Market Street Grillnew york strip steak

D Jul 11, 2019

I was traveling through Salt Lake City yesterday morning and had a layover of about four hours. It was about 11 o'clock I decided to go look for a place to get lunch. After passing up seven or eight places I came across the HMS Host Market St., Grill. The hostess seated me right away and within a couple minutes Sandra, the server, introduce herself, handed me a menu, and took my drink order which was coffee with cream and water with no ice. I looked over the menu and decided to treat myself to a decent meal so I ordered the New York strip which is described as a 7 ounce steak. I also saw other options such as steak sandwiches and steak and eggs prior to 1030. These were called flat iron and I decided to pass on those. I review New York strip medium, green salad with thousand island dressing, market potatoes, and steamed broccoli for the vegetable. The order did not take too long and Sandra asked me if I wanted a refill on my coffee. The potatoes were cooked to satisfaction green salad with fresh in the broccoli is tender enough. When it came to the steak I was very disappointed. I realize it was only a 7 ounce steak, but as I cut into it I found a considerable amount of gristle which was several inches into the steak on one end and about an inch in on the other and approximately a half inch wide down the full length of one side. I'm not in the habit of complaining but I did have a very hard time chewing and swallowing what should've been palatable meal. It wasn't until I got home was looking at the number to call that I found on the menu it said I ordered one flat iron steak for 32.99 which I paid for. Didn't have time by then to stick around because I had to catch a flight. Don't know if anybody cares but without some kind of satisfaction I definitely will not be in that restaurant again or recommend it to anyone else.

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