Resolved LV RentalsPossible Scam

After going back and forth via email a few times we settled on a price for the following property,

The rental agent "Kevin Brix" who apparently may also be known as "Valentine Calencia" as well as many other aliases agreed to allow a walk through of the property. As soon as we tried to confirm that we would have someone in Vegas to do a walk through on the agreed upon dates, we were told that the property was now rented and could not be shown to us. We then had a friend who lives in Vegas give Mr. Brix a call to arrange a day that he could walk through the property on our behalf, at this point Mr. Brix denied being a rental agent for the property, denied the existence of the property, then changed his story to say that he did know of the property and it has never been for rent, then again changed his story to say that he had sold the property.

Thankfully we never got to the point of putting up a deposit.

Please be aware of this type of possible scam.

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