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I received a telemarketing call from a company claiming to save me money with coupons. They claimed that I would receive magazine subscriptions for $12.95 per month for 60 months. The first payment was due the first month, and remaining payments called for 2 months at a time for 29 consecutive months, the remaining 30 months of service are at no charge. They called the telephone conversation some sort of voice contract, or something like that. They said that it would actually be free if I used coupons from a book that they sent. They claim to have sent me the coupon book, but I don't remember getting it. They claim to have a post office confirmation of delivery. I tried to cancel the magazines because I can no longer afford them, and I don't read them or even want them. They said that I only had 3 days to cancel from the time of the phone call, but of course, that was over a year and a half ago. I did pay up until July of this year, but now I am delinquent. I do not work, and I do not have money to pay. They sent me a letter stating that I have 7 days to pay or respond, or they would take me to court. I did not understand the contract, and as for the coupon book, I don't know what it is. I don't remember getting one, if I did, it must have been accidentally throw away. They won't give me another one. They also told me to make a payment plan now to "avoid expenses and further embarrassment to your family." Now some recovery service is claiming to take a deal to finish paying off the remainder of the account, but that I will no longer be able to receive the magazines. He says it is an early termination fee. Does this sound legal? I just want to cancel the subscriptions, and not owe anything.

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