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Marcus Evans Sales Executive SingaporeExtraordinarily bad HR, hiring calls

A person called Jasmine from Marcus Evan Singapore called me a couple of hours ago and I am still reeling from shock. She was pretentious, pushy, rude and condescending. She even made snide, sarcastic remarks about my qualifications because I didn't answer her quick enough. I was in the train when she called (she could only get through after three trys cause I was underground) and it was hard hearing her talk. Wanted to tell her that she was breaking up over the phone and that it might have been not ok to talk after all as it suddenly got crowded, but I was too shellshocked at how she reacted when I did not answer her questions quickly. "Its quite shocking to know that you studied ****" and "Are you sure you sent out the right CV?", was how she responded. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind as I was very, very agitated at that moment but I did not want to make a scene in the train. Throughout the conversation, the only safe thing I could force out of myself was "Yeah". The language out of me could, and should have been much worse. Even worse, her number was blocked so I cannot even call back now.

That was the second time someone from Marcus Evans called me. The first time was equally as irritating. The person, not Jasmine, was equally as condescending when she asked me do I know what position I had applied for (sales). I hesitated when answering cause I had forgotten exactly what the job title was - so I answered "sales management trainee". She then recommended me to take a piece of pen and paper. I struggled to find a notepad to just to find out later that all she wanted me to do was to take down the website,, go to the career section to read up about the sales job description and also what the company does. Later, I found out that the job i had applied to on was indeed titled sales management opportunity. which explains little what the sales executive description was on its site:

I seriously doubt that I was rude in any way in responding to their questions during their calls. This is the first time that I have been dealt with this way by HR personnel (or whoever they are). Even if, and only if, I had offended them in any way I feel that they have responded bitterly. They didn't seem to want to help or be patient enough for a proper answer before lashing out.

I'm writing about my experience here as I want to know if there has been others treated similarly by the people from Marcus Evans Singapore. Even if I'm totally in the wrong or have by some miracle somehow provoked them to receive such rude responses I still feel that they should not have talked to me that way. Wonder if there been anyone else treated poorly by this company in their hiring procedures?

And anyone else with anything else to complain about the company?


  • Ru
    Russ Caveman Aug 11, 2009

    Think of this as a lucky escape. If there is a worse company to work for, I have yet to hear of it.

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  • Gg
    G G Aug 12, 2009

    From my experience, organisations that put you in a spot or rude during their phone screening process, did it intentionally to test your emotional response, your objection handling skills and etc. If you take up or they offer you the sales position, you are most likely to occasionally come in contact with clients of this nature.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the working environment there are very competitive and a pressure cooker. Be glad that it did not work out for you because organisation like this wants you to justify your existence daily. Maybe marcus evans is not right for you and you are not right for the role.


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  • Ka
    kai123 Aug 13, 2009

    I wonder if anyone ever had a bad working experience from ME Singapore ?

    I also received a call from a lady named Priscilla. She spoke with a condesending tone. and was real pushy. A respectable company would definately not do that. They would allow you time to consider and think through before committing to a job.

    First she told me all the perks of the job, how great and glamourous it is. that they believe in organic growth within the company. She called me on thurs. and said if you are OK with the Job description, we will want you to start on Monday. I asked her "Oh, what about the interview?" And she didn;t even mention anything about it. I than proceed to tell her that I have commitments till end of Aug and could only start in Sept (Im just testing water and not really interested in taking up the deal), I mean, there was no discussion on incentives and proper interview, and she wants me to start on MON???? And she immediately become very rude and said that 'Oh, we only want ppl who is committed and sure of what they wants. Come on man, from the pushy way she speaks, I really dont see how great this company is going to be.

    When i didnt accept the 'offer' on the phone, she immediately told me they are hiring 6 individuals and 5 had all confirmed. If i dont hurry, maybe it'll be filled up soon! and they only hire quality candidates from SMU, NTU, NUS.

    But seriously, it sounds real shady to me. And Im going to give it a miss. Maybe freshiess will get hooked by the pressurizing way she spoke.. but definately not me. Im not going to waste my time working in a company full of bad online reputation, and bad hiring phone manners. so FULL OF THEMSELVES!!! yucks.

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  • 00
    0001hrs Aug 17, 2009


    I would think immediately requesting you to accept the position over the phone plays out like a scam to me, especially for a "big outfit" like Marcus Evans.

    The position getting filled up is probably a lie as well, seeing how the job posting for Marcus Evans is still on TOP of the [email protected] website online.

    G G,

    Most certainly agree with what you said:

    "From my experience, organisations that put you in a spot or rude during their phone screening process, did it intentionally to test your emotional response, your objection handling skills and etc."

    And I am sure they hire the right people for the job. But insulting someone in the first 30 seconds of a phone call is not my idea of how a good interview should be like. Worse, they my contact details from the resume I sent out and you have no idea what could they do to you if you react aggressively.

    And "If you take up or they offer you the sales position, you are most likely to occasionally come in contact with clients of this nature"

    I agree with you. Most certainly there would be contact with such people, especially in impatient Singapore. But it also means that I would already be on the job, ready to await such rude phonecalls.

    I've do doubt that Marcus Evans is a competitive place to work in. Yes, it is probably akin to a pressure cooker. But which sales job isn't. I've been interviewed by banks and insurance companies for similar type jobs and they definitely grilled me over the phone also, but not in the way Marcus Evan does it.

    What right do they have ruining someone's day by being rude? Isn't Singapore stressful enough? Hope they are not passing the stress from their workload to the interviewees they are calling up.

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  • Vy
    vyner Aug 18, 2009

    Hi There, i am having the same experience with this company calling me for interview for the same position
    However, in end i not turn out as i believe a lot of negative news about this company and the company culture is very bad. Is anyone working with them?

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  • Ka
    Kasha Oct 13, 2009

    Hi Everyone,

    I experienced the same about two hours ago when I received a call by a lady from Marcus Evans. She cracked me up because she was trying her best to speak with an American accent and failed terribly. As we went further into the call, she started to sound sarcastic and seriously condescending and I decided immediately that I did not want that position. I do not let such cocky people bring me down because I do not owe them anything and definitely not my life and happiness. Hope you guys find jobs that suit you and and that you enjoy doing because that's most important.

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  • Ka
    Kasha Oct 13, 2009

    Really? only graduates from NTU, NUS, SMU? Well, i guess i'm not qualified since I'm only a Diploma holder from NYP. They are seriously weird.

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  • Jo
    John Park Oct 19, 2009

    well they should understand gone are the days now when you use that v r hiring 6 ppl and 5 are confirmed already. it neither work for job interview nor it works in corporate sales. everyone knows that its a fake urgency. I am in sales and i know this crap. to be honest i worked wt Marcus Evans for 1 yr. I learned lotsssss of things like how to handle pressure and how to be straight to DM's in Corporate world. but these 2 ladies being metioned in the complaint are real ### there. they are rude to clients and to employees there. and thats y Marcus Evans have such a bad name in corporate world rightnow. there are few ppl there who are like this. but its upto an individual how you want to shape up urself and how you pick up good things abt the organization. I took good things from them and moved on in my career. no regrets!!!

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  • Me
    ME Rockstar Oct 20, 2009

    That's the culture at Marcus Evans, I guess. The tough gets in.. The tougher stays longer than 3 months.. The toughest move up the mgt after sweating blood and tears..

    But the wiser ones like me, after a good hell of a training, leave and move on to become the best.. No regrets, too! Haha! =)

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  • Zi
    zipps Nov 24, 2009

    In response to your post

    Marcus Evans Sales Executive Singapore
    Posted: 2009-08-11 by 0001hrs

    I am pleased to share with you jasmine's mobile number [protected].

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  • Kw
    kwek69 Nov 24, 2009

    Ha ha, the comment people write on here is so true - I worked for this group and the recruitment approach is very amateur and pressured although ultimately they will take pretty much anyone, so the spin on selecting from only NTU, NUS, SMU, etc isn't strictly correct. They try to portray an image of superiority which is very far wide of the mark and totally fake.

    I saw and heard some of the most terrible things go on there, from the senior management down and they cannot consider themselves a professional, respectable organization in any way and deep down they know this. I would imagine the people in question are embarrassed by what they do and how they do it and maybe their guilty conscience leads them to be so aggressive and rude????

    The reputation they have in the corporate world is very bad and many of the events they run are a disaster. I did meet some good people there but most of them do not last long and leave as they quickly realise what a total sham the whole set up is, governed by a bunch of crooks that are only interested in and driven by one thing - and it sure is not respect for others or ethics!!!


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  • Nl
    nlbm86 Dec 07, 2009

    listen one simple word of advice. Do NOT work for Marcus Evans. trust me i know this from experience. from the day you start you are thinking how you are going to get out of it!!! stay away...far away! i wish i did! waste of my life

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  • Vc
    vchester Dec 12, 2009

    I worked in the Chicago office for 1 year. There is very little quality control when it comes to the sales force. CEO's and Presidents of target companies are called so many times that ME's Do Not Call list is well over 20 pages long. The pitch always involves a last minute cancellation giving the customer a sense of urgency to buy within 48 hours or miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

    ME puts on events at some stellar locations. They usually have a noteworthy list of attendees. The reality is the buy-side attendees come to network among themselves and have little interest in meeting the sell-side attendees who have payed a mint to attend in the hopes of generating business more efficiently by having executive meetings. Amazingly I spoke to a buy-side attendee who went only for the keynote presentations and was clueless that she was supposed to take meetings. This means her ME contact said whatever was needed to fill his or her quota for the day.

    Thus, many meetings are missed due to no-shows and non-interest from the buy-side.
    The bottom line is the concept could work, but ME has a churn and burn attitude and it's reputation has finally caught up with itself. The turnover is ASTRONOMICAL!

    Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this circus.

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  • An
    Anonymous1984 Dec 17, 2009

    I worked for 2 years in the Prague office and completely agree with the above. I just wanted to add a few points:

    1. The person who interviews you is not a HR person. They are either a team leader or an assistant manager. Their interview will follow a script. They will use the same urgency scenarios on you that they use on clients to see how desparate you are. They only want people who will follow them blidly and this is their first test.

    2. As stated by the American above, everything in the sales pitch is a lie apart from the speakers and topics. Having said that often the topics are not finalised when the event is being sold. The augency scenarios are so unbelievably stupid. There is only every 1-2 places available for an event even if it's 3 months away because they limit the amount of people who can attend by region... BS! Anyone can come even you or me. These conferences not no more senior than any other, they're just an excuse to wrip people off. Fact if never buy the argency. You can just turn up on the day and still get in providing you can afford to pay.

    3. In Prague early in 2009 they fired around half of the workforce illegal leading to a lawsuit, The General Manager was moved to South Africa and they had to rebuild the whole office. When people were let go from production they did not receive their due financial payoffs. On sales they just "fired" around half of their employees by giving them unrealistic and unobtainable targets, which they knew noone could reach.

    marcusevans is the worst company I have every worked for, but because of the long working hours 8:15am-5:30pm plus 2 hours research time per day (realistically leaving the office at 7:30pm) it is nearly impossible to arrange interviews anywhere else to leave.

    Final point... the basic salary for sales people in Prague is 9, 500kc per month. This is around $500-500. The average salary in this country is around 25, 000kcper month. With the current economic situation you should be prepared to live in poverty if you with to work for ME.

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  • Ze
    zennelle Jan 04, 2010

    I am quite shocked to hear all the negative comments about this company as I was always under the impression that ME was a reputable events management company that many who are interested in a job in events can only dream of.

    I had previously written to them (three years ago) for a position in sales but did not receive any reply.
    I had thought that a non reply meant that I didnt qualify given my lack of sales experience then as I was a fresh grad.

    Now that I had accumulated a few years of sales experience, I figured I can finally apply to them for a job, only to be pretty disappointed after so much negative comments.

    Now I am undecided.

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  • Zo
    zoob Jan 26, 2010

    Don't pitch to the ### (pa or secretary) is the marcus evans mantra . The illusive Marcus Evans with his 20 odd registered companies in Bermuda has done very well for himself. Even though the mysterious Marcus is the proud owner of Ipswich Town football club no one has ever seen him!! Does he really exist? My career with this rather venomous company lasted just one month having been quite rightly sacked before my manager went on his holidays as he was well aware of my potential disruptive influence. I was chastised for talking to the CEO's and managing directors outside of my rehearsed pitch. But how can you resist asking the MD of the company building Wembley stadium if it will ever be finished or having a laugh with the really smart PA who sees through your ruse whilst lying that you need your good friend Alan Sugar's mobile number as he is invited to my Dorset mansion for the weekend and I have left my bloody mobile at home. Alan Sugar's mobile phone number was on the "A" list of wanted numbers as if you have the mobile you can obviously bypass the "###". As if the scowling Alan Sugar was going to fall for my "last minute opportunity due to a cancellation" to invite his buddies to some crappy marquee in some garden outside of the St Andrew's Open golf event (Marcus Evens are not permitted in the events they just supply the tickets). I was amazed that anyone took the job seriously as a career but many obviously do. Quite frankly if any CEO or MD is stupid enough to fall for this type of scam then who am I to criticise Marcus Evans. The real crime with the sports hospitality wing of the Marcus Evans business is that as with many other similar companies they can get their grubby little hands on a seemingly limitless number of tickets for some of the top sporting events around the world preventing true fans ever getting the opportunity to buy tickets unless they are willing to pay ridiculously inflated black market prices.

    If you like lying, conforming to a regimented environment, wearing suits for tele-sales, repeating yourself all day every day and would like a mock work title (sales executive) then I recommend applying for a job with Marcus Evans.

    and the really great thing is it is almost impossible not to get the job!!

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  • Vd
    VDG Feb 11, 2010

    I searched online for more info on Marcus Evans after getting some bad attitude from an account manager called Ravin who tried to sell us one of their Marketing conferences.

    He was pretentious, spoke with a funny American drawl, pugnacious and in-the-face-- exactly as the rest of the posts here had described.

    What happened was this: he called in asking for my colleague who wasn't in today, and when I offered to take a message, the first question he asked me was, "What's your designation?"

    Then followed a long sales pitch before he shot again, "What's your full name?" I told him it wasn't necessary to get my name in full, and my email would suffice. But he insisted until I snapped, "You don't need my full name to email me, right?" He continued by asking when my colleague would return, and if my boss was in the office. All these questions just to send us information about their conference??

    I told him I wouldn't know if my boss was in office, and when he insisted on knowing if he'll be in office today, I replied that I wasn't my boss's secretary. Before Ravin ended the call, he had the cheek to ask, "Tell me, why that offensive tone?"

    Quite obviously it should be 'offended' tone, but I guess that's where his script failed him.

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  • Ju
    juja Feb 18, 2010

    the thing about jasmine is not true. she talked to me in calm manner. and not american accent dear, the higher authorities are being sent to study "English in England". thus, the british tone. that's also because their base is in UK itself. look through the Corporate brochure and the corporate websites to know more.

    their company is expanding, and the need to not waste any time (especially in sales and meeting targets and being results oriented) is crucial to find the right people.

    and trhe reason why they asked for designation (just in case you're the boss' secretary) is because they are a company that hold events for the decision makers of the company - like CEOs, MDs, VPs, managerial posts.

    did you guys not do any research.

    zenelle, go for it. you've been wanting to work for them, just because of these negative comments, you're gonna hinder yourself from your dreams?

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  • Jo
    JohnnyCian Mar 16, 2010

    marcus evans is one of the best companies you could work for if you wish to develop yourself to an exceptional degree, the best performers make waaay above the normal salaray of other executives in other industries of their level. I am not from marcus evans but some of my friends are and I am in awe at how much money they make. (their not posing either) But yes you have to be REAL good at it.

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  • An
    ancient May 11, 2010

    Seems like all of you who made all this jealous remarks are rejects by the company. My sympathy goes out to you all.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Rahme Jul 13, 2010

    Some people seek power, success and money, while others would rather do something less rewarding in terms of cash but that would bring them joy and inner peace. Yet to my astonishment, I find myself between the lucky few ones that were able to have the best of both worlds, "money" and "joy, at a company that combines all these elements mentioned above. That company is called Marcus Evans.

    It all started with a random job application, and turned out to be a success story. First and foremost, you should know that working at Marcus Evans is not a regular job. In fact, it is much more than a job. It’s a training school, an adventure, an experience, and for the successful perseverant ones, an achievement.

    It is all due to the beautiful friendly atmosphere between colleagues and managers, where one's success is perceived as everyone’s success-- to the essence and nature of the job, that consists of communicating with C-level executives at corporations from all over the world, and having the chance to travel, meet and work with them at prestigious summits that are held at the the most prestigious hotels and resorts-- and being highly compensated in terms of salary and incentives. The latter are given to reward those who work hard in order to constantly motivate us, keep us positive and energized, and those incentives would include trips, days off, cash incentives, so on and so forth.

    Moreover, the knowledge and expertise that is gained is incomparable to any other training given at any other corporations, as it is extremely meticulous and intensive. Negotiation, communication, qualification, all these techniques are intensively taught which makes Marcus Evans’ employees ones that not only succeed at their jobs, but in their daily lives as well, as these taught materials are tools that each and every one of us uses in the course of our lives.

    Winston Churchill once said in one of his speeches: "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." And this is precisely what we are taught during the daily trainings that are conducted by directors and managers, with an aim of constantly ensuring that the staff is continuously motivated and positive, and so that every failure is taken as a lesson, in a way that lesson after another, a chapter will be formed, and each chapter combined will result with a book, and that book will represent every employee's story, successes and achievements.

    What makes this job so unique is its ability to meet its purpose and be so many other things in the same time. By purpose I mean financial incentives and huge paychecks- which is every employee's goal at the end of the day- and by many other things, I mean the sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction that booking deals generates -- Waking up excited every morning, having something to look forward to for the day, going to a place you call home, and work with people you call friends and family--all these factors combined are in my opinion everything one could wish for in terms of employment - and way of life.

    I have only been physically in Montreal for 3 months, and I have graduated a year ago with a bachelor in political science. I had a year of work experience prior to coming to Montreal, and am currently mastering in management. And just like every young graduate, I came to this metropolitan city searching for an opportunity to enhance my carrier, realize my goals, and start gathering every necessary tool required to make my first million dollars. And the best thing that happened to me was to have been welcomed on Marcus Evans' team.

    I can say with absolute confidence that working at Marcus Evans is an opportunity that increased my knowledge and skills on so many levels, and the best is yet to come, as I am only 22 years old and it is only the beginning, so for those of you who are searching for this opportunity that will push your start button and have you begin your journey of success and achievements, I strongly advise you to apply and try to join Marcus Evans' team.

    And for those of you who are asking themselves whether they can actually make it, you should know that the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is not a lack of strength, nor a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. So all you have to do is really want something and work hard for it, and at that moment, nothing will stand in your way nor stop you from having it.
    And that is in fact the most important lesson I've learned at Marcus Evans.

    For further inquiries or questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
    Sara Rahme
    [email protected]

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  • Wi
    willt Jul 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After only a couple months of dedicated and focused work, I was rewarded by a promotion to Senior Account Executive. Since I've been at Marcus Evans, I've gained some amazing exposure to industries that are as diverse as pharmaceutical marketing, to distribution technology, to my current summit platform, mid-market CFO. My achievements here in the Summits Division have been well recognized by both my clients and by the supportive management.

    Having never worked on an open sales floor before, I admittedly was apprehensive of it would entail and what I was in store for. Though the sales floor does become quite loud with the buzz of energy that's generated by my colleagues and myself when we're all making calls, it's definitely an exciting experience that's driven by the will to succeed and to serve our clients well.

    In addition, the financial packages are proven to be of great motivation, from cash incentives to group incentive trips to Miami or Las Vegas, we always have the ability to shine and to be rewarded for our hard work. Financial stability is important, and I know that I can be comfortable at Marcus Evans knowing that I will be rewarded based on my hard work.

    Will, Chicago, Illinois

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  • Al
    Alexander Kozij Aug 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My response to this article unfortunately will not be as detailed nor as as Sara Rahme's. However, I can provide some insight into the organization.

    I started working for them when was 18 in Singapore. Without any education or training they took me in and taught me how to deal with C-Level executives at a global level.

    By about 19 I was making around $50, 000 - $60, 000 Singapore dollars per year.

    I was then transferred to work in their Shanghai office and then later got to work in San Diego, California for the company.

    Throughout my tenure in the USA I worked with fortune 1000 CFO's. I got to meet George Bush Snr at a CFO Summit.

    The job is not easy. The job has a low base salary. The top performers in the company earn six figures. These are not even people that are in management. I was trained by an amazing pool of talent from Australia, Sweden, UK, USA and Hong Kong. My highest position attained in the company was only Asst Sales Manager. Once for Sponsorship in Asia and once for Delegate Acquisition in the USA.

    98% of the company is all organic growth.

    Would I return to work for them in the future. Probably not...

    But then again, I am the owner of my own international logistics company now. We have multiple offices and are planning more.

    I am 28 years old.

    I learned much of what I know now from my time at Marcus Evans. Very little in the business world scares me.

    Does Marcus Evans sometimes produce stupid and crude people. Yes, but those people are not the company. They have taken the training misinterpreted it and unfortunately abuse it. Those kind of people rarely last long in the company, because they can't make money there. So they leave...

    Ex-Prime Ministers of Australia, Presidents of the USA and Fortune 50 execs are involved with the company on a global scale. Ask yourself if they are so wrong, why is the company surrounded by so many individuals that make this world right.

    Alexander Kozij

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  • Ex
    ex-megroup Aug 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    First of all I'd like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Before I started to post opinions about my years in marcus evans I had my doubts about many people complaining here. Don't get me wrong, marcus evans is toxic environment based on lies and bullying period. However I am completely convinced that many people who left marcus evans or were kicked out during their early stage would have been the same or even worse than the management if they had been given the chance. Money changes a lot for a lot of people. I mean, most managers are only managers because there was nobody else at the time. Many had low performance when sales executives. I normally don't trust very much the complaints of people who didn't sell there. Of course not selling in marcus evans can have different reasons:
    1. you can't sell
    2. you can sell but are not prepared to lie through your teeth
    3. the product is lousy and the market has been heavily overcalled
    4. bad luck
    The company is a bit like doing an executive MBA in prison. You are humiliated every single day. You must ask permission for everything. You are expected to work many hours outside your work schedule. But you are given the chance to learn from the real CEOs of real companies. Of course since you are not really a specialist in their industry, the company can justify paying you a very low basic salary.
    During my time in the company I had a chance to see different offices and they are not all the same. I would assume in prison a lot would depend on who you share your cell with as well. Some offices are more democratic. The managers pitch themselves hard all day, trying to get new accounts. Some are everything but democratic. Meaning the managers just close business, take long breaks and yell at you to be on the phone all the time. The fact that they themselves are without new business for a long time does not in any way prevent them from demanding it from you. They also tell you wild stories about their sales figures when junior sales. If you were so good why don't you continue??? Later you would find out that it is not true. I have also had managers who have lied about their time in the company, making it longer in their stories. Well, it is really funny how these managers transform when their bosses or Marcus visit the office. The same managers when they are off guard would actually confess they prefer hiring people who stay for a year or so and leave them all their deals and hot leads later. The statistics of new accounts created by managers who claim to be specialists and so much better than you is often appalling.

    I know that if one day I start my own company, my years in marcus evans prepared me for it as well. Like yourself I find that very few things scare me in business life. However, would I recommend a young person to join marcus evans? No! If you want to study, get a bank loan and find a good MBA. You will keep your dignity as a human being.

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  • Ih
    IhateMarcusEvans Aug 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good day everyone! What a nice Tuesday it is over in Malaysia and I decided to kick of my day badmouthing marcus evans. I have made it a point to reveal and write one article every few months to spread the word about this unethical lousy company.

    I was introduced into the company by a friend into a sales position, and turned it down( I became a producer later). I turned down the sales position because I suspected something fishy - it was as if the interviewer was selling me the position. In my experience, shouldn't it be the other way round? And it all seemed so fake, especially the fake American accent pulled by this later I believe her name was Esther, from the Malaysian Kuala Lumpur office( in Plaza Central). The interview was structured and she appeared to only want to fill her team. She did ask me why I still had my Malaysian accent despite spending many years overseas, and as a professional she advised I ought to have an American accent or British accent. I was very offended and very confused as to me, this didn't make any sense. Alarm bells..

    Anyway she then offered me the job there and then! I was like she for real? I then said, I need 2-3 days to think about it as I had a few interviews lined up. She then said I can only wait until tomorrow morning, tell me whether you want to be a winner.. blah blah.

    I did ring her the next day to turn her down.. LOL. I heard she resigned after a few months. This company is really full of depressed and unmotivated people.. the [censor] of the earth. Which is kinda sad because there are some good people there.

    Most of the girls there are very loose as sleeping around is often joked as being cool and getting drunk is the norm. I've even seen directors popping shots of whisky and tequila. Your workplace is cramped, and you don't usually tell people what you do, you are embarrassed. Most of the companies you call will either bang down the phone, or scold you with all the extremities you get from a rap movie.
    I guess the worse thing is what it will do for your career. Many companies and individuals who got cheated by marcus evans will take it very personally as nobody likes to be scammed, so be warned and leave immediately with whatever dignity you have left.

    The managers there are largely incompetent, about the only thing great is that they can talk loudly and thats it. The sales process is basically call and call and call, without any hint of sales savvy or thinking on your feet. Who every is the rudest and most tenacious will get the deal.

    As any marcus evans staff whether they are proud of what they do, and see how the respond. For the ones that do say yes, they often look away while saying so, or get really defensive and start attacking everything.

    Leave, and spread the word

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  • Cr
    creativeyi Feb 12, 2011

    I worked for a hedge fund in China, recently got called by someones from Marcus Evans Malaysia (Omit the names at this moment), trying to sell me an investment conference package for USD50, 000.

    What I fount out was at the time of sales call, Marcus Evans has not even reserved the hotel space for the conference; thus, I know that they were pre-saling me the event. In addition, Paul Krugman, the Nobel prize winner, is supposed to be the key note speaker for the event. At the time of sales, Dr. Krugman has not committed to the event (I have verified with his publcist). In addition, the references I requested (who have attended last year's event) were not good.

    To be fair with Marcus Evans, yesterday I called up the hotel again, now Marcus Evans has reserved the space, but on the other hand, Dr. Krugman will not physically attend the event like the brochure advertises, instead he will do a video conference from Princeton.

    In addition, I can testify that Marcus Evans sales people are quite aggressive. My word of advice to Marcus Evans management, "don't be pushy with buy side guys like me; if you indeed have a book of clients like you said you do, you don't really have to be pushy. To be honest, $50, 000 is a very small price to pay if you indeed can connect me with sovereign wealth funds and national social security clients like your brochures proclaim."

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  • Ex
    ex-megroup Feb 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You have already answered your question.
    ["if you indeed have a book of clients like you said you do, you don't really have to be pushy. To be honest, $50, 000 is a very small price to pay if you indeed can connect me with sovereign wealth funds and national social security clients like your brochures proclaim."]
    marcus evans has NO CLIENTS. Sorry, I am wrong. You would be the client. The investors are either invited there as VIP guests to listen to presentations or paid to do these presentations. The VIP guests are told that in order to qualify for the "last" invitation they must take some meetings with fund managers. The events are always pre-sold. You don't know what you are buying. If you are very lucky you might get a set of correct people in the correct mood interested in your fund. The chances of that happening are...okay, let me put it in a more understandable way for you. If you managed your fund with that risk then it would have collapsed a long time ago.

    You would pay 50k (or whatever else you were offered) to show yourself to an unestablished crowd and yes, the marcus evans employee or the sales manager who would "close" you would not hesitate to send you a list.
    marcus evans has a few decent events (but even those are heavily overpriced and sold with fake urgency and fake competitors wanting the position). Most events would be a serious waste of time. I could type here a list of fund managers who would agree with me (they used to yell when I spoke with them) but at this stage I don't think it's necessary.

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  • Pi
    pitcher May 18, 2011

    Hi. This is Reza Ispahany calling from Marcus Evans. I'm trying to reach the person that is most heavily involved with high potential talent development initiatives. Would that be you? What is the level of talent that you manage/ are responsible for?
    Great! Well I wanted to touch based with you personally, as we have been working with Jay Romans, Chief People Officer at Waste Management, Kimberly Thompson, Director of Global Leadership Development at Whirlpool, as well as Deborah Pierce, Director Global Talent Management at Baxter and we have been tasked with finalizing the last 5 seats for our 6th Annual Talent Planning & Leadership Development Meeting. The focus of which will be identifying key topics and emerging trends in talent management and organizational development, including: creating a culture that is focused on prioritizing self development, building engagement & loyalty through career development, and effective methods of accurate and holistic talent assessment.
    I assume that these are areas of focus for you/your group? In order to help me understand your role, what are you responsibilities when it comes to talent development/ succession planning?
    At the meeting, there will be 50 of us in the room from McDonald’s, JetBlue, Toyota, GAP (choose 2 companies in the prospect’s industry), and their head’s of Talent Planning/Organization Development, all looking to effectively benchmark their existing practices with each other...therefore, __________, with the emphasis during this recovering economy on developing from within rather than hiring from the outside, how have you approached growing top talent for succession into leadership roles? Actually Marko Satarain from Gap will be identifying how they have integrated succession planning into the company culture at Gap as well as transitioning leadership without disrupting organizational continuity. Would you find value in actively engaging with Marko from Gap along with the other 45 attendees regarding that issue?
    Now, in speaking with a number of these key executives they have mentioned that as the economy slowly rebounds it is crucial to develop a culture internally that is focused on prioritizing self-development. How successful have you been internally at creating a talent growth culture? Well, (Name), Patrick Manner from from Johnson Controls as well as Kimberley Thompson from Whirlpool are going to be leading an interactive discussion addressing ways to engage employees by encouraging them to communicate what motivates them, and then hold them accountable. They will also be discussing how they have been able to drive the opportunity for personal growth within their respective organizations. Would you find value in actively engaging with Kimberly and Patrick along with the other 45 attendees regarding that issue?
    Great, now from what I've heard from those attending, this economy has really showed companies that career development is an important factor when it comes to employee morale & engagement. How have you communicated your talent management strategy to your employees and, in turn, aligned it to their individual goals? Great, Well Jay Romans and Brent McCombs from Waste Management will be attending to discuss aligning employee's individual goals and development plans with those of the organization and ensuring the employees have the skills and tools necessary to achieve those objectives. Most importantly they will talk about making sure that employees are holding themselves accountable for their future in the organization, as career development when managed correctly can be an important engagement driver within any organization.
    UPSELL – Many of the attendees coming to our meeting attend SHRM as well as some of the other talent management events out there... I assume you attend those as well? Good...well Jay Romans, Chief People Officer at Waste Management told us that one of the reasons he is going to be attending our meeting this year is because other leading global practitioners from groups like JetBlue, Whirlpool, Gap, and Baxter will be in attendance and they’re all looking to benchmark their existing practices and the issues they will face moving forward. Because the meeting is hard capped at 50 delegates, it’s will allow him to come together in a limited vendor setting, which will provide him very focused networking opportunities over the two days. Does this sound like a platform, which you will gain absolute value from?
    Therefore, from what we have discussed, do you see yourself and your team taking one or more of our last seats?
    The event is taking place on August 30th & 31st in Chicago. As we are wrapping up the seating, how do those dates look on your calendar?
    While most companies are sending 3-4 people, for one person, the investment is $2500. Other than you, what other individuals get involved in these efforts?
    Now, assuming that the black and white lines up with what we have discussed so far, would you be able to make the investment work in your budget? Would you be the one solely making the decision or would you require approval from management? Great. WOULD YOU LIKE TO REGISTER?? What is remaining from your end?
    Great. One of the things that you wont see on the agenda is that I am in the process of putting together my last 5 spots for the meeting so what I’ll need to do is follow up with you fairly quickly...Realistically, will you be able to turn this around in the next couple of hours, or are you going to need until the end of the day? (AM/PM)
    Great...let’s set up a specific time then to finalize. Direct Line / Cell Phone

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  • Ip
    iPityMEstaff Jun 19, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What made me look up Marcus Evans was the rude and aggressive way they try to sell conferences. They try so hard not to 'pitch to the ###' but don't realise that top management nowadays have PAs who are able to smell a big stinking rat from the way they talk or try to do a poor imitation of someone with foreign accent. This ###ic guy can be heard munching away while insisting he needs to speak to my boss urgently and do not have the time to send an email because he's rushing to the airport. Seriously, does anyone fall for that crap? You really doubt their intelligence. When they don't get what they want or speak to who they want, they start being abusive and calling names. Hello... nowadays telephone system have recording capability - you can threaten all you want about complaining to the biggest boss in the company about how we're turning away business opportunities, but a playback would make things clear. So, to pitiful Marcus Evans (or even THG) employees out there trying this out, get that through that thick skin of yours.
    While I would like to scold you with profanity, my deepest sympathy to you for having to earn your living with daily lying and cheating made me just keep quiet and let you rant on and on and on while on speakerphone. For those current or past employees who have good words to say - only you will know deep down within yourself if you really enjoyed the learning experience there. If you are honest with yourself and enjoy the experience, GOOD for you. In the meantime, I shall continue being the ### you still have to pitch to but still won't get a chance to speak to anyone who isn't interested after getting your email (that is, if you do send it eventually despite how 'busy' you are).

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