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Make It Or Break Itfraud

I just want to warn any and everybody who wants to be successful in the entertainment world that Ron and "Make it or Break It" is a huge scam! Ron has been a scam for over 25 years now where he started out in New York and is now in Las Vegas where the music scene is not big at all. He has come to Las Vegas to scam people more easily because he ran out of people to scam in New york. I talked with him over the phone and he was very unprofessional and his language was very vulgar and he was not aware if I was a minor or an adult. Ron doesn't put his last name on his own website where he has pictures of legendary people from Quincy Jones to Clive Davis yet he has no pictures with them and no artists signed to a record label. He was so intersted in taking my money that he has people working for him selling the same tracks to whoever they can and promising them that the track is legally their's. I've also read over the internet of other complaints people have had with Ron and "Make it or Break It" and they all say he is a fraud. He has no connections and if you look deep enought into his website, it's obvious that he is a fraud. Please don't be fooled and spend a dime with this man because he will take your money and u will not be represented or given any help in a music or entertainment career. He has artists that he is promoting to major record labels that have pictures of themselves taken in front of their bed at a hotel, in front of their house next to a car, and a woman who doesn't exist as an artist they work with. I'm going to make sure that Ron doesn't trick anymore people so please read this article a few times and go to the website and let's all come together and help take this fraud down. Ron is the biggest scam on the web as we speak so fast action has to be taken.

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  • Fh
    fhewo82635 May 07, 2009

    I've met Ron and you are definitely right. I think the best way to stop his fraudulent operations is to contact the IRS and other government entities because people simply cannot legally operate businesses the wayhe does. The man is obviously out of control, has severe behavioral issues, and needs to be brought to a stop. He has access to a lot of money which is probably why he has been able to continue this way for so long, but his defrauding of people and violent tendencies will be noticed by authorities if they are contacted and no amount of money in the world will be able to save him. I agree that we need to band together and stop this.

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  • Ta
    tara May 18, 2009

    Defraud! Really? I am a client and had no problems. It's interesting how you can defame someone's character purely on speculation and think it is ok. But this is the internet age where anything can be said about anyone.

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  • Ib
    ibd537472 May 19, 2009

    No offense, but t-h-i-n-k about what you posted- you're giving him cash. Do you really think he is going to let you see his bad side? Keep paying him. It's people like you that keep monsters like him in business.

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  • Ja
    James the Just Jun 16, 2009

    I've been around the block a couple times with guys like ron. He had arranged to meet me, until he found out how far I'd already come in the industry.He told my promoter that she would have to quit her job to prove how serious we are about music. She works two jobs and has three children. I've researched his site, and am guessing that the artists on the site, do not know they are being used. I searched the internet for the name he gave my promoter, and, no such person. The website is not registered on any search engines, the site cannot be googled. Ron is the not so rare breed I like to call " King Con". There are many dream scammers, they tend to be a bit older with claims of granduer. The Billy Deaton talent agency in Nashville is another one to avoid. Billy is long dead, but Robert Metzgar is still there taking dreams. I'm thinking of dropping in and paying Ron, just " Ron", a visit. Dream scammers are everywhere. 97 radio in Arizona, should still be closed. Hollywood records and all those little letters are also a scam. They come to anyone who copyrights a song or writing. The international society of poets is another scam. The music industry really has clear guides. The real Harry fox agency will contact you, when; You have 300 to 500 people at each show, or sell 50, 000 to 100, 000 cd's on your own. There are scouts in every city. Book your local clubs and make a following, There is no easy way to the top unless you already have famous parents. Best wishes to you all on your music dreams. No one knows what the next hit song will be, it could be yours.

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  • Kl
    klonejr Mar 29, 2011

    I was called by them...wanted to offer package deal..I just want to record a demo cd without hassle...any suggestions..I live in Las Vegas

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  • Te
    tesnjes Apr 17, 2011

    I did a recording with Metzgar and platinum plus records in 1996 on a compilation cd. One of the songs is an original.
    I just recently learned he has placed my song on itunes and other music sites without my consent a few years ago.
    And I have never received any royalties from any downloads or royalties from any sales he might have made off my song over the past 15 years. I never even heard from him. I consulted with a lawyer who says Metzgar is committing
    copyright infringement. I just wanted to let everyone else know, who has ever recorded with him an original song of your own, check
    and make sure your song is not on itunes, or amazon music (mp3 downloads) or cdbaby without your consent. (if you are the copyright owner)
    It might be listed under the title of whatever cd you recorded with him, complilation or not. He is very sneaky.
    I am still fighting him on this. Right now he is playing dumb, but if others come forward with the same issue we might get him.
    I hope it doesnt apply to any of you but if it does
    Good Luck! and don't believe any more of his enticing lies to try to stop you.

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  • 10
    100%fedup Aug 17, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I dealt with Ron (Ira) Cohen from make it or break it and it is indeed a scam. he asks for $500 he first month then over a thousand the next month to pay for your "package" to be sent to record labels. He quotes different prices to everyone. He tries to be intimidating until you bark back and put him in his place. I have seen no info on him on the internet besides the fact that he is a partner in a Law Firm in Miami. He's a con artist. A SUPER con artist. I terminated our agreement once i figured out that his contacts were not legit. When I asked him to verify the work he had done, he hung up on me and had his assistant call me. is a farce. The websites that they put up are also a farce. I had my entertainment attorney look into the company and yep!!! It's a big fat zero!!

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  • Dj
    djbewy Apr 16, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Attention Indie Artists: Important warning about Robert Metzgar of Capitol Management Group and Platinum Universal Records. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS SCAMMER AND HERE IS WHY. Wow can;t believe Robert Metzgar is still around scamming other music artists in Nashville. Amazing. I have worked with Mr. Metzgar and he is a liar. He did tell us that he worked for Universal Music Group and went so far as to say that if we paid money to LICENCE the songs then Universal Music Group in Canada was going to pay for all the production costs including recording and we were promised a meeting with UMG Canada and of course it never happened. I tried to contact the person which Mr. Metzgar said was the one interested in my artist and yet they never heard of her or Mr. Metzgar. They did not provide any funding whatsoever for any of the costs. Mr. Metzgar says he submits new artists to UMG all the time all over the US but because we were Canadian we had to deal with UMG Canada. He is well known for scamming many artists. He has been part of a tv investigation whereby he takes money from people who cannot sing and places them in the studio after paying him thousands of dollars. He tells the artists they are the best thing since sliced bread and that in turn makes many of them spend more with him for nothing. He promises to shop your album around once it;s done and also to set it up for sale in places like Walmart but once the funds are paid and the mickey mouse production is done, nothing more is done on Roberts part and in fact he says he did not say what he said. He does not sign the artist agreements and contracts, He tells all potential artists that he has worked with Elvis and helped to further his career. He told us that he worked with George Strait who is his good friend but he is not. In fact he told us to contact george to work with him and he was excited to work with the artist but he and his management had no idea who the artist was or who mr. metzgar was. He does not pay the studio's he uses for his artists to record at and in fact has been banned from the studio due to him misleading the artists whom he signs and records. We were warned by the producer at the studio and two sound engineers that metzgar was a scammer and often lied to the artists about their singing ability and or their career sky rocketing as soon as the album is released. Metzgar promised to have cd's done including all graphic design etc but did nothing. We did it all. He did ask that he get a cut of sales but the album, according to radio, is nothing more than a glorified demo album and not worthy of radio. He had a videographer but he quit due to not being paid although Metzgar was getting money from the artists to pay for the video;s. His administrative staff quit after he stole over 30K from her after he approached her for a short term loan with no contract signed and based purely on a handshake. He then accused her of stealing from him when she called him on it. She witnessed him misleading people many times. He is currently working out of a hotel room as he has received threats and creditors are after him. I have had many artists contact me to see if he is as good as he seems and I have told him to run not walk as fast as they can away from this scammer. I would have responded sooner but I didn;t see this post. My advice: Robert Metzgar is a scammer who will say and do whatever he need s to in order to line his own pockets. His contract meant nothing because it was completely fake. Thanks for the post and I hope this will sway others from dealing with him.

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  • Mo
    MoeGrn Aug 12, 2017

    Yes hello World. My name is MOE GRN. I meet w/ Ron in Sept 2009. We spoke over the phone for about 2 months or so before I flew out to meet w/ him in Las Vegas. Everything he said was promising. He said he knew so many ppl in the Industry. Even showed me pictures of thee BabyFace and a couple more Legends. Which didnt mean anything to me. I recorded a song in his house/ studio. I walked the streets of Las Vegas for 3 days promoting my own self. He would drop me off. We were in a store his phone rang, he supposedly said Janet Jackson was on the phone w/ him. Til this day i still dont believe it was true. At the time she was actually in concert in Las Vegas. I paid for everything I needed from food/ music devices/ flyers the whole nine. Until coming up on the 4th day my money was running low. He hinted if I wanted to stay or get ahead w/ no money. I had to sleep w/ him. He asked me to touch his thang I said No! Get this I am a female who looks like a man. Now tell me that ain't homo-ish. Me being the Real individual that I am I chalked it up and left. Had to call my brother and ask for money for a Greyhound ticket back to Cincinnati. Aint no telling how many women and men slept w/ that guy on the strength of trying to make there Dreams come True. Which this type of stuff happens all the Time in the Music Industry today. So to everyone out there put yo own self out there, and invest in yourself. Never do anything you have to second guess about. Believe in yourself because YOU can make it happen. God Bless

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  • Mo
    MoeGrn Aug 13, 2017

    @MoeGrn This is MOE GRN.. Here to correct the year. Which was 2008.

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