Manufactured Homesinternet scam and theft


I was surfing the site looking at the prices of manufactured homes, and was contacted by a man named Richie Cordova. I remained in contact with Richie and one day he convinced me to place a $2, 500.00 diposit on a larger model which would "lock in" the sale price of the home while I waited for approval for financing. I was faxed a paper to sign which authorized automatic withdrawl of the $2500.00 from my bank account. The faxed form did not have any terms or conditions written on the back. I signed the form and the money was taken from my account very shortly. I was then told that I didn't qualify for a refund and was directed to Peritus financial services to assist in the repair oof my credit rating. I complied and worked with Peritus. $1000.00 was charged against the amount that I sent toward the purchase of the home. Financial hardship and tragety struck my family preventing me from continuing to repair my credit. E-mailed Peritus and notified them of the circumstances and i e-mailed Richie Cordova who never returned any of my numerous e-mails requesting a refund of the remaining $1, 500.00. I still have never heard from Richie and my family is in desparate need of that money. The money was taken around the end of October 2008 as well as the contract for purchase of the home. I can get proof of the contract, the e-mails from Richie and the woney withdrawn from my account. I am furious that my family was a victim of such a malicious theft. I will find a way to see that justice is searved. I hope that someone here will be able to help.

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