Maple Callphone calls belling

A Jul 11, 2019

I received bill of $20 from Maple call last Feb, 2019, i never heard of this company . I tried to contact them via the phone number they provide on the bill, as there was no web page at that time. i called them many times with no answer. most of the time put me on hold for an hour if not more then the call drope down.
i failed to contact them. so i igrone it . then again another bill was sent to me last March 2019 with more charges and fees has no idea where it come from. called them, several calls was failed, then after few days fo calling finally someone answered. I asked him: why I'm receiving bills from unknow company to me and and i never signed up with you! he said they bought NECC company and took over all customer. i asked him i paid my last bill to NECC i switch from NECC to Telus for long distance. he said to me that we took your long distance over Maple, i told him they have no right without my approval. he told me you must pay the bill and the call was hanged over, now every month i receive bill with more money added as service and fees and late charges increase every month. .. from my land line i dialed
1-700-555-4141 it tells me welcome to telus long distance distance.
this is illegal what Maple calls doing. and i want them to stop sending me bills while i have nothing to do with them.
my long distance provider TELUS.
today i recieved bill with almost $100 of fees and service plus late charges.

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