Marlboro72's - cigarettes


I am a member attending your web-site for gift, challenge and coupons every month. This month I received a $1.00 a pack of ANY style Marlboro's. When I got to the store the merchant had $4.05 a pack in front of all the Marlboro's. When I gave him the coupon he said it was not good on the Marlboro's on sale, just the regular priced ones for $5.50 a pack or the 72's. I said I wanted full flavor 100's for the $4.05 a pack. Again, he said the coupons are not good on anything but regular price and 72's, so I ended up getting the red and silver 72's, which is basically 1/2 a cigarette for the same price and a 100. In the car I opened up the pack and seen how short they were and took them back in. I couldn't get a refund for the coupon so I took the $4.50 and went to Price Cutter here in town and got a pack of Pall Mall Reds 100's for $3.10 and was happy. For now, just because of this, I am not going to buy Marlboros if thats the policy. A lot of the less expensive ones are just as good tasting without jumping through hoops to get a discount on yours.

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