Mattress Firmsalesperson

M Aug 12, 2018

Me and 3 friends went to the Mattress Firm in Denton, Texas last night to get a mattress for a roommate moving in, we are very cheap and simple when it comes to buying things. It was the same mattress firm I bought my mattress from 6 months ago, apparently my mattress is now considered a piece of crap and they have taken it off their floor but that's the salespersons opinion, so we tried to get my buddy a new cheap bed but the prices weren't lineig out and neither was the attitude of this sales lady, so we decided to take our business somewhere else, but on the way out she decides to teach us about life choices and tell us to have good luck with back problems and bed bugs, we just wanted to be cheap but I guess us second class citizens need life lessons. Really wish I could have gotten her name

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