Manisoft InternationalRip-off Indian IT Company

Do not do business with Jana Senthurpandi and Manisoft International.

I contracted with Jana Senthurpandi and Manisoft before seeing the complaint about this company on My experiece has been very similar to the other customer who called Jana a liar and a thief. In my case, Jana promised delivery in two months but didn't deliver in twelve months. He ran the classic case of lowballing the estimate then coming back later to ask for more money. He demanded money to continue the project although the contract called for payment on specified deliverables. He claimed technical expertise but the team made many architecture and design errors and the small piece of code he did deliver was half-baked, buggy and non-functional..The code is worthless to me. I've lost a year of time, hundreds of wasted hours, and thousands of dollars. Legal action is useless as he seems to have run away back to India. His office at 1616 Anderson Road Suite 100, Mclean, VA is a typical shared office for small companies. His office phone now rolls over to his personal voice mail and is not answered. Even emails are now being returned as they have turned off their web server. They have abandoned their website.

This company is located in a third-tier area in the southern tip of India. Wages are low (around $2-3/hr) but the quality is also low. Recently, the company has gone through something of a collapse. It appears that 65% of the company has been recruited away to other companies, including the entire development team on my project. I was one of several projects jettisoned in violation of the contract and not compensated for damages, nor were my payments refunded. What happened to me happened to other customers of Manisoft. For 65% of the employees of a company to abruptly leave a company says there are many more problems with this company that just the ones I encountered. When I informed Manisoft that I would be posting this warning to other companies if they continued to violate the contract, they said they would lie about my company online and slander me to "ruin my business". This is a totally unethical company.

My recommendation is clear and harsh: do not do business with this company or you will be throwing away your time and money.

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