MarisBrooks ContractorsStay away


I had MarisBrooks side my house with the guarantee the job would be done professionally and quickly. This was right after they installed a new roof. I was told by Steve Reichert that he did all of the work with his own employees. It became obvious after the job started that he subbed the job out to someone else. Needless to say the subs don't really care about time tables or quality. The job went on for 2 months when I was told it would be 2-3 weeks tops. My yard was destroyed, there are still nails all over my yard, and the caulk job looked like it was rushed and not done properly. The painted corners and trim are flaking off which Steve says he will take care of, but since he got his final check he won't return phone calls. I held back some money but I don't think it was enough to cover everything if I get someone else to do the punchlist. Now I found out he didn't pay the subs because they showed up at my house wanting to remove the siding unless they got paid. When I called Steve, naturally I didn't get a call back. When I call the office the secretary says she will get a hold of him, but that doesn't happen. Now I have an unfinished job and subcontractors hassling me for a job that was pretty costly. I'm filing a complaint with the BBB to see if that helps. Hopefully this will save someone else the aggravation i am going through.

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