Malindo Airwayswrong baggage information

Hi. I and my 3 friends had booked our flight tickets to Bali via MakeMyTrip. The e-ticket showed that our luggage was included as 7 kgs (cabin luggage) and 15 kgs (cargo luggage).
We faced no issue while our journey to Bali on 15th Sept 2019. But during our return journey on 20th Sept 2019, when we tried boarding the flight OD-174 (DPS-KUL) scheduled at 12:45 pm; the ground staff told us that our luggage wasn't included. They even refused to acknowledge the data on e-ticket saying that it was the booking agency's fault. There was no option available for us and nobody was ready to help us. They told that we had to pay extra money for the luggage that we had. According to the Indian currency, the payable amount was Rs. 23690. We didn't have that huge amount with us in any currency. Finally, after crying and requesting to lengths, they let us board the flight and asked to make the payment once we reached Mumbai airport. And as we got out of our flight OD-215 (KUL-BOM), a guy from Malindo's ground staff was waiting with a paper in his hands with our names on it. It was so humiliating when people were staring at us as if we committed some crime. We paid Rs. 23690 via the SBI card and got a receipt. But the entire incident killed our happiness of vacation. We went through such mental pressure and humiliation that honestly, I would never ever want to travel via Malindo again. I don't know whose fault was there in this whole thing. but I just want my money back. I still have all the soft copies and mails which prove that the luggage was shown included and we were charged incorrectly. I request you to look into this and help us. Looking forward to your response.

Sep 29, 2019

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