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Loans4sureCan anyone tell me if this is a scam... Plz

Hi, can any body tell me if this company actually pay out??? Well heres the thing, we needee money so bad so we applied for a loan with 'yesloans' and paid them a fee and they promised a pay out (Which we did not recieve) so silly us tried somewere else and came across 'loans4sure'... We are so desperate. We rang loans4sure and they told us to pay the £49 and if they couldnt find me a loan they would refund the money... So silly us we paid them... Thing is the man on the phone was so nice and told us our money would be in next friday (Which is now today) and suprize suprize the money is not in!!! My partner rang them and they said they wasn't able to pay the loan because they found bad credit on my partners account... Which p****d me off because none of us has bad credit at all!!! We dont have credit cards (Never have) no unpaid bills... Nothing! We have very good credit history.. They said that they could pay us a lower amount but at this point i was so mad that i put the phone down on them and im going to ring back later (When i have calmed down). Does anybody no if loans4sure actually pay out or is this another scam?? Any help would be so appreciated. Thank u

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  • Sh
    sheilarix1 Jun 03, 2016

    I paid a fee to loans4sure. and received no response from them. i have e-mailed them on several occassions but to no avail. i paid a fee of 49.00 which they took from my bank without prior consent from me. i have had no offers of a loan as they promised.

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  • Ta
    Tarron Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Back in Feb 2009, i needed a new car, so i looked on internet for a loan company who specialise in adverse credit and came across loans4sure. So i gave them a ring and did an over the phone application, they said it came back all fine and that i needed to pay an admin fee of 60.00GBP for the money to be in my account within 5 days, so i paid it and then waited, nothing
    was in on the day so tried ringing them after 30 mins they answered and told me the loan had been rejected and that i needed to send off for my credit report, so they could assist further, probably put me on a debt cosolidation plan which i did not need as i was not in debt any longer as everything had been sorted with previous creditors.I asked for my money back and they told me they could not do it as it was not refundable, got robbed by the biggest scam, need help to try and get money back please?

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  • Pa
    Pauline Giezekamp Jan 24, 2011

    Stay away from a company called NIZ Financial as well. Thety take £99.99 up front and they have bad reviews and complaints on web.

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  • Ma
    mand79 Oct 08, 2010

    we applied to yes loans bingo cant get through to custom care(tossers)then we got a call from wentworth who want bank details to check ID and set up d/d, defo got our loan, my husband told him we not paying a fee, that he is NOT allowed to take any money which he agreed.omg they had taken money from our account the next day!!! how i dont were told paper work will arrive if!!! we are now taking action, god knows if that will.

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  • Ja
    Jay121 Mar 15, 2010

    I Used loans4sure and they told me as well I will get loan etc etc then a loan company called me and told me that me that i had been declined. So I called loans4sure and made them aware of this and they said they will refund the money I paid £79(wow). So when i get the refund i will keep every posted, If you want the address it is

    SK1 3BD

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  • Be
    BettyBoop42 Feb 13, 2010

    I recently applied to the above for a £8000 loan to finance a new car, I paid the initial £69.99 admin fee, then heard nothing until a letter came asking for the £69.99 again to be able to process the application, this confused me somewhat as the payment was taken on application by phone, how stupid do i know feel!!! i have tried to contact them by telephone and on their website but no answer on the phone and low and behold the website is under construction????? I have also checked on companies house and theis firm has not submitted any accounts all over due since the company started in 2007???? make of this what you will...###... not only have i lost the £70 but also the £500 deposit for the new car that has been ordered to my spec?????? Does anybody know what we can do or are we powerless as usual?

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  • Ma
    MalkyTon Feb 11, 2010

    hi i have just applied for a loan with loans 4 sure and got told all the usuall.. i paid the £40 and they told me i would have the money in the bank within 7 days and guess what not a penny in!! so i phoned them up and got told they found something in my application that stopped me getting a loan and when i asked them what that was they said they cannot tell me but surely they should if this is true because its my details etc. and i should know these things. that was about 2 weeks ago now and was just wondering if they have to give you the money back if they cannot actually give you the loan that they promissed. any thaughts ?? TOTAL SCAMMERS DO NOT GO NEAR THEM!! but theyr not the only ones about a year ago the exact same thing happened to me but from yes loans. anyone know of anywhere who can actually give you the loan as my bank say the cant because i'v not been witht hem for long enuff, cheers Malky

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  • Ma
    matthew-c Jan 22, 2010

    totl scamed jan 2010

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  • Ma
    matthew-c Jan 22, 2010

    total scam...just be mugged off by them, going to report them !!
    jan 2010

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  • Jo
    johnsmithsbeer Jan 21, 2010

    We stupidly went for a loan with Loans 4 Sure, after reading these I wished that I had never bothered with these f***ing w***ers. They should be closed down and be reported for fraud. Who do they think they are ripping off unsuspecting and vulnerable people.

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  • Al
    Alejandro9179 Jan 19, 2010

    I have this week paid £69 to loans4sure. They aksed me to wait 7 days for a result, then on the 7th day told me I had been declined.. then said you can only have the refund if you cancel within the 7 day cooling off period. This is a big scam! They make you wait for a decision until the cooling off period is up. Even before that they say you have to cancel in writing.. so it would take more than the 7 days to realise this and get the letter through to them.

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.. They are horrible and most of their customer service staff are very rude.. the sales staff are really nice.. because they want to you commit to paying the £69.


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  • Li
    Li5a Jan 08, 2010

    OMG I've just applied to them - take it I shouldnt hold my breath!. Does anyone know of any company that you can trust to get a loan if your have a poor credit history????

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  • Lu
    Lucky Not Dec 15, 2009

    I to have applied for a loan with these people and guess what nothing. I am going to write to my trading standards and the FSA and see if i can do something about these lowlifes who are praying on the vulnerable. Be warned it gets worse because every other low life scammer starts to ring you and tell you they have a loan for you but you have to ring a 090 numbers. Also a bloody scam, they keep you on the phone which costs you 1.50 a min, then tell you to ring back in half an hour and they will have processed your application, again another 090 number. And the government wonder why the country is in thy bloody state its in, when you have hese companies dragging people further into debt and not paying out loans.

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  • Ly
    lyssamai Dec 13, 2009

    absolute scam .. payed £29.99 and got NOTHING surprise surprise

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  • Jo
    jo_belcher Dec 08, 2009

    They are a scam! I naively applied to them in the hope of sorting out my finances before my baby comes along, and was told that i had been pre-approved and would hear back from them within 7 days (ended today). I since read reviews on moneysupermarket and started thinking i had been stupid to pay the £39.99 admin fee, so phoned up twice to check the status of my loan application, and was told that i had been accepted not just pre-approved. But then amazingly today when i still hadn't heard from them, i phoned lons4sure and spoke to some rude lady (after having had the phone cut off 4 times!) who then informed me that i had not been approved, the lender had turned me down due to a problem on my application form, and that they would be doing a credit check and passing my details onto the next level down lender with a higher APR etc. I am not impressed at all, and would warn everyone out there not to use this company, they are a scam as i know all the information i gave them was correct and in detail, and will be posting my letter off within the next hour to get my admin fee refunded back.

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  • Pt
    PTFONAT Dec 07, 2009

    i have put in 4 a loan wid loans 4 sure 5 weeks ago paid £49.99 admin fees n nothin stay well clear robbin lil ###az!!! STAY CLEAR OF EM!!

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  • St
    StockportMystery Dec 03, 2009

    I used to work in Loans4Sure, and promise it is a scam. I left after just over a week as it was crawling with sleaze in there, and everybody in there talks about how much they are scamming people everyday. The 'up their own ###' supervisors try to tell you that its not, but then at the staff do, were all on board joking about how much they ripped people off. it is a slimy place full of slimy people...dont use this company, YOU WILL BE SCAMMED!!

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  • La
    laurasrun Nov 24, 2009

    oh dear, ive literally just got off phone to loans for sure!!!
    Didn't give my bank details however, thought I would do my homework first!!
    1st thing i don't understand is why would anyone go to these people if they had good credit history, am damn sure i wouldn't
    When the woman asked me to pay£39.99 upfront i immediatly said what the hell 4 ??? she said its a fee for them for finding me the loan, she went away for a couple of mins then came back with 2 loan options, wouldn't tell me who it was with but I said so if i pay you this fee am i guaranteed the loan to which she replied yes i have the approval in front of me and not just in prinicipil, when the phone rang i was already a bit dubious about it because it was a mobile number they rang from which seemed awfully strange when i answered the phone and found it was them. I hate these sort of people because they prey on vunerable people, I feel very sorry for anyone who gets sucked into this, its and absolute disgrace

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  • Os
    oscar96 Nov 02, 2009

    i have just posted my letter asking for my admin fee back, threatened to go to trading standards if they do not pay out.
    They offered me a loan with a 59% interest rate..might be skint but not that desperate. No way am i paying back more than double what i would borrow.

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  • An
    angrygirlie Oct 31, 2009

    i am another idiot who went through loans 4 sure they assured me taht i could get a loan paid them £49.99 then they called back saying that i could no longer have it and requested to get my credit file wish i had raed these reviews before because i think i hace just made the same mistake again and have gone through yes loans i hiope i am not going to be made a fool of twice!!!

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  • An
    ANGRY WOMAN!!! Oct 20, 2009


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  • Wi
    wigan3r Oct 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sorry angryman09,

    but I don't think you'll be seeing any money in your account on Monday, the excuses they will use is either, you lied on your application, they need more information from you, or they need you to fill a form in to get your credit score..!!! Which is all a load of Bollocks, best bet is to send them a letter to cancel ASAP and at least get your money you paid to them back, tough luck on the £200 deposit.

    If you need and help. mail me @ [email protected], I did the same, I turned down a loan from my bank because they promised me a better interest rate, I paid a 500 deposit on a car and the money wasn't there when promised, I went to my bank and got there loan, days later these jokers phoned me to tell me I had a really bad credit history and they couldn't get me a loan. I checked my credit rating via and they never even did a credit search on me... I wrote to them with all this info and got me money back.

    Good Luck Mate :-)

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  • Wi
    wigan3r Oct 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did the same, I turned down a loan from my bank because they promised me a better interest rate, I paid a 500 deposit on a car and the money wasn't there when promised, I went to my bank and got there loan, days later these jokers phoned me to tell me I had a really bad credit history and they couldn't get me a loan. I checked my credit rating via and they never even did a credit search on me... I wrote to them with all this info and got me money back.

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  • An
    angryman09 Oct 08, 2009

    i am sooooo ###ing anoyed right supposed to be getting my money on monday and ive only just come across these complaints today...thing is i made a £200 deposit on a car yesterday and im supossed to be picking it up monday :(...if the money aint in the bank monday i'l be heading for Lincolnshire and some ###er is going to have a hammering

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  • We
    welshman Oct 02, 2009

    Hi I've been ripped of by yes loans and best for loans and a company called pathways to get your money back just write them a letter stateing that they have broken the contract and you want your money within 7 days and they should contact you in writing to tell you why they did not get you a loan. If the do not contact you which they wont get in touch with the office of fair trading the nearest to the companies office and also the financial ombudsman tell them the details and they will chase it up of r you. I got my monies back from these companies within 10 days no problem.

    good luck


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  • Ja
    jazzyd Sep 28, 2009

    my sister just got ripped off £49.99 !!! i think its disgusting and these people should be reported to the police

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  • De
    Deevan khan Sep 18, 2009

    hmmmmm looks like i am saved!!!
    he he he he he he
    u know guys ?
    i just called them yesterday about a loan but the good thing to remember for all is that never take a step with financial things unless u have done atleast a couple of hours' research.
    i needed some money and filled in a so-called form on the net yesterday with my general details and they rang me back in a couple of hours.She goes, ''okay ! your loan has been approved and now u have to pay £49.99 upfront so that we can get the money transfered into your account''.
    i said, ''okay! i can pay u a 100 pounds instead but first tell me who is giving me the loan and secondly when is the money gonna be into my account??''
    she says i cant tell u that who is gonna give u money then i said okay then u get the money transfered into my account and i will pay u £100 instead but right now i need money and it really makes no sonse to pay some money to get some money.
    i hanged up and then they called me again to give it another try.
    ok sir !! your loan is approved and is infront of us right now ...
    i said was quick wasn't it????
    it means u caan sort out anyone's problem in a blink??
    u stupid skunk...i dont need a loan from u.cuz u are bloody liars and scammers.
    but stupid LOAN4SURE people they still sent me a letter cum application form to fill it up and send it back to them..
    Do they ###ed think that i am gonna pay them £49.99???
    its more like throwing your hard earned money into gutter..
    ask them to work @ £6 an hour and save £50 it takes a lotta time.
    SO GUYS u know how could i make an escape??
    cuz never leap unless u know what is on the other side..
    and infact one of my friends did the same and he paid £50 and still??????
    anyways better get a bit of it...speak to friends...put a question on yahoo answer service and still never pay upfront.
    remember whoever asks u pay upfront is a scammer and not an authenticated source.
    Hassan from Bristol

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  • De
    deany Sep 09, 2009

    hi i contacted loans4sure about a loan . they took a £40 fee and told me it would come off the amount of the loan. they then gave me a date the loan would be in my account .when that day came there was no money in my account when i phoned them about this they then told me that the money i paid them was for them to find a loan for me which isnt what they told me at beginning they then passed my details on to another company that took another £50 from my account . i am now having to change all my bank accounts so they cant do this again stay well clear of this company as they are ripping people off

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  • Am
    amosxxchick Aug 26, 2009

    Kinda wish i had read all this before paying my money to loans 4 sure. the annoying thing is if i had £50 to throw around here and there i wouldnt need to apply for a loan in the first place. they took my money out on friday so i think im going to write them a letter and say that i dont want it anymore. how annoying that companies can get away with doing this seriously!!

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  • Kc
    KChesser Aug 23, 2009

    I just was going through some old paperwork and saw that they were meant to get my credit rating sent to me as there 'were some problems with my score' now i recently moved back tothe uk and have NO credit score as i've no credit history in the uk... they are a complete scam how do we go about to complain if we've been strung out for months by them????

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  • Pe
    pedros Aug 23, 2009

    dont worry folks my family are over here in glasgow, and the good news is they own one of the largest law firms in newyork. i myself have just applied for a loan with loans4sure. i, ve just shown my paper work to my uncle. and he, s found 3 discrepances in there paper work.which they obviously haven, t relised. now before i start getting bombarded with what they are, my uncle is well aware that american law and brittish law are completely different, but himself and my two cusins all studied at cambridge univerisity, and they honestly no there ###.i myself are not going to jump ship just yet till i find out whats happening with my application. never judge a book by its cover they say. oh by the way i honestly believe all of you. please please dont fret. the minute i no i will post up on this the sight prosedures to follow. the con artists have not won yet. alot of bigger companies have fallen. and i dont to big up my family the definately said three faults in the paper work.

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  • Su
    suemag Aug 01, 2009

    omg i have just gave them 49, 00 they told me i would get the money in ten days i feel sick now, i wish i had read this comments first i cant afford to lose this money i wouldnt of asked 4 a loan if i didnt need it .they r the lowest of the low ###

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  • An
    Ann On Y Mous Jul 28, 2009

    They are a scam Yes. Dodgy company indeed. I used to work at Loans 4 Sure so I know. Only 2% actually get a loan, the others just get sold to Debt Management and other loan brokers who will also charge this fee.

    Stay away from any company that you pay a fee too and NEVER put your details on a webiste to apply for a loan. Your details get sold from company to company at a time and they make a fortune from you!

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  • Em
    emmag Jul 24, 2009

    HI well here we go - like so many I paid £49.99 and was told the money
    would be in my account within 7 working days, When it was not and I calle them I was tols there was "a problem" with my application.
    A scam if you ask me and, like their competitors YesLoans who were recently exposed on Watchdog, this company needs a full investigation.

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  • Fr
    fran123 Jul 20, 2009

    yes i to have been ripped off they took the fee and i heard nothing i am angry as i really needed the money i think all internet loans a scam so just watch out everyone do not fall for it very bogus people franny

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  • De
    dean giles Jul 17, 2009

    me done to by these b-----ds! £50 up front & yep you guessed it, NOTHING!

    sray away from Yesloans too, they're even more crooked than 4sure! the only difference is these ROBBERS want £69 up front! you have been warned!!

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  • Bd
    B Duplock Jul 17, 2009

    Yes. Loans4sure done the same thing to me. After a guaranteed of a payout within a few days. Its a scam that they are getting rich out of people who are having trouble getting a loan. Dont use them. If a company charge a fee . It means they will ripped you off. B Duplock

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  • Ro
    ronwould Jul 15, 2009

    ive been mugged of by both loans 4 sure and yes loans..

    desperately searching for a loan i rang several companys and stupidly gave my details but there was no heads up that they would actually take the money as i said i didnt have any money in my bank (hence the fact i was applying for a loan..) both companys said i quote "we'll send you out the paperwork to fill out and if you still want to go ahead with the loan, fill in the forms and send them back"

    a few day later i had money missing from my account but as lloyds internet banking does not update the recent transactions until a few days later i could not check where this money had gone,

    until today i have seen a collection from the 'loan people ltd' i searched to find out who they were and found out this was loans for sure, i recieved their paperwork in the post and DID NOT fill it in neither sent it back.

    I was so angry I called Lloyds TSB to explain that they had no right and to try stop Yes Loans doing the same or to cancel my account down as I cannot afford to be paying 29.99 and a further 59.99 and if so then i would not be looking to take out a loan!!!
    The stupid woman then tried telling me they were in the right and i could not do anything about it other than ringing them.

    So I rang Loans 4 Sure and they said I gave my bank details so I should have known that money was going to be taken from my account and secondly I didnt tell them I might not go through with it... WHAT!!! %"/(%$&"%$(/&"/
    Then gave me a bogus customer services number which just rang out

    If you have not yet tried out these ### loan companys... Stay well clear..


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  • Sa
    samina Jul 11, 2009

    Oh mny life, i just applied for a loan n Thursday and my i made a £49.99 payment and they took out my account the forms came today i filled them in, they misspelt my address which i corrected on the form i even told them. i really need the money aswell.

    I guess i won't get it now, but i want my £49.99 back because i borrowed it from a colleague from work.


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  • Da
    Dave Jul 09, 2009

    Ah well I got ###ed right off by loans4sure. Instead of drafting a letter I might just go the office and open a can of wup!!! I think the only thing that would cheer me up is a date on the Wirral. Offers on a post card ladies but be sure to include a cheque for £39.99.

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