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Marshall FordLack of communication

We are having our tags held hostage on a vehicle we bought at the first of August. We paid 1500.00 down but then oru saleman Reggie wanted 500.00 more so we wrote a post dated check for the 12th of August. On the 12th he called yelling at my husband wheres my money. But he never told us we had to come back in with cash and get our check back which is bizaar so realizing he hadn't told us he got the manager to deposit just as we assumed would be the case. So now it's the 11th and we haven't gotten our tags so we called and they told us we had to bring in proof the check cleared?

Is that legal to hold your tags. Looking online the check had cleared a week ago but instead of having good customer service they are burdening us with providing proof in person to their dealership nearly an hour away.

Get this I called customer service and was given the very person I was calling to complain about then when I spoke to the General Manager he did nothing just reiterated it's their policy. Well it's not their policy because we bought an Expedition from there not even 12 months prior and our tags were rec'd no problem.

Lack of communication abounds in this dismall excuse of a dealership. In the first place we didn't use the same sales woman from the first time because she couldn't warranty our vehicle (2000 Expedition) and then within 3 months we were told the heater core needed replaced. Bet they knew that.

So we gave them another chance and this time drew the Reggie card which proved to be a very forgetful African American man who never listened once to what we wanted and acted like a street pedlar crazy to get his money.

Is it legal to hold our tags hostage when we are financed not through them and the vehicle is ours not theres anymore especially since our bank cleared the addtional 500.00... I gotta believe it's both unethical and illegal.

All I can say is I tried them twice and both times they sucked.

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