Live Nation Merchandise Complaints & Reviews

Live Nation Merchandise / products not shipped

Oct 22, 2019

Live Nation Merchandise- Paid in Full Oct 4 - Order acknowledged Oct 4 from Maroon 5 via - said "we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent." - Shipping method Standard Shipping (7-10 days) - Customer sent email on Oct 18 - 14 DAYS LATER -...

Live Nation Merchandise / over a month

Oct 08, 2019

I ordered over $200 of Mac Miller merch September 4th...and I haven't received a single email. Just the confirmation that I paid for it. so I'm out $200 for NOTHING. SHIP THE STUFF I PAID FOR OTHERWISE THIS IS ILLEGAL I called Live Nation and sent me to Live Nation merch who said the only way...

Live Nation Merchandise / pre-order complaint jonas brothers happiness begins

Sep 19, 2019

I ordered a Happiness Begins long sleeve t-shirt in June, and later I come to find that the order had A) been canceled and B) I wasn't notified until about 3 months later. This was upsetting for multiple reasons, I wish I would have been notified sooner so I could either buy a different...

Live Nation Merchandise / miley cyrus shirt

Sep 17, 2019

I ordered a shirt from Miley Cyrus website Sep.1st and it charged my credit card right away and sent me a confirmation email that said a tracking number for my order would be sent soon after...2 and a half weeks later and I still don't even have a tracking number! I submitted a ticket...

Live Nation Merchandise / jonas brothers t shirt delivered late

Sep 11, 2019

I will never buy from this business again. I ordered my Shirt from this site at the beginning of August with the promise that it would be delivered in 5 to 10 business days, well it took 26 days to ship, but of course charged my credit card right away. I'm glad I ordered my shirt well in...

Live Nation Merchandise / janet jackson

Aug 07, 2019

I order from janet jackson live nation store and her items are being poorly shipped..I have complained about this before and now i dont want to order anymore..I got thr metamorphosis book with the cover severely damaged and box all torn.Now mind you this vook cost 150.00.I have also...

Live Nation Merchandise / 3 week no stuff still

Jun 29, 2019

Live Nation MerchandiseNow been 3 freaking weeks. was told my two items were finally going to be shipped and arriving by 8pm today (friday june 28th) via 2 different updates and what did I get instead not a thing! I got nothing but sorry your stuff was shipped later than expected. to make up for the delay we...

Live Nation Merchandise / slow fulfillment, zero customer service, no accountability

Jun 25, 2019

Live Nation MerchandiseLive Nation is somehow lending their name and operational process to the merchandise ordering for and likely many other artists. Unfortunately, Live Nation makes it next to impossible to contact them when orders are late, back ordered or not able to be fulfilled at...

Live Nation Merchandise / I preordered the new bruce springsteen western stars cd-t shirt bundle

Jun 19, 2019

Live Nation MerchandiseI preordered the new bruce springsteen western stars cd-tshirt bundle on april 26, 2019 and expectex it on the original day it came out which was june 14th and got told it would be delayed and arrive early this week (week of june 17th) and still have not gotten my stuff. Wtf?! Give me my...

Live Nation Merchandise / beck merchandise

May 05, 2019

Ordered t shirts 19th April and still not dispatched (now 5th May). Responded to my email on 1st May saying order was stuck in processing and that it'd be issued ASAP. Still no dispatch. Reading reviews they appear to be scamming a lot of people. I'm surprised Beck would be associated with...

Live Nation Merchandise / lynyrd skynyrd t-shirt

Mar 25, 2019

I placed an order on November 14, 2018. It was for a Christmas present. As of today March 25, 2019 I still have no Lynrd Skynrd T-shirt. I have called repeatedly and also emailed numerous times. This shirt cost me $52.45 with tax and shipping. Each time I am told it is on back order or a...

Live Nation Merchandise / coldplay hoodie

Feb 06, 2019

I bought a Coldplay hoodie from Live Nation Mwrchandise on 29 December 2018. Yet it has still not arrived. When contacting customer service I was informed that I need to contact to Royal Services about my shippment order. After doing that I find out that the order has been shipped to Warick...

Live Nation Merchandise / stone temple pilots core 25th anniversary set

Dec 26, 2018

I ordered this as a Christmas gift on 12/8. It never showed up. I couldn't give my son his present. I emailed customer service. It took them fours days to respond and they gave me no tracking information or anything. I have tried getting a hold of them several time since and the phone...

Live Nation Merchandise / odd future merchandise

Dec 11, 2018

I ordered a hoodie and some accessories on Black Friday. Then 3 days later I got an email saying my order wasn't being processed and that I needed to contact customer service within 7 business days. So I called them that day and the lady told me she fixed everything and that my order wa...

Live Nation Merchandise / vinyl record/service

Dec 05, 2018

I had ordered the Wu-Tang Clan 36 Chambers album on November 11th however I received the wrong record in the mail. Upon email request buy support team, I then sent pictures of the receipt along with the wrong vinyl. I was then assured that there would be no problem in getting me the record...

Live Nation Merchandise / charge on 11/12

Nov 13, 2018

Live Nation MerchandiseI was charged $23.69 yesterday and I have no idea why. I have not ordered anything from Live Nation since I ordered Mac Miller tickets over the summer in which it was cancelled due to his unfortunate death. The description of the charge is "PreAuthorization LIVE NATION MERC [protected]"...

Live Nation Merchandise / mac miller merchandise

Oct 22, 2018

Hi, i've made an international order on august 1st hoping for it to arrive to madrid in september. 2 months have passed and I have no idea of where the package is, the costumer service emails only tell me to wait more and more weeks when I already made the payment and I have no idea of...

Live Nation Merchandise / avril lavigne

Oct 09, 2018

Ordered two weeks ago from the Avril Lavigne store . Still no response from your customer service team. Marked my problem is solved when you haven't even spoken to me yet . For almost $40 for a T-shirt. I want to know what is going on with my order . This is absolutely ridiculous and your...

Live Nation Merchandise / one republic t shirt - order no. 8671500

Sep 17, 2018

I placed the above order on September 4 and noticed the country for shipping was Australia not the US. I have sent in excess of 18 emails and made a similar number of calls to your customer service number (all of which were disconnected), trying to ensure the country to be shipped to wa...

Live Nation Merchandise / I purchased a 60 dollar poster...

Jul 12, 2018

Live Nation Merchandiseand they sent the poster in a cardboard box with bubble wrap around it. Really? A poster with bubble wrap around it. The edges of the poster are bent and look terrible. Then the return instructions say to use the return packing slip that's enclosed. You wont believe it but there is no...

Live Nation Merchandise / delivery

Apr 06, 2018

I ordered an item on 24th February 2018 and as of today still dont have it! Customer service is appalling and updates regarding dispatch or tracking are useless! Absolutely dreadful with lame excuses of premises moving hence a backlog - this should have been stated at the time of ordering...

Live Nation Merchandise / valentine's day present

Feb 27, 2018

I bought an item for Valentine's Day over a week before February 14th, because I received an email with special Valentine's Day offers. To this date (two weeks later), the item has not arrived yet, even though I asked. Their anwer was: "We apologize, this item was over sold and has just...

Live Nation Merchandise / no de donde esta mi paquete

Dec 02, 2017

hi, well i order my merch in September and i buy the option of 4-10 days to have my merch more fasert but instead of that it is December i have not recived my merch and i dont know were it is. I really hope that you can help me to know what is happening, when i will recive and for last...

Live Nation Merchandise / wrong size t-shirt received after 1 month still not resolved

Nov 03, 2017

I made a large order for a bunch of foo foghters merchandise. One of the tshirts I ordered in a size 3x I reviced a size large. I emailed and reviced some copy and pasted [censor] about all of their policys, none of my questions were answered. Emailed again! Replay came back wanting my...

Live Nation Merchandise / prize winner

Oct 24, 2017

I won 100.00 Live Nation Concert Cash from the This is Your Moment to Rock Sweepstakes and unable to use my voucher code for purchase merchandise in the Music Today Store. Is there something wrong with Voucher Code: [protected]. Thanks for any help you can give. I know this code expires soon and...

Live Nation Merchandise / harry styles merch order

Oct 16, 2017

Don’t EVER SHOP with Live Nation Merchandise. I placed an order for Harry’s merch the day it went up and still haven’t received it 26 days later. I have submitted the online form but just get back some overly long gibberish about international orders. The charge came...

Live Nation Merchandise / product not received

Sep 18, 2017

Live Nation MerchandiseHello. I´m Sergio Casas. On August 10th I placed an order on The order number is 8009632 and it´s 2 Shakira tshirts. I´m the one who paid for it and Alejandro Schmidt is the one who recieved it in London. I had a problem with the order, since Alejandro only recieved one tshirt...

Live Nation Merchandise / unauthorized credit card charge

Aug 24, 2017

August 21st 2017. A misc charge of $27.77 appeared on my account. I have no idea what the charge is for. My bank can't tell me anything other then it is a live nation merch charge. I have no order number or and confirmation emails. So I would like to know if you can tell me what thi...

Live Nation Merchandise / order #7995747, did not receive second article, communication not possible

Aug 24, 2017

I made my order #7995747 on 03 Aug 2017 (Two "The Clash" Shirts). I received parts of my order (one Shirt) one week after ordering. I emailed several times after but got no response. I also completed the online contact form numerous times which claims to give you a response within one...

Live Nation Merchandise / debit card charged for "declined" purchases (avs/cybersource)

Aug 14, 2017

August 11/12, 2017 I attempted to make a purchase on the Queens of the Stone Age website. My purchase was approved by my bank, but declined by "Cyber Source" because it "failed the AVS check". There was no reason for this to happen, as my bank has my correct address, which is the same...

Live Nation Merchandise / wrong items received

Aug 11, 2017

I made my order 7931009 on 22 June 2017. I received my order on 26th July but was unfortunately sent the wrong item. I emailed immediately and several times after but got no response. I also completed the online contact form numerous times which claims to give you a response within one...

Live Nation Merchandise / I did not receive my item (order #7722909)

Jul 20, 2017

Live Nation MerchandiseI ordered 4 t-shirts on May 25, 2017. At the moment I received only two. I used the form on the website to contact support. I also wrote messages to [protected] asking them to sort out my order or return the money.My e-mails in support were unanswered. I did not receive 2...

Live Nation Merchandise / no reply to multiple attempts of email, form submission following up an incomplete delivery of an order

Jun 15, 2017

I have only received a partial order for my order number 7607793. I have emailed several times, called the office, and also submitted the online contact form yet still have not got a response. I am still yet to receive over $200 with of merchandise. The most response I received was an...

Live Nation Merchandise / never got my refund.

Jun 12, 2017

Seriously, do not buy anything from these people. No matter how crazy you are to get those U-2 t-shirts. I returned two t-shirts and two month later they hasn't refund my money. after two months of me sending reminder emails, they got to me to tell me they can't find the return and to send...

Live Nation Merchandise / u2 women's t-shirts fit too small

May 21, 2017

I ordered 2 women's T-shirts, sizes XXL and L. The XXL, for which I paid $2.95 extra, fits extremely small. The L size is also very small. The return policy appears to state that I am expected to pay a re-stocking fee and shipping back to the company for a refund. It is not acceptable...

Live Nation Merchandise / goods not received

Jul 18, 2016

I ordered a hoodie on 6th June for my nephews birthday for delivery to Australia and when I paid $21 US / $28 AUD for "priority shipping", I expected that I would receive the item quite quickly. When I followed up two weeks later, I was told that it would take 28 business days from the...

Live Nation Merchandise / t shirt order

Feb 23, 2016

I ordered two Bruce Soringsteen t shirts to have for a concert road trip. They indicated they would be shipped within a few days. No indication one of them was on back order. Only when I received one and not the other, did I call and hear for the first time that one was on back order and...

Live Nation Merchandise / unreliable, unprofessional, substandard service

Jan 05, 2016

I ordered a product from Live Nation Merchandise on 9 December 2015. I received an initial 'order received' email and the money was deducted from my account. This was later refunded by my Bank as the merchant had not claimed the $ within the appropriate time frame. After not hearing...