Lisa C. Gagliano/Mackenzie/Michael T. GalvinProtesting to Avoid payment of taxes


These two individuals have conspired to engage in fraud and deceit and post falsely against one attorney.
The reason for this temper tantrum is to hide the transfer of assets from Lisa C. Gagliano/Mackenzie to Michael T. Galvin on [protected] to avoid payment of creditors. Moreover, these 2 failed to pay state transfer tax and upon information and belief failed to pay income tax on the maintenance received. Michael T. Galvin collects a disability pension and plays golf and gambles everyday.
This is what they post about the attorney:
So and so suspected of fraudulent practices. Well the taxing authorities have been notified.
Lisa C. Gagliano/Mackenzie is not there to help Americans for Legal Reform and Carl Lanzisera; she is there for her own self-interest to continue in defruadling.
She also defames minor children. That is why her child was removed and she has been arrested 3x and convicted at least 1x. Be wary!

She lies and lies to Google's attorneys and everyone else, and she is believable because the way her mind works people believe her until she turns. Stay clear! The principal in her daughter's school had to call the police on her.

Please see the deed information on other posts.


  • Cs
    csacaceecse Nov 20, 2008

    Look at what Lisa C. Gagliano, aka Lisa Mackenzie, aka Lisa Galvin aka Michael T. Galvin i/b/w Americans 4 legal reform aka Carl Lanzisera aka Fraud upon the Court aka We the People aka Congress for the People aka give me liberty aka Weida Communications aka Jail 4 Judges obtaining info from members of not for profit groups wrote on the last site that will let her post.

    Abusive and obsessive Attorney = Vexatious Litigant (Shocked.)

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  • Ze
    zenobia Dec 26, 2008

    What ??

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