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L Aug 13, 2018

Brianna at store #8 in Fairlawn, Ohio was terrible. She rang items like she was in a race for her life, literally throwing items in the basket and showing no respect for the items she was ringing. There were 2 people ahead of me and I let a lady with 2 items go ahead of me so I saw three people's reactions to how she was handling them and their purchases. They were annoyed but she wouldn't know that because she never made eye contact. Just kept her head down and threw the items in the cart as fast as possible. My initial thought was, she must be paid based on the number of transactions she handles in her shift. Her speed and lack of interest in customers would be better suited to a job in the back or re-stocking shelves. This woman does not belong in a customer service role.

If you want to take customers away from the Giant Eagle across the street and the Acme around the block, you'll have to do better than Brianna.

cashier behavior

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