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Loan ModificationScam

Choice loan makes promises that it does not keep. They never call clients with modification updates. Their sales force and marketing model is multi level (MLM) based and this is why they charge $3500 up front. This is how they can afford to pay commissions to all the marketing/sales levels. They do not respond to clients once they have been paid for services. Beware!!!


  • Sh
    S Harke Aug 07, 2012

    My name is Susan F. Harke and I do not work for this company in any regard. I an a CPA and mobile notary in Sacramento, CA and have lived here since at least 2007. Please be sure to clarify the correct person when making a complaint. I have no issue with a complaint being made against the correct "Susan Harke", but be sure to clarify which person you are talking about.

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  • Ww Apr 09, 2012

    Everyone was scammed by the banks, lawyers and the government. There is only one way to effectively get your loan modification approved and that is by proving you qualify. But, the guidelines were confusing and so, most people were unreasonably denied.
    However, now there is a way to prove you qualify. Goto: WWW.LOANDOCSERVICE.COM

    They specialize in loan modification auditing and will review your application information. They will give you a detailed audit of your qualifications per MHA / HAMP guidelines and the documentation that proves your qualifications and the new loan terms you deserve.

    With that information you have detailed proof of your qualifications to send to the Attorney general, FNMA, OCC and any other government agency that is supervising banks and loan modifications. This is the best service to get your loan modification approved. DON'T TRUST BANKS OR, ANY OTHERS.

    Order your loan modification audit TODAY at:

    Tell your friends! IT WORKS!

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  • In
    ines abascal Jun 16, 2011

    legal housing group offer me to help me get a loan modification on my home mortgage. they gave me a guarantee that if i paid them $ 1500.00 they would get it for me. if ia was not granted a loan modification they would return the money to me.

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  • Je
    jerusalem pugh Oct 06, 2010

    Where are our rights?These banks are such scammers.They will not modify loans or give you a lower interest rate.These companies are owned by foreign entities and are the cause of our whole economical collapse.They are pulling all the strings in Washington.HEY AMERICA!!!WAKE UP>>>>BEFORE WE ALL END UP IN THEIR PRISONS_NOT JUST OUR CHILDREN>How do all our children end up on Drugs...Maybe we should invest in a tent company...We all are going to need one...

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  • Ta
    tapetape Oct 06, 2010

    This is happening to me right now. WF stated that we needed to fill out paperwork for the HAMP program. My huband filled paperwork for financial hardship. The payment was reduced for the 6month trial period. after the trial period, I contacted WF about what the next step is. Monica stated that we were not in the HAMP program that they placed us in a loan program with balloon payments. We did not sign any paperwork regarding this program. She stated that they decide what the best program is and that she is sorry that they placed us in the program without our consent. When asked how they could do this, she stated that they do not expect the payment to be made and for the borrower to fill out more papers for financial hardship. She did not know what she was talking about neither does anyone at WF. I can not get a straight answer from ANYONE!!! They are now saying that we are 1 year behind on our mortgage and owe then 20, 000 even after faithfully making the mortgage payments they told us to. I am at my witts end...I was given the number to the office of the president and they are just the same. He told me that I owed the money and if we do not qualify for the loan modification, they would foreclose on our house. What in the world is going on...I am know going to contact an attorney to get some help. WF needs exposed...

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  • Li
    lilyluvr56 Oct 01, 2010

    [email protected]

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  • Li
    lilyluvr56 Oct 01, 2010


    Please email me...lets just say I have the local NEWS on my side!!

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  • Ea
    eatadick Aug 12, 2010

    Dodge Charge is not a sports car - it's a rental car... lol

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  • Tr
    trafficjam Aug 09, 2010

    Wow Rivnandi I agree with you the loan mod store had scammed me too and STILL has yet to call or explain anything. We all should gather together I know there are plenty out there that had gone through the same issue. BBB states the loan mod store recieved a F rating.

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  • Ri
    rivnadi Jul 19, 2010

    ha ha how funny because Indy is not Eugene Bustam you idiot! Oh by the way, I know all this is coming from the "Loan Mod Store" I'm not stupid!! I know this because Susan Harke had demanded me to take this off the complaint board but I didn't because I didn't want to! AND then there's a message posted after I didn't take it off. Yeah I'm rivnadi - Nadia Bustam!! I know it's just anger that your company has now bad reputation! Susan Harke, you are just bipolar AND you can kiss my butt!! Remember what goes around comes around!! BUT GEE I WONDER HOW "AZ ROCK" GOT ALL OF OUR INFORMATION?! ISN'T THAT SELLING OUR PRIVACY? CAN'T YOU GET IN LEGALL TROUBLE FOR GIVING OUT OUR INFORMATION? I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING AT THIS MOMENT, THAT WE ARE DOING WRONG OURSELVES TOO... DIDN'T YOU TELL US THAT YOU AND SEAN COULD "FIX" THE AMOUNTS SO THE BANK WOULDN'T FIND OUT THE AMOUNT WE PAID FOR? HMMMM? & HINTED US TO STOP MAKING OUR PAYMENTS SO OUR BANK COULD HELP US MODIFY? WHY WOULD WE HAVE HIRED THE LOAN MOD STORE IF WE WEREN'T STRUGGLING? WHY WOULD WE HAVE PAID ALMOST $2, 000 TO A COMPANY THAT PROMISED US TO MODIFY OUR LOAN WHEN WE WERE MAKING IT ON TIME EACH MONTH? AND THAT IT WOULD TAKE 30 - 120 DAYS, BUT IT TOOK OVER 1YR. OH YEAH, WE WERE TOLD THAT IT WAS FAIR THAT WE GOT OUR LOAN MODIFIED BECAUSE IT WAS ONLY FAIR THAT WE GET TREATED THE SAME AS OTHERS THAT WE STRUGGLING MORE THAN WE WERE. REMEMBER ABOUT THE COMMENTS YOU MADE ABOUT YOUR OTHER CLIENTS, IN HOW THEY WERE CHEATING THE SYSTEM? MAKES PEOPLE WONDER, SHOULD I GO TO A COMPANY THAT WILL TALK ABOUT MY PRIVACY IF I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT THEIR SERVICES? I HOPE NOT. Well, I'm glad we both recorded eachother because we have proof how rude you were to my husband and me and how "rude" we were too huh?. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?! YOU DID US A FAVOR AT THE END, SO FOR THAT WE THANK YOU! THANK YOU SUSAN HARKE AND THANK YOU "THE LOAN MOD STORE" Oh by the way, I'm not taking these messages off, I'm just going to enjoy my good caramel macchiato while I'm driving in my new sports car --Dodge Charger. Susan, you should try Starbucks coffee does help you calm your nerves sweetie. I really recommend Victoria's Secret, it'll help you lift what you have hanging. Thank you and good luck getting new business.

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  • He
    Hector Sagastumes Jul 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    on 6/18/08 assure guarantee that my house will be safe and the success rate 100% and that an affordable payment plan will be worked out. Home Assure the email me about 1 moth later indication that the bank wanted all the money. My response was I could have than better than that on my own
    so, requested my 3, 500. dollars back . The owner Home Assure email me indicating that was going to occur because that not the programs works so I asked works and money will refunded all.

    Hector Sagastumes
    2 Sadie Place
    American Canyon CA 94503
    Home Ph. [protected]
    Cell [protected]

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  • Lb
    L B 44 Jul 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to The Loan Mod Store Last June. I just got my final modification. I am saving over 900.00 amonth the escrow is now in loan wasnt before. I had a arm, took longer than I thought it would. Thought it would take 90 days. Before going there we tried to do it ourselves an dthe bank wouldnt even talk to us. They said we didnt qualify. I called once a week, Susan Harke always helped me. Sometimes would say busy, but always called back. I never had any of the problems the person described. We actually asked the head person for Susan a couple of months after we signed our contract. The person handling our case never knew what was going on with it and was never there on Saturdays. Susan was the one that always seemed to end up helping us. She was always there and helped us. I took my papers in person for my case every two weeks to their office. Never had any problems or conflicts. I was treated professionally and always felt that they were working for me. I never felt they were not honest people. They were always in the office when I called or went to the office. They seemed to work long hours and took care of their customers. They treated me very well and I didnt give them a hard time. There were often other customers there when I went with my papers. I never heard any of them treated bad or heard anyone say they were unhappy. I went their at least twice a month for a year! All I know is in the end they did what I paid for them to do. I got more money off my payment than I thought I would. My bank sure wouldnt help me. I paid 1900.00 Ill get it back after 2 months. So it was a good deal. Nobody gave me excuses there was always the owner there when I went.

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  • Ti
    tiredoftherunarounds Jun 30, 2010

    Mr. Monaco, I wonder why it is that the ph. # you insist on repeating goes straight to a general mailbox for IFI... that is not a direct # to contact you at.. more run around. Can you provide a business license # ?

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  • Ra
    R az Jun 24, 2010

    I hired the Loan Mod Store to get my modification. It took way longer than I thought. But they saved me almost a 1000.00 dollars a month. I tried to get my bank to help me and they offered to sell my house for me. My bank told me they wouldnt do anything. I had the same casweworker they did. Susan Harke. She was always polite with me. I work swing shifts, so couldnt call at regular times. Susan Harke gave me her cell number, I know woke her up one night. I called little too late. She was still nice about it. One thing you need to get them your papers right away. It happens when the bank does it. I talked to everybody there but mostly Susan. They treated me fair. I was never put off or not called back by anybody there. Makes me wonder what their side of the story is.

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  • Th
    T.H. Jun 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Join our Facebook page! People Against HAMP!!!

    These lenders (Wells Fargo in particular) are taking advantage of the HAMP program by deceiving customers. They literally lie throughout the entire process so that they can make money off of your foreclosure. The mass media needs to get on this! This is fraud and it is happening to thousands of people nationwide! They put you on a "three month trial" they tell you to if you continue making the modified payments and submitting your paperwork you will be approved for the mod and done. Throughout several months to even years they string you along telling you to just keep making your payments and we will get you on the mod. They did this to us for 10 months, constantly losing our paperwork. They tell you their will be no fee's while you are on the program. What they fail to tell you or simply lie to you about as in our case is that after the 3 month trial period they put you back onto your original payment - while you are making modified payments that they tell you to make they are tacking fee's and penalty after penalty. You find out (in our case $40, 000 later) when you get the sudden foreclosure notice on your door that your loan has been penalized the whole time you were supposed to be on a modification. They then tell you you have been kicked off your modification and you have a few weeks to vacate your home, when it goes to auction. They auction your home at a fraction of the price owed and then are reimbursed for the remaining amount by the government. They then come after you for the back fee's and penalties after everything you have gone through. They are taking advantage and making money off foreclosure's, the more money they get out of the loan, the more money they make from the government. The gov. is encouraging and supporting this. This is pure, outright fraud by the people that are supposed to be protecting us! These lenders are pure criminal. Journalism excellence is the efforts that go towards helping the people, this is your job, to be the watch dog. This needs to stop!

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  • Ri
    rivnadi Mar 26, 2010

    We have the same complaint about The Loan Mod Store in Scottsdale, AZ. We definitely believe that they are scamming lots of people with all these "modification promises." My husband signed the contract June 2009 and they had promised us that it would only take between 30-120 business days, THAT WAS A LIE!!! Everytime we call, we get the run-around AND attitude from Susan Harke. She is real nasty RUDE when it comes to us calling her, oh her excuse ALL the time is that she was sick, getting her car fixed and other dumb excuses. Then she tries to turn things around and say we are the rude ones?!! AND when we want to talk to a "manager" they are out of the office because they are sick too or in a meeting. The only reason we are hanging in there is because we paid UPFRONT $2, 000- believing that they were honest people and that they would help us out. We have done EVERYTHING in our part to respond to them the few times they have called us. I think if we all get together, we can get someone to help us investigate this company and help us save our homes.

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  • In
    indycab Mar 09, 2010

    I have a complaint with the Loan Mod Store in Scottsdale as well. Im thinking are doing the same thing to me and screwing me over! I signed a contract with them in June 2009. During the past months I've recieved a couple calls here about it being into contract and if they needed documents from the bank I sent them over. HOWEVER, come February 2010 I find out my house was placed into Foreclosure! The sell date in May. When I confronted The Loan Mod store especially there rep Susan, She told me this was a normal process. They stated they were going to set up a consoltation with me THAT STILL HAS NOT HAPPENED. I've called numerous times left phone messages, email and somehow "mysteriously" they never recieved the call. When I call out of a blocked number and they answered unsuspectedly (its usually Susan who answers the phone) has a snappy attitude like I am bothering her time! Im up to my ears with anger feeling that NO CUSTOMER SHOULD BE TREATED THIS WAY. She continously gives me the excuse that they've been on the phone soo soo long "all day" trying to "save other peoples homes" and don't have 10 minutes to talk to me about my options. I have had 3 rescheduled appointments and or phone conferences that IM STILL WAITING ON!!! Its poor customer service, they don't give you all the details, and they string you along for as long as they can!! Its terrible how these companies are taking advantage of us people who are just trying to survive. Its plain unjust. I myself am thinking about goin to file a complaint with the state attorney.

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  • Sa
    saffrizzle Mar 01, 2010

    I paid $2, 000 to a loan mod company based in Miami for my mortgage, and its been 18 months and still nothing! You can simply write a letter to the bank yourself and you might results too without spending all that money. I have a friend that got a forensic loan audit like these guys and they used that to modify their loan WITHOUT the loan mod companies. I wish I did that.


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  • Gu
    Guest2010 Feb 20, 2010

    I just wanted to make everyone aware of this if you haven't already read this. Apparently Rob Robson a former Choice Loan Consulting co-hort has started a new company named Freedom Team Financial, this link will take to the blog;
    Rob Robson goes on to defent himself saying that he tried his hardest to help the customers of Choice and now his offers free advice if you want more he chares $500. After taking thousands of dollars he still has the galls to charge more. Unbelieable. Hey Rob if you really wanted to help return the money you stole...

    Also for those interested since Choice closed their doors, Jeff Harpers last known address is:

    4146 E. Page Ave.
    Gilbet, AZ 85234

    They can ignore you all they want or lie all they want on the phone. In person it's a whole different story and I for one would like them to tell me to my face that they don't have my refund. I'll work on posting the rest of the croonies addresses as well.

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  • Us
    User4987234 Feb 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called Longordo Pasquale is a Loan Modification Company to let them know that we would like to keep our home. To make a long story short, they let us apply for their, "Home Affordable Modification Program". We were told that foreclosure proceedings have been placed on hold while our loan is under review for the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). Mr. Longordo Pasquale the person handling our loan modication have requested for recent paystubs which I provided. In December we received a letter from requiring us to provide more documents for the loan modication and the deadline given was January 10, 2010. With all that said, it does not seem like we have a problem but on Dec 21, 2009 our house is showing as being sold to Bank Of America on the Aztec Foreclosure website under completed sales. I have emailed the but still have not heard from either one for the past 2 weeks. What a Scammers!!

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  • Ir
    Irritated in Gilbert Jan 26, 2010

    I have the same complaint against The Loan Mod Store in Scottsdale. Signed a Contract in May 09 and last real update I received was in Nov 09, now I am being strung along so they don, t have to return my variable fees as per the contract. I filed a complaint with the States Attorney on 1/22/2010, and still waiting to hear from that. Has anyone else had a problem with the services provided, or lack thereof, from The Loan Mod Store in Scottsdale.

    Irritated in Gilbert

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  • Jo
    jordan ruzicka Dec 08, 2009

    They are out of business now it appears. Too bad it took so long. Hopefully the a-holes go to prison for scamming so many people in need!

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  • Ms
    MSOSA1008 Nov 09, 2009

    Have you had any news or updates on my case it has been way over 4 months?

    please let me know as soon as possible . I DONT WANT TO LOSE MY HOUSE I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING YOU GUYS HAVE ASK ME TO DO"
    this is just one of my E-mals they have been playing ball with mejust bouncing me around, , Until i received a letter from my Banks attorney notifying me that, my house is facing Foreclosure .. So i finally contacted My Bank and now i have to try HAMP/MHA Gov- Program and wait 30 days before i fine out if my children and me are sleeping in the Streets for the Holidays..IF THEIR IS A DEPARTMENT WHERE I CAN FILE A CLAIM PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME...

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  • Al
    Alicia casillas Oct 30, 2009

    January of 2009 i paid Parsa Law Group over 3, 000 dollars to modify my home loan. To this point of time i am in the process of being thrown out of my home with my four children because they did not do anything to help me. There's no one available to answer the phones or emails. Please help me.!!

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  • Ru
    rustyjeeper Oct 16, 2009

    They suck!

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  • Ru
    rustyjeeper Oct 13, 2009

    So far as I am concerned this company is either the worst managed and organized company I have ever dealt with or else they are theives...
    It appears to be the latter since they have $3, 500 of my money and I have nothing but a headache to show for it.
    Yes I should have known better, and now I do. Education is NOT cheap!

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  • Lo
    louluna Oct 10, 2009

    Watch out for John madrous and Jason Hoe these two scumb bags ripped me off with a Loan reconstruction in which they say they fight the banks to lower your principal to todays Market. These dirtbags took my money and closed shop. $3500 down and $1450 for 3 months. These ###s swindeled about 30 people

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  • Tt
    tthhrreeeputter Oct 08, 2009

    Hey Loaner:
    Who said that Choice has no complaints filed against them? Bolony, myself and many others have filed with the Arizona atty gen office. My agent has actually hired a lawyer to represent all of his clients who are involved with Choice. I'll bet they aren't around long. "take the money and run" !!!

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  • Fr
    Frustrated in Mesa Oct 07, 2009

    My wife and I have unfortunately hired Choice One for our Loan Modification. I regret this decision, as they have been completely inept in all areas. We signed a contract with them in December of 2008. As of October 7, 2009 we still do not have any answers. Choice One refuses to talk to us??????!!! Why? I cannot ever get a person to update me on my Modification. Meanwhile, the bank is calling me asking for my mortgage payment. I leave message after message with my newest and latest agent. No response. WHY NO COMMUNICATION????? I am so frustrated. I have been told a few times that my account has been assigned to someone else; that our account now has an agent from the bank working on it; and that in 30 - 45 days, we should have our final answer. Still nothing.
    When we signed with them, it was with reluctance. I wish I had listened to my doubts back then. My friend, who referred me and used Choice One first, likewise has gotten the run-around and nothing yet on his modification either.
    Choice One is a poorly-run company with people who simply aren't capable, or don't care. I make this statement with boldness and clarity, because true professionals would never act the way they have. I highly recommend anyone reading this NOT hire them. BTW, my mortgage company offered to actually help me modify my mortgage. Guess I'll be working with them.

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  • Dr
    Drains Aug 13, 2009

    I work for a large bank in the mortgage department and Choice Loan "Consulting" in merely putting a third party where they shouldn't belong ... between you and your money.
    The only thing CLC IS doing is draining your wallet while they attempt to comprehend words coming out of the phone ... like do we have authorization to speak to you on this file? -- Or better yet when they can't get their fat fingers to push the correct buttons for a number they jotted down for the department they were given a direct number to -- get the main number and yell at the person who answers because they aren't getting help. Or how about the fellow Victor in Arizona who is just a miserable guy who isn't doing anything for his client except pissing people off at the banks he is supposed to be working with to get the job done. Instead - when he doesn't get the answers he wants he puts up a fit using foul language to accentuate his point and blaming everyone but himself. No one wants to work with a loser and his calls are certainly documented. MY POINT = CLC's employees are less than credible. I have contacted/warned any customer of mine I come into contact with going through a modification with my institution via CLC as 9 times out of 10 their file is a shambles and nothing is being accomplished. The banks will work with you free of charge. CLC is just taking the calls and faxing documents over to the bank at your expense. I don't know about you but I am not going to pay $3500 for a f*ing secretary if I am afraid I may lose my home that's for sure!! As far as complaints filed against CLC with any credible institution - the complaints are valid regardless of the name. I'm sure there's a few cases gone well for them .. how many customers have they polled to get the true scope of things?
    I can not leave my name but I do work for the MHA program under President Obama's Plan for Modifications and Refinancing. If you really need a consultant try an institution that has a reputable name and not Choice Loan Consulting.

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  • Te
    Terri007 Jun 15, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear what happened, my name is Terri Felix I recently did a loan Modification with the Al Verdi Law Group. They walked me through every step of the process from start to finish, I was very fortunate to find such a wonderful company to work with. If I may recommend any company to do your loan modification I would give them a call, they did my entire loan modification in exactly 47 days and anytime I had a question they were very responsive in getting right back to me. Its unfortunate there are so many bad company's out there, If anyone comes across any other bad companies please post because no one deserves to get there house taken from them. You can contact them at [protected] The gentlemen I worked with name was Cale Swanson

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  • Ri
    richard M Jun 10, 2009

    Modify America Now John Sandaval

    Took my money promised to get the modification loan,
    gave a good talk with a lot of promises closed his office.Called him several times promised to have it done by June 15 2009 total Scammer
    Beware dealing with John Sandaval of Modify America Now

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  • Lo
    Loaner Apr 09, 2009

    I am an agent with Choice Loan Consulting and I have had nothing but success dealing with them.

    Also, If you are so dissatisfied with ChoiceLC then why haven't you filed a complaint against them?

    The company doesn't have any complaints filed against them with any credible institution.

    Just posting a complaint on a blog without any reference to who you are is very weak.

    To anybody who reviews this post please feel free to call me.
    Doug Carpenter

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  • Li
    Lisa Apr 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am trying to find out more about this company, they are doing alot of hiring.
    Could you elaborate on your experience?

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