Mark A. Campbell, GA Bar 384028, DOB 12/25/1969, a child molestera disgraced and thief attorney who must be locked in cage

A Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

Mark A Campbell (DOB 12/25/1969) has no place to practice. He is mentally sick, a sex offender and child molester, surviving on his one son's (Nicholas Campbell) disability benefits and food stamps.

Mark A. Campbell makes bread by filing fake and fabricated cases against innocent people, by using fake Internet links to posts that he has placed hismelf to "create a case." He cooperates with all these hate-sites and corrupted Judges of Dekalb County Superior Court, GA.

His entire family is sick and nefarious. His turtle wife, Nicolle Campbell, is an obvious embodiment of degenerate mind and body, and his violent son, Nicholas Campbell is the next school shooter.

The attorney Cambell himself has multiple criminal records (credit card theft, shoplifting) he has zero reputation, no place to practice and feeds his ugly family with food stamps.


  • To the law and enforcement
    Re: the law fugitive, Mark A Campbell, GA

    The fake attorney Mark A Campbell (currently revoked GA Bar # 384028, and DOB 12/25/1969) is your fugitive. He has fled again from prosecution, from his last address in Dacula/GA and currently resides in the River Club real estate community, in Suwanee, GA. Catch him and lock him. We had enough of this evil that makes cases based on web forgeries and impersonations, corrupts judges (in cases that do not even have subject matter), and ruins lives of the moral and hardworking people. He represents the villain monster of all time, number one internet criminal Marina Noble (Marine Mkhitaryan) from Watertown, MA, often seen in West Yarmouth, MA.

    Below is that dingbat criminal attorney's picture with his stripper-actress wife and ugly son, Nicholas. Again, they now reside in River Club properties, in Suwanee, GA. We look forward to hear the news of his imprisonment. This family is a social hazard and burden:

    mentally sick evil attorney with no manhood (fake case maker) - Mark Andrew Campbell, GA Bar 384028
    stripper shoplifter fatty wife Nicolle Campbell
    mentally disabled son Nicholas Campbell.

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