 customers won’t change anything. I work for a mattress company too and I know how customers call all the time and claim that the mattress is defective. Also I've seen customer cut their own mattress and swear it was defective so they can reselect. What is this world coming to? If businesses were really taking money and sending out junk.. How long would they last? It’s the customers that write on the websites are the scammers, and they just didn’t get it their way.

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