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1 South Africa

Dear Vodacom

At the moment I am a very unhappy person, because Vodacom messed up on my account and cancelled my one handset with 10gig data, my account is a mess and it will MAYBE take 7 working days to sort out, and the other inconvenience is that the money will go off my bank account at the end of the month,
I have added a complaint to Vodacom, ,
I have requested from Vodacom send me a "SETTLEMENT AMOUNT" just the AMOUNT [protected]), but instead Vodacom's staff member that does not know what is going on, they have CANCELLED my contract on the above number and transfer over to prepaid,
no 1 I have lost all the data, WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS DATA? on my account they have added a cancellation fee, I believe this were credited on my account.
Now on my account they have added the normal fee for the above number, I believe this will take another 7 working days to cancel. Why do my bank account have to suffer (I have to be debited on my bank account) because this will NOT be sorted before the Debit Orders are going through to the bank.
I cannot believe that not ONE MANAGER have phone me back about this.
My account is sitting on R925.29, after credit from last month has been credited and debited of my bank account
My normal account for all my contracts is +-R709.00, last month because of Vodacom's stupit mistakes is added to +-R766.00

I am very very unhappy about this, if Vodacom cannot sorted this out because the end of the month, let me know and I will get the Umbadsman involved in sit.

I am so sick of mistakes on my account, this is the 3rd problem on my account and battle to sort this out every single time

Many thanks
Marlene Swanepoel

Apr 15, 2019

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