lisa hewfitness first charging & cancellation


i started to join this fitness first club in summit usj after my 3rd baby. at the same time i really feel i glad to choose the right centre. but when i started to move into IOI mall centre... i started to feel not satisfied. so i decided to stop and change to others club... so on jan i inform the staff in IOI mall to freeze 1 month (feb) so i can try on others club... before chinese new year i went back to IOI mall centre to stop my membership, the Indian lady staff took my membership card and give me a (paper temporary card) and says that i still have to pay for the next month for 1 month notice... so i the same time she suggested me to change the package $90 per month... i says i cant because my business is in Seremban, i only be back here once a week...she give me the form to sign and i sign without notice... i thought i can trust on them... but i was been cheated because she give me transfer form to sign... not a cancellation form to sign...why??? i realized this on April when i receive my credit card statement...
So after this i call up many times and walk in many times, still no body help me to solve the problem, on my last conversation with the branch manager ms eliany she says that my last charges is on july... so i do not want to waste my time to argue with this group of lyier... from january onwards i already inform the staff... and i did not walk in fitness first since feb but i still have to been pay till july... even july charges is worse... they suddenly charge me 175... why??? is this the service we have been a member 2 yrs +
I was also told that someone would call me to discuss this further and that my membership would now, finally, be cancelled on june.
Guess what?
I was charged for July, no-one called me back and when I called my bank, they told me that the standing order was still running and it was all set to pay for july...
please be careful with fitness first... i have email all my friends and customer about their services... when u want to cancel they really makes u problem... last week my few friends have done their cancellation and still have many friends too... some of them also says they face the same problem... but lucky they are aware

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