lottoshop.comThey are not giving a person the numbers they want and if they screw up they will not change anything.


Also these guys if they make a mistake they will not correct there mistake. When they gave me the info of what card they charged my numbers to the gave me someone else is credit card numbers. When they also do there mistake they say oh sorry and if you got anything else to ask us feel free to email. They say in there deal about how they will take care of a customer like king or queen they have not done none of that at all. That is why I am trying to find out if anybody else has had problems with these guys. Also I had submitted to them some numbers I wanted and when I got my email back they were not the numbers I gave them. I also ordered for the Japan Lottery still have not gotten them yet after 2 weeks. I had were I had ordered 3 different times thinking I will get 3 different sets of numbers they gave me the same numbers that I ordered the frist time all 3 times. Hope people can understand were I am coming from.

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