Makro Cape Gateps4 games on special

M Sep 06, 2018

I drove far to visited Makro Cape Gate yesterday 5 September 2018, to buy the PS4 games that are allegedly on special, 2 games for R500 . The special is running from 29 August- 14 September 2018. The store however does not have any stock available. They said they have not yet received the stock of the special that they are running. So I asked them why are they advertising that the games are on special if they do not have the games in store yet? There answer to me was: " I can't give you an answer on that". That is unacceptable for me. That is false advertising! It's not leagal to do false advertising!! I want answers! It's not cheap to drive all the why to Makro Cape Gate for false advertising! I'm truly disappointed about there client service and false advertising. Hope to get answers from Makro head office.

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