Mattress MartDamaged Home


I purchased a mattress from the Mattress Mart superstore on Colonnade Rd in January 09 and had them deliver it which went smoothly.

A month or so later, I decided to upgrade to a larger size which wasn't a problem because of their 60 day sleep guarantee. Now, the house is brand new and has hardwood flooring at the top of the stairs leading into each bedroom. When the delivery guys came, they removed the old mattress and box spring, then brought the new ones in. Unfortunately for me, the delivery guys left a 12 inch scar on my hardwood that I did not notice until left. It was after their store hours before I noticed, so I got in contact with someone in their organization first thing in the morning.

Initially, they were polite and offered to pay to have the floor fixed, that is until I sent them the quote my contractor provided me. Immediately the tone of their correspondance changed from polite to rude. They offered me just over 15% of the quote as a "goodwill" gesture and told me that was all I would get.

I am no pursuing legal action.

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