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V Sep 04, 2018

To Whom it May Concern
On 3/8/18, at 13.55, I boarded SQ1355 ( sold as LH9765) at Singapore.
I landed at Frankfurt at 20.42 and made my way to the correct gate for my LH332 flight, Frankfurt to Venice.
Here I was told by the Lufthansa gate attendant that Singapore Airlines had taken me off the Lufthansa flight - with no explanation- despite the fact that:
*I was at the gate 15min before departure
*I had a confirmed seat 10F
*I watched an Australian couple who had been on the same previous flight from Singapore arrive at the gate after me and board LH332
The attendant continued to ignore me despite being in a wheelchair and asking for an explanation, knowing that my luggage was booked through to Venice.
At 22.49 she announced the gate closed, told me the flight was overbooked, anyway, and walked away leaving me with the wheelchair attendant.
I am 74 and had just completed a 12hr flight.
My questions:
1. What right did Singapore Airlines have to take me off a Lufthansa flight
2. Why was I not informed by txt, phone, email?
I received a txt from Lufthansa advising me of a gate change for LH332
3. Why was no alternate arrangement made by Singapore Airlines for my overnight accommodation at the airport, and rebooking on a flight the following day ???
It took me 3 hrs, in tears, being shunted from one place to another before finally a Lufthansa Passenger Liason Officer ( Philipe Rosileo?), managed to contact someone in Singapore Airlines ( up until then, everyone I spoke to, told me the Singapore Airlines office was closed and there was no one to speak to), and received approval to book me into the Airport Sheraton and on to the LH324 at 08.10 for Venice that morning. Incidentally, he informed me that there was no shortage of seats on LH324
As a result of the above I lost a night and most of the day of my stay in Venice, was in a state of anxiety for hours and only had 5hrs sleep on the night of 3rd August.
All my previous experiences with Singapore Airlines have been excellent hence my complete bewilderment at being treated in this shoddy fashion.
In light of the above experience I expect :
* a full apology
*full compensation for:
*my anxiety,
* loss of one night's accommodation in Venice
* loss of most of 4th August in Venice.

Looking forward to your prompt response.
Vivien Royston

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