S Jul 26, 2019

Beware of this company. I wanted to return this item because I thought when I bought the magnet mount that it would come with everything needed to use it. When I ordered it nowhere on their website did they say anything about needing a 5V converter. I would never have purchased this item had I known that ahead of time. I only found out about this when I opened the package and read the instructions that say most cars are 2V and you will need a 5V converter if your car is 2V. Even my car that is a 2018 model has the 2V. It may actually be that all cars are 2V.

I was extremely disappointed when I found this out and immediately sent an email to their support team, since they do not have phone support, telling them I wanted to return it and I was not happy that they did not include everything needed to use it. They always have it on sale so you can't return it if you bought it on sale yet their website says it can be returned for up to 365 days.

In addition to this, the Better Business Bureau has given them an F rating. There are over 55 complaints they received, to back up similar and other complaints to mine, against this company, their practices and the problems with Magnet Mount.

There are many questionable practices with this company as can be backed up by this F Better Business Bureau rating and all of the complaints. As you will read some of the complaints are about the fact that they are always on sale, which is clearly a misleading practice on their part. It thus appears this allows them to not take back any magnet mounts for any reason. However, some of the BBB resolutions did include the company giving people a refund but saying that they can keep the Magnet Mount. This whole thing doesn't surprise me as they don't even give a return address to send it to even if you want to return it.

Now, after reading the many other complaints about the Magnet Mount I have additional concerns about this item and would never want it! Funny thing is somewhere I saw them say, they dare people to find any complaints with them or this product. Are they kidding! What a joke! An F rating by the Better Business Bureau and over 55 complaints!

I have contacted my credit card company and I will be getting a full refund.

Do not buy from this company!

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