LiquorLand Australiacustomer service of sharon at liquorland drive through

Le Oct 01, 2019

On many occasions I've been going to put through a complaint about "Sharon"
I've complained to other staff as well as the manager who suggested it be done online... admitting he's quite aware of who me I was talking about... other staff are fully aware of this too!!
This woman is blatantly rude & obnoxious, not only myself, my husband but also my friends have been served by Sharon... & it's not a pleasant experience, one friend describing her whole demeanour as if the customer has inappropriately put her out, annoyed like it's a such a drag... Sharon is unprofessional & really isn't the sort of person I'd like working for my business...
She's blunt arrogant & if sales are down, she's the reason!
I apologise for seeming rude myself, just really have had enough of her Rudeness & the effort she goes to convey this... you lost our money tonight we drove off without making the intended purchase! The club hotel got ours tonight & that's having to pay more!

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