Madison Square Gardens, Los Angeles Inglewood Forumstaffing, disregard for paying customers, outrageous charging for needed parking

M Sep 14, 2018

In May/June 2018 I bought two tickets to see the Eagles at the Forum in Inglewood. The date of the concert was September 12, 2018. The total for two tickets was $500.
We used Waze to get to the Forum from Rosemead. We arrived at the Manchester off Ramp right before 6 pm. The concert was at 8 pm. We usually pay for preferred parking which is $40 from General parking $25. From when we got off the frwy to the forum everyone was in controlled lines that were moving at 1 mile per hour if that. The parking staff (i am assuming) were just directing everyone to follow the line. This travel took a minimum of 35-40 minutes. We were made to turn left on Kareem Ct. We were at a complete stop and people started to get out of line making u-turns back to where we came from. There were metal barriers up all along Kareem Ct. letting no one in on that side of the Forum. Most of the staff on Kareem Ct. were sitting on the edge away from the cars, no one could ask questions, most of them were busy looking at their phones. We spent almost an hour to get to Pincay because these individuals supposedly working the parking and directing the staff were only allowing two lanes and they were choosing who would turn right towards the forum (where you enter for preferred parking) and they were directing everyone to turn left on Prairie away from the forum. You need to understand that these cars were not moving and we are being directed to get into a line that was going away from where we were planning on parking. When one of the staff was a little closer to our car I yelled at him "where do we go to get preferred parking?" and he said "there is no preferred parking" and kept walking the opposite way. From that statement, we had no other choice than to follow the line that took us all the way down where the construction site is for the New stadium. This is where they put there general parking. Again, no consistency, you would start out with one lane then they put you in one lane again then into two lanes when they were going to take your $25 for general parking. It was a construction site. No lights, nothing but dirt and rocks that were not level, no paths to where you were going. It was terrible. Worse yet, we then had to walk from there to the forum. We actually parked our car at 8:30 pm. By the time we walked to the forum, then had to walk all the way around to the other side for our seats, we finally sat down at almost 9 pm. The Eagles had already been playing for 40 minutes. For $500 for two tickets and $25 for parking, and to not be able to enter the forum where we would normally park is just not acceptable. We asked when we finally got into the forum what happen to the preferred parking and they said you could only get in from Prairie Ave. and they would not let us turn on Prairie.

I expect to be reimbursed for this night simply because my night was ruined once we were required to sit and wait in these lines to park so far away from the venue. What was even more frustrating, was they were not even disregarding the lights. They would not keep directing the traffic to go until the light turned green. Yet there were minimal cars coming the other way because they were being stopped from turning. It was disorganized and these people responsible could care less that the concert had already started. This practice of charging fans outrageous ticket prices, parking prices, food, and drink prices has to stop. Who is getting rich off of all of this? Normally we would go in a group to see bands like the Eagles but no one could afford that price. This is unacceptable. How did everyone get so greedy?

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